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My self-summary
John, "Viking Gladiator" Gallivan
Warrior Poet/ Erotic Psalmist

Christy, "Little Qt" Gallivan
Romantic Psalmist/Spiritual Poetess

Hello Bisexual Gorgeous Baby Dolls

We are Erotic Poets, Romantic Psalmists, Sensual Healers, Risque Spiritual Guides, Teachers of Tantra, Wiccans, New Agers, and Aphrodists. The spiritual key to getting to know us, is through our romantic spiritual poetry and erotic psalms. That is why we have posted so many of our poetic compositions on here.

We are avid seekers of the most unique profiles (even if that requires months of fervent searching through thousands of profiles).

We adore BBW bisexual women with glasses and tattoos that are feminine, charming, sweet, gentle, and alluring; that would desire to explore their bisexuality with my beautiful seductive delcious queen, and myself. That doesn't mean a cheesy mechanical threesome. We want to fall in love eventually with a princess that will love is everlasting forevermore. Are you out there? Are you alive? Where are you oh amethyst angel.

Yes! The hot little intelligent spirited, "coffehouse chick" is our vivid description of heaven utopia incarnate.
However, there are some special exceptions of course indeed.

Welcome to our sensual unique profile feminine sweethearts, and we're very inspired indeed that you stopped by.
Before we go on, all of our pictures and photos were taken from mid July 2012 to Augusrt 2012.

What's happening exquisite angels? Wow! We once again got some new faces and unique personalities here. You know, I wish they had an option to choose, "Married but Polyamorous" for the martial section and, "I only smoke the way kind green" for the drug section. Well...maybe one of these days they'll get with it (hopefully).

We got it going on over here in Athens my exotic princesses. We own our home and car (not the bank), and we are both employed indeed. We have no children living in our home, and we are financially stable. My gorgeous seductive bisexual wife and I met eachother online (on the soulmate level), and we and got married two years ago. My delicious curvy wife is an experienced bisexual and I am straight. Our common interest is bisexual women indeed.

As said before, we adore (and prefer) BBW bisexual women with glasses and tattoos that are feminine, charming, sweet, gentle, and alluring. However sugartoes, there are some exceptions to these rules, for spirit and unique personality is everything. If you possess a great persona, then send us a message indeed. What we're looking for, is having some great times and partying with some hypnotic captivating chicks.

No, we're not out to replicate some cheesy porno of a threesome. In fact, we're not even swingers believe it or not (though one could easily think that we are from our profile). We really desire our women who hang with my goddess queen and I to be of spiritual depth, emotion, and feeling. Perhaps that may be you. One of these days, we're actually hoping to have our own residential princess, and we both hope to actually, "marry" her in a manner of speaking. Until that glorious day happens (if it does), we're creating some great life long memories and eternal friendships along the way.

We are both avid poets and spiritual erotic psalmists. Therefore, we are very passionate sensual people. I was raised in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco, California, and Little Qt is a native Texan, born and raised in Odessa. We are quite the couple indeed.

Ladies, if you have made it this far, and you're ready, you know what to do. Before you message us, please keep in mind that personality and uniqueness means everything to us without any doubt whatsoever. All messages receive a kind response even if we don't discover your profile to match ours. We are very charismatic sensual poets; so we love creativity and passion.
What I’m doing with my life
We are getting more financially secure. Now that we own our own home, which is decorated with a Halloween flavor, we have also remodeled the inside as well. We offer some financial security to our future beloved princess.

We want her to have a home, so she could feel safe and loved by us both. This is what we say to all of you poetically:

"Permit us to melt the glaciers that stop your true affection.
Allow us to thaw the ruthless snow that freezes your intimate kisses.
Consent us to dissolve the ice that blizzards your passionate touch.
License us to soften the frost that renders your spirit cold.
Agree to let us liquefy the merciless icicles that prevent your seductive gaze.
And forbid us not to dissipate the cruel fjords that chill your memories.
May our poetry nourish your soul, uplift your spirits, and open your heart."

John, "Viking Gladiator" Gallivan
Warrior Poet/ Erotic Psalmist

Christy, "Little Qt" Gallivan
Romantic Psalmist/Spiritual Poetess
I’m really good at
Simply put, romantic poetry, erotic psalms, risque narrations, and romance novels. My wife and I have written over 300 pieces. Anyone is welcome to a sample, and/or to be on our email list.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am the Viking Gladiator, the warrior poet, the erotic psalmist!
My erotic psalms instantly melt the feminine hearts of beautiful women!
My romantic poems explode volcanic sensual fire,
Into heavenly souls of gorgeous females!
My sensual stories are powerful tornadoes
Of passion that whirlwind in the minds of ladies!
For I am poetry!

