74Clinton, United States
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My self-summary
Am getting ready to vaporize my existence here. Although I am or at least almost a charter member here, OKC can no longer claim to be a truly free dating service. It requires people to pay before they can view Likes. This is great disservice to those of us who pay to be an original A List member [now A+ List], and to those who now have to pay more to be an A+ List member. OKC has repeatedly deleted features; such as Forums, and Journals. Having them allowed us to form groups and have events. Now they have deleted the Visitors feature. The later combined with the aforementioned not being able to see Likes are unforgivable!

Just watched "Kiss the Sky". As to the realities of life, it is very realistic.

As previously "2CreateFamily", I am almost a charter member here. Becoming friends is a realistic possibility. Beyond that only time will determine. An OKC picnic did result in becoming [strictly] friends with a very nice woman from Ulster County. Almost daily, we frequently write back and forth here.

Life is too short to keep spinning my wheels. If you knew my last name, this play on words would make more sense. My intent here is to have face to face meetings, and ultimately a relationship. I will click on Like for profiles I find interesting. As a result of a constant lack of replies to my messages, I usually wait for you to simply send me a simple "Hi", and/or Like my profile. This is especially true if I am not within your indicated age range.

My background, experiences, and interests are very diverse. I enjoy learning and doing things. My background includes having been a mental engineer [high school science teacher], owning my own real estate firm [GRI], biological research, chemistry, acting [films and plays], and having done surgery, radiology, orthopedics, medical laboratory procedures, pharmacology, diagnosing, and prescribing. I also enjoy creative artistic pursuits, cultural activities, music, travel, photography, computer technology, home remodeling/repairing, sports [not a fanatic], representing artists, publishing their prints, and dancing.

Originally I am from the Midwest. As such I value my personal integrity. To me mutual honesty is imperative for the trust required to create and sustain a loving relationship.

I have also lived in Waukegan [Illinois], San Diego, Wisconsin, and Tokyo. My travels have included all 50 states, along with several countries in Asia, parts of Europe and Russia. In 1991, I was Invited by Gorbachev to represent the U.S.A. at a conference, as a guest of the USSR government. While walking behind the Kremlin I met Yeltsin. We were walking in opposite directions. We smiled and nodded our heads at each other. Two weeks later I was back home when I saw him on TV on top of a tank waving the new Russian flag. I was also the guest of the Czechoslovakian government. While there they were talking about a bloody coup. Jokingly I told them, that based upon my experience in Russia, they would probably break apart while I was there. As it turned out they peacefully did so at the middle of my two week stay.

As always I continue to actively enjoy life, stimulating conversations, and serendipitous adventures. While traveling I have always gone off the beaten path. This has resulted in numerous outings and meals with people and families in many countries. My treating taxicab drivers, wait staff and other such employees with respect has resulted in very memorable experiences. In Nagasaki, it was more fun watching the taxicab driver than it was the animals. Though he had lived there all his life, he could never afford to go to the zoo. He excitedly was jumping up and down as he ran around to look at the animals. I always pay to take the taxicab drivers along to do whatever i am doing; including eating. Then I give them a parting memento gift. This has resulted in all of them having tears in their eyes as they have stated, "I did not know an American could be so nice." I have also always had to be persuasive to get them to accept being paid for taking me on my all-day excursions. Have you had similar experiences?
What I’m doing with my life
Working around my house and property, while enjoying and trying to see/photograph all the wildlife that comes here, is one of my favorite activities. I also enjoy helping others, including charitable organizations, and computer challenged individuals. One of my goals is to take the time to return to creating works of art.

At the present time, as mentioned above, I have a donation distribution service organization for charities. I pick up donations of food and deliver them to charitable organizations, and people of need.

Thankfully my cat, or am I hers... adopted me. For four years Meow Meow has been an enjoyable and entertaining friend. Two years ago I adopted and tamed an abandoned runt of the liter feral kitten. A couple of weeks ago Apricot got outside. After a week she returned suffering from apparent amnesia. Going from growling at me to back to being affectionate, it has been a day by day process of her remembering things she likes to do. As of the moment there are only a few things she has yet to remember. Should you be interested, my Photos section has a photo album for Meow Meow. It includes more about how I was able to get her to go from being a wild feral cat to a loving lap cat. I like animals, and have had both dogs and cats, along with a variety of other pets. I taught Apricot how to meow. She was abandoned by her mother before she had taught her how to make sounds. Apricot now meows; except not exactly like most cats. She also gets into and explores everything. Meow Meow has gone from crying because Apricot was gone, to being mad at her for leaving. I am now trying to assist them in returning to the mutually adoring playful relationship they previously had with each other.

I am also very active outdoors and in the surrounding areas of New York City and Philadelphia. This includes being a member of a Polo Social Club. You can find links to my Meetup groups [hiking, singles, dinning, photography, photo walks, Photoshop, and more], and Adobe User Groups at .

