39Washington, United States
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My self-summary
Hi there. I have ties to Vladimir Putin. (KIDDING, kidding. I'm not a Trump associate.)

Otherwise--I'm the guy you see walking down the street enthusiastically lip synching to whatever I'm listening to through my earphones. (Well, I guess the cool kids these days call them "Earbuds.") Also, I'm in Google Street View.

Well, I 'was' in Street View, for a year, until they replaced that stretch already??

Plant-based living in Mt. Pleasant, and probably bearded when you read this, though it's come and gone a bit in the past? (Negotiable if a match likes me but not-so-much the beard!)

I enjoy tinkering around in the kitchen, getting out of the District to do some hiking sometimes, live music on occasion such as at the Black Cat or Rock n' Roll Hotel, and so on...

Please give me a reason to delete these damned apps. It's all getting old.

Also: I'm not a paying OKC subscriber, so if you "Like" me, I probably won't know it, unless you say hi!
What I’m doing with my life
One very important thing that I really want in life is to matter, and I think that I do as a professional activist to look out for those who cannot look out for themselves. I help and advocate for animals, from mice to whales.
I’m really good at
Karaoke. I'm really good at making people laugh, I think. (Either that, or...they're reeeeeally easy to entertain.)

Also, after more than a decade in PR for an international nonprofit, involving calls to multiple media organizations within media markets in the United States and Canada on a daily basis, I have gotten really, really damned good at recognizing area codes from throughout. Try me!
The first things people usually notice about me that I'm actually a different person than who they are, and do not have much insight into their observations of me or other people.

Seriously, though...I'm short? I'm often sporting a full beard? (I like it, but it's ultimately unimportant and totally negotiable if you don't. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: My two favorite authors are John Steinbeck (especially "The Grapes of Wrath," "To a God Unknown," "Of Mice and Men," and "East of Eden") and Kurt Vonnegut (especially "Jailbird," "Player Piano," and "Slaughterhouse Five.") I also loved "Woody Guthrie: A Life" by Joe Klein. Other random books..."The Ox-Bow Incident" which inspired me to write a song based on it. Etc. (I should say that I'm way more interested in browsing used bookstores than actually sitting down and dedicating the time to read a book. I did used to do that every now and then. Damned Facebook!)

MOVIES: My favorite movie of all time is one that's based on a Parker Bros. board game--"Clue." Others include Back to School, The Grapes of Wrath, etc. More from the last few years, Role Models, Forgetting Sarah Marshall...

"Into the Wild" struck a chord. I may very well live happily in cities the rest of my life, but I kinda want to move to Alaska, actually. (And, yes, I *have* been there!)

TV: I'm kind-of addicted to MSNBC primetime on weeknights. I broke away Fall '16 to watch Timeless and Designated Survivor. There are also South Park, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy. Sometimes I check out The History Channel, and so on.

MUSIC: I love "modern rock," classic rock, old blues/folk (like, from around the 40s but even some earlier), etc. Favorite artists include Nirvana (<3 Kurt), generally older R.E.M., Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnston, much of what's on modern rock radio... I was a DJ at my college radio station and managed to define my show's "genre" to allow me to play all of this, playing "modern rock and it's influences." (I've also discovered that I hate some of my friends for having dragged me to so many Adams Morgan and other clubs that I actually--God help me--like some of that music, especially Ke$ha. Oy.)

I don't typically go to shows too frequently, but some awesome shows in the last couple of years included CHUCK fuckin' BERRY (his name has to be said that way; it's the law. No, seriously--it's one thing that both Boehner's House and Reid's Senate passed overwhelmingly, signed into law by Obama), Little Richard, Rise Against (at an annoyingly huge venue, but I was at least at the front), Anti-Flag (at the front of the small Rock n' Roll Hotel venue; there's nothing like being right up against the stage at a small venue!), Gaslight Anthem, I personally handed a drink to Thurston Moore while right up to the stage at the Black Cat...etc.

FOOD: Being that I am vegan, I clearly do not eat anything other than cardboard.

...that's a joke. I love Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican (or is it more Tex-Mex that I'm into...), Ethiopian, pastas, etc. Keep the "for-the-vegan" raw carrot and celery sticks away from me...I'm vegan; I'm not a RABBIT! I also love veganized American fare; 'veggie burgers' are fine but I'm speaking more about my awesome creamy mac n' cheeze, fried 'chikin,' etc. I like to do some moderate cooking. I don't want to give the impression that I'm an accomplished chef and I'll cook some multi-course meal for our third or fourth date or whatever, but...I like to tinker around.
Six things I could never do without
I probably could not live without my heart, with which I feel others' sorrows and may try to do what I can to ease the pain. It's also good for pumping blood-rich oxygen to my brain--Speaking of which, I probably could not live without my brain, with which I make my way through this nutty place called Earth. Which brings me to Earth, because otherwise I'd be floating around in outer space and that would pretty much suck, and I'm pretty sure that I'd not be able to breathe, so...thus, I need it to survive. The stick in my ass is handy for keeping myself from losing sight of protecting my own emotional and other interests every now and then. And, to recycle from another answer, my need to matter in the world. (What? That's only five? Well, about openings to expel waste from myself. I don't think I could survive if I didn't have those. I'd probably, like, explode or somethin'.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Oh, how about wondering where Willy Wonka's factory--and Charlie's home--are supposed to be located in the original film. Half the people in town have English accents and the other half American. What the hell?

I also can't figure out in what context it became a stylish, appropriate look to have a crease in one's slacks. WHY exactly is that supposed to look good, now...?
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually at home with MSNBC's "Lockup" series on TV, as lame as that is. (I'm not saying I'm pleased with that fact. Why do you think I'm on here trying to meet women??) Every few weeks I enjoy attending a certain hip Shabbat service, and sometimes wander over to the Black Cat at U St.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was in my 30s before I was able to tie a tie. I have one that I've had for...yep, it's 15 years now, which (on the fairly rare occasion I wear my suit...maybe 2-3 times a year) I've kept together, making the neck hole big enough just to put it on over my head or take it off over my head. I THINK I've got it now, to tie and re-tie other ties,'s even a while. Hopefully I haven't forgotten again!
You should message me if
...I sound intriguing/interesting/fun/other positive adjectives? You should message me if you want to hear--and see--me rock out doing karaoke and witness me think that I'm actually a rock star on stage, and then come back down to reality when it ends.

Here's a conversation starter--Ask me how I managed to break my leg during a "non-contact" game of Ultimate Frisbee.

On a more serious level:

LONG-TERM: I always wanted to get married and raise a little Jewish family. And I'm getting too old for this not-doing-that-thing thing. But as I've gotten older...maybe that's not quite in the cards for me...?

SHORTER-TERM: If you're not looking for the marriage/kids or otherwise serious/long-term thing, and I've still got this profile up with the pesky "Single" denotation, and you like what you all means, send me a message!
The two of us