I zealously stand on the digital pulpit to preach this in the Internet coliseum:
A warrior of love will ferociously battle against his woman’s past demons.
A knight of loyalty will vehemently wage war on her vicious nightmares.
A gladiator of dedication with all his might will combat her brutal ghosts that haunt her.
And a Viking of romance will guard her healing heart with his very life indeed.

My unequalled romance is the intense fire of committed love.
And my exquisite compliments are the flames of authentic passion.
My endless kisses are the dominant blazes of masculinity,
And my manly touch is the powerful inferno of sensuality.
My deep penetration is the genuine combustion of soul tapping,
And my focused gaze is the conflagration of an explosive union.

We shall earnestly tutor you to love us passionately.
We shall solemnly mentor you to absorb us erotically.
We shall wholeheartedly instruct you to feel us emotionally.
We shall seriously guide you to embrace us spiritually.
We shall intently lead you to adore us energetically.
For you are the damsel we shall rescue from distress.

And I am Christine Gallivan, the Spiritual Poetess, the Queen of Cuties,
The Romantic Psalmist, the Goddess of Sex,
The Enchantress of Seduction, the Chosen One,
The Alchemist of Sinuous Potions, The Sorceress of Girly Magic,
The Duchess of Voluptuous Beauty, and the Instructor of Female Orgasm.
I discern your needs as another female, and I am here to train you.
I know your deepest enigmas inside you, and I am here to mentor you.
I acknowledge your most taboo wishes, and I am here to entertain you,
For my moist pussy soaks my lace panties, with just the thought,
Of handling your feminine body, your impressive curves, and your glittery hair.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
First: Our Favorite Erotic Psalm

Enchantments of The Bisexual Queen
A Grand Masterpiece Romantic Poem and Erotic Psalm
of The Queen's Love for Her Pretty Princess
Christine, "Little Qt" Gallivan
Romantic Psalmist/Spiritual Poetess

I passionately gaze upon you, and I think to myself....
I must absolutely have you.
Your feminine beauty from within is screaming to be noticed.
Yes! That deep inner girly part of your precious soul,
That's divinely pure and that has not been damaged.

I see it little baby girl with maternal erotic seductive eyes!
Your thoughts and feelings are being heard precious one!
I know that inner little girl needs to be lightly caressed.
Your exquisite soul needs to be touched!
Let this Bisexual Diva Queen erotically teach you!
Permit this Teacher of Seduction to spiritually love you!
This Romantic Feminine Psalmist
is coming to your rescue my alluring princess.

I know exactly where you are in life my angelic princess.
I've been there, done that little girly girl.
I was once you......
Struggling from day to day and from one night to the next;
Not knowing who the real you is...or ever was.
There is no need to battle anymore within yourself.
Stop my pretty girl.
We as women must embrace
Our lust, wants, and desires for one another.

Yes. I have a soul mate! He's the Viking Gladiator and
A man that is the best and most masculine of them all.
But there is a void in my soul and heart dearest one,
And that part is filled with you;
A loving little girl to love me as much as my warrior loves me.
Forget about society!
Forget about what you were taught!
Embrace these feelings just like I have and, let me take you....

I ask you to become one with us both.
Let our love, passion, and romance poetically consume you .
It's okay princess to feel this way.
Love me my little doll.
It pleases us and will you will be rewarded.
We have dreamed about you for so long and now you are here!
You have made us whole again.
You have brought life back into us.
You are so much more than we ever expected.
Let me show you how much I care for you and touch your
inner girliness with my maternal love and caring nature.
I will guide you THERE!

I will take you to new exciting and erotic
places, and you will love it.

You stand alone, hidden and hoping someone will see you.
Will this be the one night that dont have to go home alone?
Can it be possible that anyone will recognize my beauty and not
just see my big round perfect breasts?
When I look into your eyes,
I see everlasting passion, desire, and youthfulness.
You possess eyes of a true spiritual and loving princess.
They have been hidden far too long.
They lead me to your soul, and
they show me the way to your heart.
Allow me to always gaze upon them
So I can always see the real you.

The world around us has stopped.
There is no more pain.
There is no more suffering.
There is no more hurtful rejection.
It's just you and I.

My skilled fingers glide through your luscious, untouchable, and
feminine red hair.
It feverishly causes my goddess heart to
Race and my motherly womanhood to ache.
My hands gracefully touch your smooth untarnished perfect face.
It reminds me of my own younger days and enlightens me with
stimulating memories.

