48Sharan, Afghanistan
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My self-summary
I forgot about this profile and haven't been on okcupid in forever, rediscovered it today - revising somethings, upload new non-military photos, need to update stuff in general, getting reacquainted with OKC



Well traveled, outgoing but introspective, clean cut, well groomed but not vanilla. A quote from one of my favorite french movies is "I am not a libertine when I'm in love".

I tend to seek out the novel while acknowledging there's nothing new under the under the sun.

I'm great company, very articulate and able to carry a conversation on a wide variety of topics. I've become much more interested in listening than talking. I've known many anthropologists (8 of my Grandmother's books have been published) and their studies in life histories have rubbed off on me, so I am interested in hearing other people's stories, experiences and points of view

I love things with history and character like eating at a WWI themed restaurant (near the San Jose airport) taking a tour of local architecture like the Carson mansion or having fun trying on outfits at a costume shop or thrift store and going to a Star Trek convention not because I'm a trekkie but because I love seeing women's legs in those Lieutenant Uhura uniforms. Even historical places and holidays hold a charm for me like Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland in January or admiring the women who choose to wear traditional kimono's in Yokohama when I was in Tokyo.

I'm the kind of person who favors underdogs, believes in fairness even though I realize life is unfair and I'm working hard on overcoming my predisposition towards pessimism and perfectionism. I enjoy tranquility, am very sentimental and I value loyalty and sincerity.

I actually like watching shows like the antique road show, viewing art exhibits and wearing a tuxedo and I'm not gay or bisexual. LOL

I love 1950s motorcyles, 1930s photographs, era themed clothing or hairstyles, such as 1940s retro, pinup or victorian corsets, patent leather corsets, latex dresses or opera gloves and thigh high boots (especially when worn during sex)

My first memories of NYC were pre-Giuliani's clean up of downtown, I've surfed Maui's shore with a bleeding cut on my foot while I watched 3 shark fins off in the distance, drank overpriced absinthe in London bars, and drank beers with Henry Rollins back during his Black Flags days, been given dirty looks by Lou Ferrigno at World's Gym in Venice, CA. accidently sunk a catamaran in Marina Del Rey, listened to a Russian emigre play the accordian in the Paris metro and hiked the Appalachian National Scenic Trail from North Carlina to Virginia.

One girl attending UC Berkeley said she was attracted to me but avoided me because I seemed intimidating and that pattern has repeated itself quite often lately, which is ironic given how laid back, accepting and easy going I am. I've even noticed peers step out of my way or say sorry when I come into a doorway and really I'm not even noticing them or pissed off at all. I'm starting to feel like count Dracula in Van Helsing "everybody fears me" So I uploaded a photo that I never liked but it has me sitting down and that's not intimidating, right?
What I’m doing with my life
Traveling, sightseeing, skiing North Tahoe, sailing the bay, improving my photography and bicycling along the Point Reyes Shore.

I like ethnic festivals (like going to the Greek festivals held in the bay area every summer, attending the Edwardian Ball, going to the Cherry Blossom festival in April and drinking vodka at the Russian embassy) as well as taking wine tours with friends and doing things like walking the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland or finding new restaurants or bakeries, especially with unique food, like a few I've discovered - Basque off Kearny, Cambodian in Oakland and Chinese on Irvine.

I enjoy performances like Cirque du Soliel and the Blue Man Group. I enjoyed imaging what the Moulin Rouge must have been like when I visited Paris.

Finding quirky songs that I find appealing:

Enjoying drives down tree lined roads, like Highway 35, especially during misty or rainy days.
I’m really good at
My ex said it was the only thing I was good for...
The first things people usually notice about me

In the past:
Wide shoulders
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TV shows: The Simpsons first 9 years, Psych, Big Bang Theory, TheVenture Brothers (haven't seen it in over a year), Black Adder, Red Dwarf are a few that I like. Back when I had cable I usually watched the history channel Comedy Central or the Cartoon Network. I don't enjoy horror or drama much - had to much of it IRL. Although I do watch Vikings episodes online when I have a minute and internet access.

