44Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I'll be the chicken and you be the egg. Let's solve that age-old question together...;

I know what i want, and i know how to have a good time doing it!

(for her pleasure)

As my life evolves, so too must my online dating! Only for the better, let's hope!

Most people think we're locked in patterns of behaviors, relationships, & decisions. I don't want to get too caught up in who I was yesterday and what people expect of me.. A lot of people want to hold you to their expectations because they're afraid of becoming someone they won't recognize. I want to be open to the person I will be tomorrow. ...if any of that makes any sense!

I live a unique life. I'm a musician & a producer. Both occupations keep me traveling pretty extensively. But I'm in LA a lot of the year and would like to find great people with whom I can share and explore the many spices of life.

I believe in letting your freak flag fly high in the sky---
I love to giggle (hard);
I like to flirt (subtley);
I'm a night owl(!);
I don't drink (much);
420 friendly (i'm a pro);
I love exercise of any kind;
I love yoga;
I meditate (you probably should too);
I enjoy a heated argument from time to time, and love to question things;
I love sexy feet;
I love to kiss (when's the last time you had a good make out session?? A little too long for me);
I cry during American Idol, Shark Tank, and Undercover Boss (i'll show myself out);
I'm both- thrilled & terrified by technology;
I love women of ALL flavors;
I'm perpetually horny;
I'm unapologetically kinky. I like to play and vanilla won't suffice. I like to explore new and unchartered territories and test my boundaries ( a safe environment with trusting people!);
Welcome to my freak flag!!

I'm just you're average, above-average and amazing guy who cannot be summed up in a simple online profile, or a few texts for that matter. (But alas, here we are.)

In so many words: I'm pretty f*cking awesome in all ways! (Aren't you?) I'm everything you could, would, or should ever want in a man. Your mom would love me, your dad would respect me, and your siblings, girlfriends, and gay friends would envy you. I really am that awesome! LOL
Of course, I also realize that not everyone may share that opinion, and not everyone is for everyone. I'm only interested in a profound connection, not just another connection..

That said, I am not seeking the love of my life. This is the internet, after all! That's not to say that I'm jaded or skeptical about it. I believe we have many soul mates out there just waiting to teach us more about ourselves..
Of course, I'd like to think that the perfect woman does exist. If she's out there I will find her, and when I do it will be the best thing that ever happened to anyone ever in the history of life, and she'll feel the exact same way......., if i'm lucky!
But in the meantime, I'm enjoying plenty of exotic travel, great restaurants, cool concerts, plays, the symphony, art shows, general random excitement, etc. and prefer not to go at it solo, or worse yet, with the wrong people. I can hold a decent melody, but would prefer a beautiful harmony....…hahaha!

We're all just big ol' fabulous disco balls reflecting light in a million different directions. I'm just one of them, and I'd like to bask in your reflection.., if only for a while.......;-)

~Written while high~
What I’m doing with my life
I've been to Peru, India, Indonesia, Thailand (4 times!) & Hawaii in the past 28 months, and am currently on/ off tour wherever I can book a flight....

Next goal is SCUBA. Looking for a partner asap, btw!!!

Enjoying California, USA!!!
I’m really good at
..the details. It's "Must have..", Not "Must of.."

Jack of all trades. Master of a several.
The first things people usually notice about me
My pheromones
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food- I can't stand cilantro. I repeat, I cannot stand cilantro! Anything else goes, pretty much.... Sushi/ Italian would be my favorite. I also appreciate Greek, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc.. I try to keep open-minded taste buds, despite their contempt for the aforementioned cilantro. Let's form a support group......:)

Music- Anything with good drums! I can appreciate 'drumless' music, as well...:-D
I currently play with an instrumental world music soloist, and occasionally play death metal, jazz, and pock/ hip hop. Would love to meet a girl who can play an instrument, or would want to learn...!

Movie/ Books- True stories, documentaries, foreign films, ancient history, sci fi, etc; And the alien stuff too...;-)

I'm a big fan of Martial Arts and MMA. I used to compete in kick boxing, but now its mostly just yoga. I love my yoga!
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order:

Music (making it or listening to it!)
Friends (they keep me sane)
Sex (even if it has to be alone..)
Exercise (see Sex!)
Humor (see Exercise!)
Mt Dew (..I'm not proud of it..)
I spend a lot of time thinking about to stop attracting flakes.

...what team of jackasses decided we don't need button keyboards on our phones anymore!

...why does LA close so early?!
On a typical Friday night I am
***I've got much better things to do with my evenings than to being stood up at a bar. Please don't waste my time!

Drinks; Dinner; Movie; Dancing.. Etc. Vegas!

Let's SWITCH it up & Role Play the night away ;-))
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
"I've got amazing powers of observation."

Iyengar yoga has changed my life.

I'm pretty kinky......, & you should be too.
You should message me if
Don't bother me if you are even a little flaky. My time is way too valuable.. Your's should be too! Please don't waste my time.

You take care of yourself;
You like flirty texts;
You're a night owl;
You want to play tennis (i'd like to start);
You want to get high & go horseback riding;
Skinny dipping;
You (too) are perpetually horny;
You share my contempt for cilantro (lol);
You've got a sharp sense of humor;
You know how to kiss well (and enjoy it!);
You have sexy feet (bonus points!);
You've given up judging others;
You have a wide variety of diverse interests and enjoy exploring & pursuing all of your worldly desires, or at least aspire to;
You think you'd make an excellent sex slave (or you would like one ;p);
You have realistic expectations (NONE);

I have a history of making bad choices with women, so I'm gonna let you make the call..... Make it, already! ;-)

Prudish women need not apply! (Read that again please.) There's someone out there for you, not me. Sorry. We only live once, after all!


***Most importantly***
Time is all we have. Mine is quite valuable, and i'm sure yours is too. Do us both a favor please... No flakes! If you'd really like to meet up.., great! Me too. If not, please don't even bother....
(I can't stress this enough, apparently!)

~Pay love forward~

The two of us