The touch of my hands on your
precious sweet and angelic face bring you true happiness.
You feel the sexual energy and heat...
the ultimate desire that is being
infused within you, from me to you.
Feel it with your heart and know it in your soul,
for it can not be denied any longer.

My lips gently embrace yours, and i slowly breathe
my breath into yours.
My mature temptress life force is in you now.
My air is in your lungs.
I never take my erotic maternal eyes off of yours,
For I wholeheartedly give you my soul, and you give me yours.

This kiss is my gift to you:
Let it run free in you, and fill the voids you have.
As our tongues gently glide and hit
one another we are both set erotically afire.
I feel you , you feel me, and the Viking feels us both.

No more holding back, no more not being who I am
and who you are.

Everything about you has captivated me
and moved me to touch you more.
You are thick and curvy.
I see the goddess above made you with us in mind.
Yes, little girl!
We like our woman to be real and we don't want to see her bones.
We want to be able to touch and fill your stomach and play with it and have you
know this is why you stand out amongst the crowd.
I whisper in your ear,
"You are so pretty. You are what we have wanted.
You are perfect in every way.
From this point on you will always be treated as our princess.
You're our little girl and you are worthy!
After all we choose you amongst hundreds.
I take your adorable face to my chest and let it rest on my ached and maternal breasts, as you feed on them.
You are filled with love,
Let it fill you up with femininity at its best".

I firmly grab your head and place it more firmly to me.
I want you feel me nurture you, soothe you, and mother you.
Feeling you in this very special way,
lets me know we are connected.
Your pink enticing nipples are erect and stand so firm .
Your soft girly breasts are
delightfully pulp and perfect in every way.
My full experienced cherry like lips
suck feverishly and pleasantly on them;
taking your areola to the back
of my enlarged throat and holding them tight.
I use my lips to create a powerful suction
that leaves you trembling;
Always changing speed, rate, and distance.

As you release your spirited mind and teachable heart to be;
I do the same for you in return
I give you all of my desires, wishes, and fantasies
You are free now, and so am I .

I lay you on your back and begin to rub away
your inhibitions and anxieties.
The touch of my magical and gifted hands
cause you to slightly moan.
The heated peach oil on your teen like skin
is making you aroused and lustful.
Just for a moment, I stop and look at you
from your head to your toes.
I take you in as you and expect you
for who you are, my sweet childlike princess.
I see how you were made with so much thought and devotion and
nothing was left out.

Your tight girly and delectable pussy is so wet and throbbing
I use my long fingers to guide me to all its wonderful glories.
Your clit has me excited, and your lips
have me enthralled, and its shape is surely from Heaven itself.
I touch your special place, that place only us women know about.
The place that we have touched ourselves
to make sure we are always pleased.

I touch you in ways only a woman could and would know about.
It's gentle, it's soft, and I use my fingertips to vibrate your vaginal canal with
erotic please and pure ecstasy.

You are feeling something you have never felt before.
How can it be that this woman can make me feel this way?
I touch you in ways that I want to be touched and let my desires
teach me what you need, what you want, and what you desire.
I methodically place a third finger deep inside you,
just to the point of where you are in pain.
Your arousing moans let me know its okay to go deeper, with
just the right amount of force I finger fuck you
til you are in heat for me.

Our Gladiator still just watches in amazement as he sees me show you
how it is to be fucked by a bisexual queen.
His huge colossal sword is growing and he can not help but to
slightly stroke it with his big firm manly hands.
I look into your eyes and tell you that you are the chosen one.
You are our princess forever.

Your girly feminine water starts to heat up
and as a woman I know how to get you to that point.
That point of letting go and releasing
that young tasteful pussy juice.
I am not ready for you to cum so I no longer finger you and you give
hundreds of girly kissies on your inner thigh instead.
I blow lightly into your swollen womanhood to cool you off.
Your vibes let me know you are in heavenly bliss
and wish for more of me.

I no longer can resist!
I must taste your essence!
I must know what makes you girly and feminine.
My lips are touching yours and I can taste
your sweet , satisfying pre cum.
I let my tongue go deep inside you and work its magic.
I suck on your inflamed perineum and
let it fill my mouth with both your juices at once.
Your moans are louder and your whole body
is tightening with electrifying anticipation.
I use my hand to rub you hard and fast til
You let the river of your innocence flow on my face.
Your juice has just became lubricant
For me to eat your tight virgin ass.
Yes , there... that one!
Not near it not around it but in your rectum.

