26 Manila, Philippines
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My self-summary
Hey! ;)

They call me Kyrian, but Ky is fine.

As a person, i am the zero point of a Cartesian Plane in Geometry.

Silence is love. Darkness is sanctuary. Light is hope. I am all in one.

Simple, wears conservatively, that's what I am. Make-up is an option, never a necessity. I suck at wearing high-heel sandals. I don't use jewelries or accessories that much. Not girly, but I look like one. Boyish in thinking, too demure in behavior. Contradictive, yet that's me.

I am independent. I'm the type of woman who handles problem on my own. I maybe a weakling physically but really strong in another aspects.

I value things that money can't buy. I love nature. A simple photography of a leaf is happiness. I love taking photos of our sky, but my favorite is sunset.

I am that woman who loves to walk under the moonlight, instead of wasting time going to the mall. I still like to dance ridiculously in the rain and can walk down the floody road. I love eating streetfoods.

I am a brainic without eyeglasses. I love calculating probability. I do my own version of researching and analyzing people.

In love, three years in LDR ended last February. I haven't dated a man for five years now. Too busy in work, in writing, in reading, and more, I forget what it feels like to actually have a coffee with someone. And oh...I really do love coffee.

What I do, how I look, or even how I think, or how I love contradict to one another. And that makes me a complicated one to decipher.

A weirdo.

I don't mind.
I respect yours.
You respect mine.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently working as an accounting staff for four years. So I enjoy numbers more than words. I'll get pissed off easily if I don't have calculator beside me.

I handle purchase orders, as well.

Writing a novel. I love writing combinations of Pinoy myths and Urban Fiction or Greek myths and fairytales. I love poems. I enjoy writing flash fiction and short stories. It's my way to divert my brain and use it with a purpose. Sometimes, I use writing to reach people.

Last December, we went to an orphanage and had fun with kids in Pampanga. By the end of this month, I'll be in Cavite to help kids, giving them school supplies before classes will start.

Fighting nightmares.
Wanting inner peace.
Admiring nature.
Loving God.
I’m really good at
Beating deadlines.
Hiding in my own little world.
Being true.
Keeping memories
Eating too much without getting fat. Lol
Freaking out in the middle of a crowd.
The first things people usually notice about me
1. Shyness
2. Modest
3. Late bloomer
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Exotic foods are love.
Food lover. I cannot eat too much sweets. Sour foods are favorite. Diet does not exist.

Horror movies. Blood. Fairytales.

Science Fiction. I believe that Sumerian people already know solar system, even before modern technologies embrace humans.
The six things I could never do without
1. God
2. Family
3. Trusted friends
4. Calculator
5. Paper and pen
6. Coffee
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I live in this timeframe, if I feel that I don't belong?

The universe
Law of Attraction

What happen when that asteriod didn't hit Earth?

How Egyptians build a pyramid? I mean, did you know that they have already invented electricity, back then?


Common thoughts:

1. How long does it take to finish renovating my house in Leyte? When in fact, i haven't been there for 16 years.

2. Five years are too much, but can I still try to invest a house here in Manila? Can I take a risk?

3. When I can demand from HR Dept, Purchasing, IT, Finance and Logistics, when I can easily talk with GM and supervisors, when they use my calculations to make a systematic approach, what am I really? An underground employee who loves her job in the shadow of the others?

4. If my thoughts are too depth, and i live my life independently for years now, do i really need a man in my life?

Urgh. Overthinker.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sleeping on a couch.
Drinking coffee before bedtime.
Watching horror movie while eating.
Writing random topics.
You should message me if
If you already know that I am not here to meet anyone's high standards.

But even so, I never call myself cheap.

if you aren't a savage animal lurking in a human's flesh..

if you can make a conversation without asking too much..

if you can distinguish between a lady whom you can take in bed and a lady you can take in coffee shop..