Movies: I like Film Noir and I actually enjoy documentaries
Some specific films I like: Blade Runner, When Night Is Falling, Big Lebowski, Darknight (batman) triology, 3 Amigos, The Lord of the Rings, Kung Fu Hustle, Layer Cake, LA Confidential, Snatch, 5$ a day, Trainspotting, Balls of Fury, Big Trouble in Little China, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Dumb and Dumber plus most of the movies Steve Martin star in are a some movies that I enjoy watching. I actually liked the Green Lantern because the message behind the movie appealed to me, even though it was pretty bad.

MUSIC (major topic for me, I know ALL lyrics to all songs, even the ones I hate)

I'm not pinned to one music genre; I like specific bands or singers or even only single songs like or Korean pop band Brown Eyed Girls 'Abracadabra' or Jeremih down on me, Grace Jones La Vie en Rose and CIRC - interlude and Dj Rui Da Silva-Touch Me for example

My music is based on moods or feelings and I rarely like everything an artist produces, so I pick and choose like a salad bar. Lyrics have a deep effect on me if they're meaningful.

When I'm riding a motorcycle through the forest or I often put earphones in and listen to Billy Idol's Sweet 16 or M83's Midnight City and Venice rooftops from the Assassin's Creed soundtrack when I'm riding around San Francisco.

When life seems surreal I'll listen to Dimitri Shostakovich - Jazz Suite

When I'm down I listen to Bruce Springsteen's Philadelphia
"I was unrecognizable to myself" "ain't no angel going to greet me, it's just you and I my friend"
"I heard the voices of friends vanished and gone"

When I'm feeling tranquil and romantic - Moments in Love by the Art of Noise or Jhene Aiko "I love me enough for the both of us"

But these are examples of the variety of artists I like - country, rap, classical, 80s, rock, jazz, alternative, trance, world etc.

Chicane, Peter Gabriel, Loyd Banks, Mozart, Johnny Cash, Oingo Boingo, Seal, Billy Squier, Yello, Albert King (blues) Dire Straits, Phil Collins and James Brown and the melodic songs by Yello are a few I enjoy listening to and illustrates the wide variety of my musical tastes or if you prefer eclectic tastes

Soundtracks too like Tron, The Thin Red Line - Journey To The Line and Kingdom of Heaven.

I also love 1940s era Big Bands and traditional Celtic, Indian, Arabic and Chinese music. Tan Dun from the movie Crouching Tiger might be an example you're familiar with.

Six things I could never do without
Good sex...key word GOOD
the ocean or at least water
comedy and humor
hearing my daughter laugh or seeing her smile
Snacks (Taiwanese pearl drinks, Black Forest Gummy Bears, chocolate covered cherries, Red Bean Chinese ice cream, etc.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Big ideas like the deepest meaning behind freedom, chaos and free will vs fate. We're the vikings right about the impossibility of escaping one's fate?

Realizing some movies and songs from my youth had a way more profound and lasting impact on me then I originally assumed, eg Billy Idol's white wedding and the movie Blade Runner

I miss Hawaii, especially the big island
On a typical Friday night I am
When I'm not overseas:

Taking a WCS lesson or stepping on someone's foot cause I can't lead worth during Tango lessons or going to see a IndieFest show like "Much Ado About Lebowski" or Teatro Zinzanni and sometimes I just grab some tea and hang out with a friend who owns a tea shop in Chinatown, don't tell him I sometimes drink coffee if I take you there.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a fetlife profile that actually is more complete than this old OKC profile.

I don't even bother making claims, I have no compunction about being measured by attractive women, since proof is far louder than any boasts or words, especially on the internet.
You should message me if
You're a dedicated penpal with legible cursive.

You're going to the masquerade ball in Budapest, attending the Edwardian Ball 2015, the MD renaissance fair this fall or going to some interesting event and you want some fun company.

You have style or flair and would like to take some imaginative and creative photos. I enjoy photography and the creative outlet it provides for me, so if you're interested in modeling (no not necessarily nude - if you've read this far, do you really want to write me off as some run of the mill perv?) for me, I'd love to create some beautiful images that will stand the test of time. Some examples of my work are on my portofolio here

If the words compassion, empathy, mercy and kindness are part of your repertoire or skill set.
The two of us