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My self-summary
I'm Jesse. I'm currently 40, physically disabled, and a musician and photographer. I know it's totally cliche, and everyone says this, but like many people on here (and probably the main reason they and I are on here), I'm super shy, and have a tough time introducing myself, but I open up more once I get to know a person. I'm, I dunno, a geek or a nerd or something--I'm into anime, video games, techno, building computers. I'm cisgender male, maybe very slightly fluid, though it's more my body concept, rather than my gender identity, that's fluid. I'm polygynosexual with pansexual tendencies (or if you prefer, polygynoromantic and pansexual), or alternatively, heteroromantic pansexual. Sexually, I'm into anyone, regardless of sex, gender identity, gender expression, or parts, as long as I'm attracted to them (though I definitely have a preference for people on the feminine side of the gender spectrum; I'm very rarely attracted to men or masculine people, and only to 4 very specific types). Romantically, at least based on my experience so far in life, I'm only interested in women, but it doesn't matter whether they're cisgender, transgender, intersex, or genderqueer, nor what parts they have. I'm not sure if I'd be romantically interested in predominantly feminine bigender or agender people, but I'm open to the possibility, and very feminine (in both appearance and personality) femboys might be a very remote possibility as well.

My preference is for a polyamorous (closed group) relationship, specifically polyfidelity (a single committed relationship between more than 2 people, all equal), but I'm open to monogamous relationships as well, or multiple 1-to-1 relationships, and may consider other types. I crave variety in my sexual partners, in terms of gender, genitals, shape, size, ethnicity, but strongly prefer to have long-term relationships with all my partners, romantic where possible. Actually, ideally I'd like to have a core relationship with 2 or more people (preferably 5+), along with additional relationships with one or more committed couples, ideally who want kids but need a sperm donor (though I have no idea if I'm actually fertile).

Although I'm pretty open-minded about looks when it comes to feminine people, I find short women extremely sexy. So I love that this site seems to be matching me with a lot of women around 5'0-5'3 (though I like 4'6"-5'2" best).

I live a little outside Sooke, towards Victoria. I'm torn between wanting to find someone who lives close to me, and someone who lives in downtown Victoria. I guess both would be ideal. There's not a whole lot to do around here, and I do like going out (for dinner, to clubs as long as good music is being played, to pubs, etc), but getting into town is difficult for me. On the other hand, because of my disability, I get tired really easily, and rarely leave my house as a result, so someone who lives in my neighbourhood would be great.

Professionally, I studied computer engineering in college, but wasn't able to finish due to a combination of health and financial issues which compounded each other, along with 2 failed attempts to pass C++. I've done a few programming contract jobs since then, but the only jobs I've been able to find in the field were government-sponsored programs, which dried up once I hit 30 and no longer qualified for those programs. There's been nothing since. I'm currently on disability, which sucks, but at least it pays almost twice as much as income assistance, no time limit, and lets me earn more per month without deductions. But I don't want to be stuck on that for the rest of my life, so I'm trying to build careers as a musician, photographer, and entrepreneur, still looking for IT jobs (though I can't do programming jobs any more due to my disability), and looking for other options.
What I’m doing with my life
I moved into a new place in October. I'm still unpacking. It's going very slowly.

Just released an album of ambient music.

Crowdfunding for some fitness equipment.

Trying to crowdfund some music and photography gear. (music gear; goal: $15000) (photo gear; goal: $32400) (more photo gear; goal: $731100) (promoting and supporting other crowdfunding projects; goal: $100 million (actually don't really have a specific goal for this one, just as much as possible)

Playing various games, including Spintires, Arcanum, TrackMania2, and Dream of Mirror Online. Working on mini-guides for Arcanum.

Not a whole lot else. Due to my disability, along with where I live, I don't have much opportunity to get out and do stuff, so mostly I just play games and make music. Having someone to do stuff with would probably help though. I made a test on this site, on electronic music knowledge. More general than a couple of excellent techno-specific tests already on the site.
Please take it here: If you do well on this, we would likely make an excellent couple.

