27Sydney, Australia
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My self-summary
Vicious Tongue is a crazy, random, weird girl who has sadistic/massochistic tendencies. Writing is her passion, it is a very rare occurrence for her not to have a pen and paper somewhere on her person. Vicious Tongue also likes to talk about herself in the third person a lot. She enjoys collecting things and putting them in their own jars with coloured lids and watching them sit or float inside them.

She has a recent obsession with trolleys and believes they are stalking her. One followed her home, that's proof enough.

Vicious Tongue can be quite spontaneous at times, and has been known to run out of the room when it starts raining to spin around and laugh like the 5 year old she is at heart.

Vicious Tongue is pierced, tattooed and impulsive
What I’m doing with my life
Vicious Tongue plans on being an author one day, mostly of futuristic teenage rebellions.

Till then however, she is quite content in her current role of High School English teacher; there's just something about having the power to corrupt the next generation that's extremely appealing to her.

She is also enjoying drinking more coffee than can be good for her, having religious, philosophical and political discussions with anyone who is interested. And sometimes goes to a class or two. It is quite fun.
I’m really good at
Writing crazy stories, Annoying the hell out of people with the strange and childlike things she does, scaring some people with the way she acts and the things she says and being completely random and insane.

She also enjoys poking dead (and living) things with a stick and looking at things in's a strange fetish, but she believes it to be a worthwhile waste of her time.

If you cannot already tell, Vicious Tongue is a master at wasting time or filling it with useless things. She finds it all amusing though.

She is also good with useless, amusing, inane and random facts. She's great at trivia nights.
The first things people usually notice about me
Her size. Vicious Tongue is *not* short. She is fun-sized. You could say she is vertically challenged, but that would be pushing it.

People seem to notice straight off that she is a strange one. She's not sure how they do this, but it serves her well enough. People who don't like her randomity usually stay away from the start that way.

Once in a while they will notice that there is a mushroom, octopus or jellyfish toy hanging somewhere on her bag or person.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many to list, but they include anything to do with horror {vampires are a favourite}, faeries, fantasy, futurism, teenage rebellion and rebellion in general. Authors include, James Patterson, Holly Black, John Marsden, Melissa Marr, Melina Marchetta, Jaclyn Moriarty, Anne Rice, Keif Hillsbery, Lemony Snicket. If you put a book in front of her, she will more than likely read it.

She listens to all genres of music. And whilst she says that she hates techno, rap, RnB and most modern genres, being the walking contradiction that she is, she admits that she likes at least one song and / or band from every genre. Her favourite genres though, include Rock, 80s, Punk, Goth, Alternative, Hardcore, Metal.

There are few delicacies that Vicious Tongue enjoys more than pixie sticks and fairy bread.
Six things I could never do without

Books--They create an escape and are proof that she has a chance of getting somewhere in life by writing.

Something to write with--see above.

Friends/Family: These are grouped together, because once you are a close friend, you are family, and if you are a close family member, you are a friend. Vicious-Tongue would die for these people if the situation ever arose, but she does feel the need to point out that these are the people she is closest to in the world, and that amounts to a total of about 10 people.

Sugar--Vicious Tongue is addicted to the stuff and enjoys daily sugar highs.

An adventure -- Vicious Tongue is not good at sitting around doing nothing on the weekends (and most weeknights), she gets bored far too easily so goes off in search of something fun to do.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Having a strange interest in the fall of humanity, Vicious Tongue enjoys standing back and watching as we move further and further away from bringing the world together as we make it smaller and smaller through the technology we keep creating that
a)hates her
b)will one day rule the world (no matter what the human leaders may say, we will become more dependant on it than we are now).

Where the hell her pet Siamese Jellyfish Llyal is. He went missing some years ago when she fed him broccoli instead of pineapple and has been missing ever since. She did hear that he fled to Higher Ground when he was offered drugs once, but she has been unable to find any follow up leads since. If you happen to see a 3ft tall purple and yellow Siamese Jellyfish blobbing along, please let her know!

And other strange and random things that no one wants to hear about.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching movies, listening to music and writing...until she gets her licence, Vicious Tongue is going to be a very boring person.

Now that she has her license, she does much of the same. Some Friday nights though are spent breaking into cemetaries, hanging out with friends and causing general havoc.

And now that Vicious Tongue has something resembling a social life, she can often be found driving around "borrowing" objects such as witches hats and other "debris" found on the road and making Modern Art with it. (No, she is not on drugs)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
She is insane. In the sense that she will come up with a totally random, totally crazy idea (like walking around the City dressed as a panda) and do it for shits and giggles. This insanity does not go away. She can be calm when the situation requires it, but the insanity is *always* there.

Although it may not seem it, Vicious Tongue is actually very good at DnMs (go figure). She finds that the best ones happen on rooftops. A lot of good things happen on rooftops. She believes more people should spend time on rooftops at night looking at the stars and talking about meaningless things that are actually more important than the "important" things.
You should message me if
You haven't been scared by what you've read and you're happy to talk to a crazy, random, slightly weird freak.

If you have your driver's license and 24hour access to a car (Vicious Tongue is quite bored with having to pick people up from the train station, it takes too long to get to)

Or if you have any information on where she can find Llyal.
The two of us