33Taipei, Taiwan
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My self-summary
I'm a nice person and I'm Taiwanese who care politeness and respect. 😊

I like indoor and outdoor activities, such as the movie, music, game (rarely now), piano (sometimes), cooking (I'm foodie! If you can cook, that's awesome!😊), singing & dancing (sometimes), camping, travelling, and so on. I wanna learn swimming and Latin dance!😛

No makeup and app modify my photos.
No big breasts that's because of the bra.
No smoke, no drugs, no clubs, and rarely drink, but I like the sweet cocktail and I wanna learn how to taste wine.
No free Chinese teaching, LE, ONS, hook up (sex), and FWB.
I'm looking for nice people to meet up. :)

I rarely take pics (like once or twice a year), so my pics are from different years.
Six things I could never do without
My man
My family
My friends
Happiness (I forget unhappy things and people fast and I have learnt don't care them when they don't care me.)
You should message me if
You are not a fake person.
You don't copy and paste the same messages to everyone/every girl because it's obviously can know it.
You don't just write "Hi." or "Hey." because I will just reply you the same or just delete your message.
You're not a liar, a cheater, or dating with someone or many girls at the same time/at this moment because I'm not interested in involved in other people's relationship.
You don't care the looking and body shape that much.
You respect me.
You wanna know each other and meet up.
The two of us