I have a ton of projects on the go that are the current focus of my procrastination:
A Celtic/Asian fusion Christmas album. It's been in the works for about 4-5 years, and is about half done. Here's a sample:

A social networking/social media site. A competitor to Facebook etc. I've been working on it for about a year and a half, and so far have 2 potential logos and a tentative name, plus a basic plan for what it will look like and how it will work. I need more programming skills before I can actually code it though.

A bunch of websites.

A bunch of businesses, non-profit organizations, etc.

A possible anthology of short stories. I wrote one for a friend's anthology that ended up never happening, that I think is good enough for publication, and I'm debating whether to self-publish (which means writing a bunch more), or wait and see if his anthology comes together (he's doing some others, in particular a bimonthly sexpunk ezine called Full Metal Orgasm, and a fundraising one called Kizuna).

Several MMOGs. Started writing the base code that would govern the game mechanics, and creating entity classes and such, then lost all of it in a hard drive failure. Need to start again some time.

Live music performances in various genres. Here are a few samples:

A walkthrough for Neverwinter Nights. It's actually nearly done, apart from the expansions, and all the info sections, descriptions of spells etc, and organizing it and creating an index. But I lost momentum on it and haven't worked on it in months--I'm busy with other games at the moment.
I’m really good at
Making music, photography (other than self-portraits), doing stuff with computers (fixing them, building them; not so good at programming, but I'm ok at it)
The first things people usually notice about me
Elaborately (nested (parentheses)). Other than that, I really have no idea. I hope some of you will message me and tell me. I guess probably what people notice first is my disability (that I use a cane or a mobility scooter).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food: Thai,Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Ramyun, Jjamppong, Lefse, butter-fried Perogies I don't eat a lot of meat, but I do eat some, and as much seafood as possible. I'm generally not big on greens, and I hate most legumes, as well as nuts, eggs, avocados and radishes (regular cultivated ones, I'm fine with wild radishes as well as things like daikon). I'm not a big cheese fan, and particularly dislike swiss and cheddar (but I'm ok with them when they're in something, mixed with other flavours). I dislike the smell of Dijon mustard, but I'm ok with the taste in small quantities. I used to like French onion soup, but now the smell of it makes me nauseous, and the taste would likely have the same effect. I'm not much of a wine drinker.

Music: Underground house, techno (Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Chris Liberator, Mauro Picotto), oldskool jungle and hardcore (Acen, Baby D, Hyper On Experience, Altern8), hard trance, psytrance (Infected Mushroom, Kindzadza, Oforia, Etnica, Cosmosis), gabber (Bass D & King Matthew, DJ Waxweazle, DJ Ruffneck), reggae, bhangra (Punjabi By Nature, Achanak), electrofunk (Man Parrish, Whodini, Hashim, Afrika Bambaata), Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, old Metallica, Slayer, The Chieftains should give you an idea of some songs I especially love.

Also this is an old mix I did of songs I love. The mixing isn't as bad as most of my mixes (but that's cuz it's hard trance and techno, which are easy to mix).

Movies: Chanbara eg. Lone Wolf and Cub, Zatoichi, Yojimbo; Anime eg. Akira, Ghost In The Shell; Wu xia such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Blood of the Dragon, One-Armed Swordsman; Wushu such as The Big Boss, Enter the Fat Dragon, Drunken Master

Books: (or rather, writers) William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Neal Stephenson, Geoffrey Chaucer, Robert Ludlum, Douglas Adams, J.R.R. Tolkien

Some books I tend to read frequently (about every 18 months or less): The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (both by Douglas Adams), Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien, Aku-Aku, by Thor Heyerdahl, Zodiac, by Neal Stephenson, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum all by Robert Ludlum.

