60 La Playa de Arguineguín, Spain
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My self-summary
See below...I might get to fill in this part some day.

I'm not a person who judge people on their look or appearance. I'll rather get to know the person inside first. That's why I have no close up profile picture. Those who are very fixated on the outside are not my type. Keep judging the world from the packaging and you never get to the nice treat inside. Ask me for a photo, and I'll send you one.
What I’m doing with my life
I enjoy traveling, and these are some of the trips I've made so far: Various Amazon rain forest trips, Mountain Gorilla safari in Uganda, trekking/camping in Denali National Park in Alaska (seeing a dozen grizzly bears close up), Working at an Orangutan rehabilitation camp in Sumatra/Indonesia, Diving at Great Barrier Reef outside of Australia, visiting Galapagos Islands, various wildlife safari trips in Africa, seeing wild tigers in India
I’m really good at
* abstract thinking
* thinking out of the box
* science
* computers
* baking :P
* being silly
* hiking
* being busy, doing nothing (but thinking)
The first things people usually notice about me
I leave that for others to decide, as I think it depends on the person. Some notice this, some notice that. But I guess they notice that I'm rather tall, and slim and energetic, and maybe my blue eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Stephen King; some Fantasy & Sci-Fi; Books on travel, wildlife, Science, some politics.
Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar, and movies with Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Russell Crowe.

I'm not very fond of TV shows, and I do not own a TV, but I rather enjoy "The Big Bang Theory"

Celtic (Irish) music, Blues, some classical music (mostly Beethoven), Pan flute, Andean music

- I love Mexican food. I prefer original Mexican over Tex-Mex because Tex-Mex don't use real comal made tortillas, even though Taco Bell has made a fair try.
- I also enjoy many Asian dishes, but for Chinese dishes I prefer the overseas versions over the native Chinese versions since these tend to replace most spices with red chilli-pepper.
The six things I could never do without
* my eBook readers
* my eBook collection
* my silly ideas
* my passport
* my credit card
* my good health
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global unjust and poverty:
Multinational corporations move production to low cost (low salary) countries to cut costs. This gives jobs, but at a terrible price. These workers have no rights, many work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. If they get sick, they're just replaced. They're easier to replace than it's to repair a machine. The companies also make agreement with the local government to ensure that they help keep the salary low, and that they don't interfere with worker's rights. Is this how we want our goods to be made? We need new rules that state that 70% of the products produced has to be sold to the local market. That would force the companies to pay better to make sure the 70% can be sold. Industrial development in poor countries can be good if the companies help lift the standard of living. The way it's now they just help keep them poor, and exploit their labor as long as they're young and fit.

The global economic crises:
The economic crises seems to keep growing, especially in Europe. New countries fail to handle their debts, and the central bank issues a medicine of saving. How can you pay your debts and feed your population if you're going to save (cut costs)? The only way out of this is to increase activity. Put all hands to work to make sure that people get salary, pay taxes and can afford to spend...thereby keeping consumption up. There is such a lot to be done in Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland. Create jobs, and pay with a local currency. Use a two currency system for a few years. People will prefer to get paid in a less good currency than being unemployed. Just make sure that this is a short term solution, because it could easily be misused. Why ask if Greece has to exit the Euro. Why not permit them to use both Euro and Drachmas for maybe 10 years? I know it's very controversial, but this is a new situation. No one knows the answer. There is already a second currency being established in Greece. It's hand written notes used for swapping services. So why not formalize it by introducing a government backed second currency?

Ethnic conflicts and democracy:
Colonial powers created artificial borders that does not follow natural borders between ethnic groups. After creation of UN the colonies have been made "independent" nations because the prior colonial power need their supporting votes in UN. Then they support dictators who promise their votes in payment for weapons. Weapons that are used to subdue the population. If these nations ever manage to overthrow the dictators they explode in ethnic conflicts that have been ignited by supporters of the dictator to prove they need him to keep stability. We either need to redraw the map, or to redefine democracy. Democracy is fine in the way that it's so much better than dictatorship, but it can also be a tool to suppress a smaller group. If yo got two ethnic groups of 60% and 40%, then democracy will not feel just only to the 60% group. We need a new democracy which solves this. Some sort of distributed power. This does not just apply to ethnic issues.

Environmental issues:
We can all see how the climate changes. How the permanent ice is melting. How the global warming cause more evaporation at sea, more rain, more flooding, more landslides and stronger winds. The big corporations still use their lobbyists to spread disinformation so they can keep on polluting and make their share holders happy. Our leadership is not doing anything, except of talking and delaying. How can people get any influence on the decisions? Or are we just to satisfied with our lives to care...until it's our house that's floating in the river?

What are those extra dimensions? Are they anything like our commonly known dimensions, or are they discrete, just representations of the quantum numbers?

That might sound pretty gloomy, but I'm actually an optimistic person. A nerd, sure, but proud to be so.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading and thinking, unless I'm out see how people live in other parts of the world, and what kind of problems they're occupied with.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm very silly :)
You should message me if
* you want an activity partner, or a friend who might some day share your life.
* you don't mind being a bit silly sometimes
* you've got lots of ideas and no one to share them with
* you want a travel or hiking companion.
* you just want a penpal, maybe to improve language skills
* NOT a scammer: If you are a scammer, don't bother to contact me, or I'll help OK CUPID to remove your profile in 1-2-3.