Photography, walking, hiking, archaeological excavations, treasure hunting, creative healthful cooking and baking, dining out [hole in the wall to formal], dancing [casual to Victorian Balls], kayaking, canoeing, movies, charity events, camping and/or hotels, traveling [from spontaneous day or weekend to foreign trips], character acting, voice overs, and simply staying at home are some of the activities I enjoy. Do you enjoy doing, or are you interested in possibly doing some of these things?
I’m really good at
Helping others... I am mechanically inclined and a very creative problem solver. This includes volunteering my time to create web sites for nonprofit organizations, and helping computer challenged individuals learn how to use computers. I also help people learn creative photography, and how to use Adobe Photoshop. In my past I have also remodeled and restored houses.

Being naturally curious, I enjoy learning and exploring. This includes going off the normal pathways to meet, interact with, and learn others.
The first things people usually notice about me
My warm friendly smile, twinkling hazel eyes, and that they feel instantly at ease being with me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In the past profile versions my lists here were very long. Since childhood, A. J. Cronin has been a favorite author. In general I enjoy reading books. My list of favorite movies, plays and Broadway shows, is too long to list here. As to music, I enjoy almost anything that is not too loud, metallic, acidic, or twangy. Though my interests, experiences, travels, and tastes are about as eclectic as they can be, I do not eat red meat [includes pork which is a true red meat]. The possibility of eating vegetarian or vegan meals has never bothered me; Angelica's Kitchen?
Six things I could never do without
Aside from the life sustaining basics, what is there that we absolutely die from lacking it? As a child we had needs that now remain as desires; yet are no longer required. In various parts of the world, I have lived in various locations, climates, and situations. They have been from one tiny room to thousands of square feet. As a result of that I know I can be happy in almost any situation, in which I am free to go exploring.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My mind never stops thinking... the concept of a blank mind eludes me.

Previously OK Cupid had percent match and enemy scores for our own profiles. At that time my highest possible match, as determined by looking at my own profile, was 93% Match - 97% Friend - 0% Enemy. This causes me to wonder how a straight guy seeking a female match can be a 93% match to himself. So my dear Watson, what is the 7% solution? Does this mean that to the OK Cupid computers our sexual preference is only 7% of our match total?

OK Cupid also had evaluative comments next to the similar user thumbnails. They would often indicate they were more or less pure. That caused me to wonder if the OK Cupid matching algorithms start out with our being 99.9% pure, and then degrade from there?
On a typical Friday night I am
You might find me snuggled up under the covers; perhaps reading a book, watching a movie on my smart phone or a DVD, while imbibing a nonalcoholic beer or glass of wine [beer and wine with or without alcohol is fine]. If it tastes good without alcohol why does it need it? Becoming inebriated is not on my "to do" list. I get "high" by enjoying life and nature. I also enjoy getting out and doing things, such as dinning out, dancing, theater, movies, going to Planet Fitness, and visiting interesting places.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Since such similar, yet perhaps more graphic, references are included in so many profiles, I am including the following statement here. I am also very creative in and out of the bedroom, and I have a rather unusual amount of stamina, drive, and vitality.
You should message me if
My usual preferred age range is 30's to 40's. I find that women being younger than that rarely have the maturity required to relate and interact with someone of my chronological maturity. Additionally, a very active older than 40's might be a possibility. Height is not an issue with me. I find a wide variety of body shapes and sizes attractive. Additionally I tend to get along with all basic personality types including: shy, introvert, extrovert, and ambivert. However I do not like destructive arguments or intentionally demeaning sarcasm. Therefore I do prefer someone who is somewhat flexible, with a temperament toward me that tends to be relatively mellow.

As alluded to in my first paragraph above, in heterosexual relationships, it is women who are in control of if, who, when, and where they meet a man. If you are intrigued, and would like to meet for a friendly chat over coffee or tea, please send me a simple "Hi". If you are a "professional single" and/or simply looking for someone to pay for drinks, and/or a 5 star dinner, I am not going to do this for you during our first meeting.

You should realize that the ability to enjoy communicating is critical to sustaining a romantic and mutually physically attractive relationship. Also of equal importance is the ability to have effective communications, that include the ability to flexibly disagree, without being caustic, demeaning or vindictive. Having an optimistic outlook on life, combined with the ability to observe and appreciate the beauty in all that surrounds us is a real plus. Also of critical importance is mutual honesty and the trust it creates. Realistically understanding that the aforementioned will probably need constant mutual cultivation, in that nobody is perfect;; learning, forgiving, and forgetting are all relationship corner stones worth building upon.

If, after I have Liked your profile, you simply view mine without liking it, eventually I will understand that by not saving me to your Favorites [likes], you are indicating your lack of interest. Then, to try to prevent the umpteen OK Cupid pop-ups alerting me to your signing-in, or their addition of your profile to my matching profiles, I will unlike, and possibly hide your profile.

Reality is that if we truly click, then doing anything, including doing our own things while together, will be more enjoyable than doing things by ourselves. Everyone needs their "space" and freedom to continue being themselves. If you can relate to this, and the above paragraphs, then we already have an understanding of something worth exploring. Are you also seeking a mutually appreciative, affectionate relationship?
The two of us