I'm currently reading Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, by Douglas Adams. I recently read: Other Worlds Than These, edited by John Joseph Adams (second time reading this); The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume Two (2007), edited by Jonathan Strahan; Beyond the Sun, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt; Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman; The Dispossessed, by Ursula K. LeGuin; Shelf Life, edited by Greg Ketter (second time reading it since I started this list, but it looks like I forgot to add it the first time); APEX Magazine Volume 2 (a sci-fi anthology), edited by Jason Sizemore; 2011 Years Best Australian Fantasy & Horror, edited by Liz Grzyb and Tallie Helene; Beyond Control, edited by Robert Silverberg; The Year's Best Science Fiction 25th Annual Edition, edited by Gardner Dozois (oddly, nowhere on the cover does it say what year it's for, but it's 2007); A Brief History of Seven Killings, by Marlon James; The Peripheral, by William Gibson; The Quarry, by Iain Banks; 2015 (or 2014? not sure) Nebula Awards Showcase, edited by Greg Bear; 1988 Annual World's Best SF, edited by Donald A Wollheim; 1984 Annual World's Best SF, edited by Donald A Wollheim; Science Fiction of the 40s, edited by Frederik Pohl; The Salmon of Doubt, by Douglas Adams, and a transition blog by @auntysarah on Twitter (a very interesting read;; The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul, by Douglas Adams; Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, by Douglas Adams (third time since I started this list); Surface Detail, by Iain M. Banks; Century Rain, by Alastair Reynolds; Redefining Realness, by Janet Mock; The Basis of Modern Physics, by John M. Irvine; An Outline Theory of Population, edited by D.I. Valentey (this is fascinating, from a political history perspective...published in the USSR in 1977...interesting the effort the authors go to pepper their work with references to Lenin, Marx, and Engels; there isn't a bibliography, but flipping through it I found 19 references for Marx, 18 for Lenin, and 13 for Engels; other people are referenced once or twice at most); We, by Yevgeniy Zamyatin; Solo Run, by Hans Herlin; The Osterman Weekend, by Robert Ludlum; Trevayne, by Robert Ludlum; The Gemini Contenders, by Robert Ludlum; The Scarlatti Inheritance, by Robert Ludlum; The Matarese Circle, by Robert Ludlum; The Icarus Agenda, by Robert Ludlum; The Aquitaine Progression, by Robert Ludlum; The Bourne Deception, by Eric van Lustbader; The Bourne Ultimatum, by Robert Ludlum; The Bourne Supremacy, by Robert Ludlum; The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlum; Holy Fire, by Bruce Sterling; Distraction, by Bruce Sterling; Heavy Weather, by Bruce Sterling; Zeitgeist, by Bruce Sterling; The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson; Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson; Zodiac, by Neal Stephenson; Spook Country, by William Gibson; Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson; All Tomorrow's Parties, by William Gibson; Idoru, by William Gibson; Virtual Light, by William Gibson; Mona Lisa Overdrive, by William Gibson; Count Zero, by William Gibson; Neuromancer, by William Gibson; Learn To Program C++ in 21 Days; In Patagonia, by Bruce Chatwin; Aku Aku, by Thor Heyerdahl; Reamde, by Neal Stephenson; Matter, by Iain M. Banks; 2013 Nebula Awards Showcase; a photography magazine (Digital Camera World, the best photography mag I've found, but it's from England); The Salmon of Doubt, by Douglas Adams; The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul, by Douglas Adams; Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, by Douglas Adams (for the third time since I started this list); Over Nine Waves: A Book of Irish Legends by Marie Heaney; The System of the World, by Neal Stephenson; The Confusion, by Neal Stephenson; Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson; Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson; The 1988 Annual World's Best SF, edited by Donald A. Wollheim; The 1984 Annual World's Best SF, edited by Donald A. Wollheim; Wisdom of the Elders by David Suzuki and Peter Knudtson; Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, By Douglas Adams; The Difference Engine, by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick; Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything , by James Gleick; Chaos: Making A New Science by James Gleick; Hyper Police Volume 1 by MEE (an anamorphic (furry) ecchi manga about a cute, sexy nekomimi bounty hunter; I only have the first volume though); The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy; The Silmarillion, by J.R.R. Tolkien; Lord of the Rings; The Hobbit (for the second time in about 3 months); Slaughterhouse Five, by Kurt Vonnegut (first time I've ever read that, though I've seen the movie a few times); The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami; Dangerous Visions, a speculative fiction anthology edited by Harlan Ellison; a photography magazine; The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul; Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency; The Hobbit; The Valley of Fear; The Hound of the Baskervilles; bits and pieces from a dictionary of mythology.

TV: I don't really ever watch TV, but there are a few shows I love. Connections, Lexx, Black Adder, Red Dwarf, Zatoichi, Excel Saga, Ghost In The Shell - Stand-Alone Complex, InuYasha, Ranma 1/2, Tour de France, Giro d'Italia

Games: Far Cry, Far Cry 2, Ragnarok Online, Tabula Rasa, Baldur's Gate, Quake 2, Fantasy Quake: Rise of the Phoenix, Kodure Ookami, Legend of Kage, Road Blasters, Toki, Shinobi, Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, Quake, Quake 2, Half-Life, The Witcher series, the Borderlands series

I'm currently playing:Kingdoms ( Borderlands 2, Fallout Shelter, Darkest Dungeon, and (briefly logging into Dream of Mirror Online every day or so, but would play more if I had a regular partner to play with) are all on hold at the moment, might pick them up again later...been too tired to play Borderlands 2 the past few months. I recently played: Banished (finished off the Steam achievements); The Witcher series (was on my third playthrough of The Witcher 3 when I got tired of it and needed to play other stuff); Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura; Borderlands; Far Cry 3; LEGO Lord of the Rings; PaPo & Yo; Stacking; Overlord 2; Overlord; Banished; Gnomoria; Simon the Sorceror 1-3; Botanicula; The Longest Journey & Dreamfall; Machinarium; Defiance; Trackmania Canyon; Portal 2; Portal.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games I've played: Defiance, Ragnarok Online, Tabula Rasa, FlyFF, Dream of Mirror Online, Lime Odyssey (alpha), Shin Megami Tensei Online: Imagine, MU Online, Eden Eternal, Mabinogi, Fragoria (closed beta), Asda Story, Rappelz, Requiem (beta)(only played for one night), Second Life

Art: I'm not hugely into it, but some of my favourite artists include Emily Carr, M.C. Escher, H.R. Giger, the Group of Seven, Luna Milly (an incredibly talented (and extremely cute) local (Victoria, BC) young artist), Abraham Teniers, William Hogarth (an 18th century English political cartoonist)
Six things I could never do without
Music (iPod and a good pair of headphones...Sennheisers)
I don't like being out and about without a cellphone, though I wouldn't call it a necessity
I hate going anywhere without a camera
Good food
Good ale (not all the time, but occasionally)
still thinking about the rest.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"Where the hell did the time go?" is a question that frequently crosses my mind. Like right now, at 7:09am.
House and techno music.
Trans rights and issues; it's an issue that not nearly as many people are on side with as gay rights. Trans people are at a point now where gay people were about 30 years ago, in terms of acceptance and protection of basic human rights. As a cisgender ally, it's something that occupies a fair bit of my attention.
Girls (and sometimes cute boys).
Photographs (or rather, potential ones) and gear.
On a typical Friday night I am
relaxing at home. Friday night is pretty much the same as any other night for me. Of course I'd rather be out at a club, preferably playing. But that doesn't happen very often currently.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I dunno. I'm pretty open. I guess it'd be that, although I prefer women, all my sexual experience so far has been with a guy. Not that I'm a total stranger to the female body though.
You should message me if
You're artistic, a lover of electronic music, like clubbing and cuddling, and think we're a good match. I'm not really into doing activities just to spend time with someone, so I'm mainly looking for someone who likes doing a lot of the same things I like doing, so we can enjoy them together. I'm not very good at initiating conversations and such, so please take the initiative, don't wait for me to message you first.

I'm not sitting around waiting for a perfect match, because I figure I'm in for a long wait, but my ideal partner would have the following qualities (though none of these except maybe location are absolute requirements):
Lives in the Victoria, BC area (preferably downtown) or in Sooke (preferably Sasseenos)
Loves at least one of: house, techno, jungle, oldskool hardcore (UK breakbeat), hard trance music
Loves at least one of: anime, chanbara, wushu, wu xia movies
Loves at least one of: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai food
Bisexual or pansexual, and LGBTIQ+-friendly
Open to threesome+
The two of us