Your are on your stomach, and I bring
your perfected curvy thick ass to my face.
I smell you and this makes my own heated pussy become wet.
My talented tongue glides from one side to the other other til it
slowly is in your cum soaked ass.

While it goes deeper inside of you,
I rub your cheeks in such a way
that it makes you more aroused.
I give you butt rubbies and butt jiggles,
and I have my tongue all the way inside of you.
Just like my fingers did, now I am fucking you with my mouth.
I will stop at nothing til I feel your juices flow again.

You know it can't be denied and you love it.
You begin to cover me with you inner girliness for a second time.
As we both take time to catch our breath and regain our composure
we gaze upon our Gladiator.
We confirm to him that our feelings are real
and to sit back and enjoy his god sent baby dolls.

With the taste of your remarkable thirst quenching
asshole and pussy in my mouth;
I passionately French kiss you and let you taste them for yourself.
I take my role as your lover, teacher, and caregiver and place myself
atop of your heaven sent curvy thick body.
A body that was made for me and that can handle my own curves.
I begin to pound you with my heated and puffy pussy.
We are both shaved so we can feel the movements even better.
Together we take each other to new horizons and feel things we have
never felt before.
You feel so good my pretty princess.
This is what it is all about.
I continue to make love to you and,
Squeeze your breasts with tantalizing force.

The air and the bed are filled and soaked with you.
The aroma of our love making is
abundant and makes us both smile
Just as you think I am done I must have more,
Yes princess lets 69!

I work my way from your romantic face to your sensual ass by
giving you seductive kissies.
The closer I get to your over flowing tempting pussy,
I begin to get heated just as you are.
This time we will taste each other at the same time.
My wisdom filled and authorivate pussy is now at your lips.
You place your tongue in me
and mimic what i did, will and have done to you.

Both tongues are deep inside the other one and I am longing to drink
that everlasting feminine juice.
We bathed each other with our one of a kind girl juice and pleased each
other all at the same time.
You made me feel beautiful and loved, and through you I know that I am
truly all that , the Queen of Cuties, The Chosen One and soul mate to Viking
Gladiator John Gallivan.

I took your pain and fear away and replaced
it with eroticism and true love.
Now let me just hold you and be baptized by your feminine charm,
exceptional beauty, and internal love for me.
Set free your words on your heart and mind
and never be afraid of anything again.
I hold you close and and confirm and confess to you my love.
I give you praise and thanks for sharing yourself with me.
For not holding back and for being free
and allowing me to see and touch your soul.
From my soul to your soul
we are connected and bonded for of eternity.
Are you ready for the next adventure?
Are you ready for the masculinity to meet femininity
It's time for us both to please my big, tattooed, husky, strong and manly sex beast

Second: Movies/Shows
1. Game of Thrones
2. Spartacus
3. Camelot
4. ANYTHING Stephen King
5. All Horror Movies Indeed
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The Goddess of Serenity
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist

I seek to dwell in the tabernacle of femininity,
I will say to her, “She is my refuge of gentleness, and in her do I trust.”
Surely she shall deliver me from the traps of sorrow.
For I am consumed with her beauty,
And my bones ache to feel her delicate touch.

I shall cover her with my armor of courage.
She will never be afraid again,
Of the lies of her traitors,
Or the emptiness of a lonely night.

I bow to you in worship daily.
Night and day, I pray without ceasing.
For you are the Goddess of Erotic Serenity.
You are the light that grants me immeasurable power.

For who could be possibly compared to your exquisiteness??
For you and you alone, are the author of gentleness.
Remember not the sins of my youth,
Or the mistakes of my past.
Hold me and kiss me!
For you are the Goddess that captivates me.

I penetrate the gate to your secret place.
I reach down deep in the river.
I bathe in the ocean of your gorgeous skin.
I tug your hair to draw closer to your soul.

Hear me O Goddess that I cry for you.
I will extol you my only queen.
For you are the Goddess that shakes me within.
As I kiss you fervently….again and again and again,
I rejoice in the temple of your pretty curves.

For your virtues are so cute and loving.
Bring me out of my distresses.
Let me offer roses, poems, songs, and touch.
For you and you alone do I dedicate my soul.
I exist to pleasure you on only two occasions….
Night…..and day.

This warrior comes with sword and shield.
To destroy any enemy that haunts you
To shield your immaculate complexion.
To slay the dragons of your past.

I am the Viking Gladiator.
My existence is to protect your joy.
In the orgasm where you feel so female,
In that moment of tingling vibration,
You will do it again and again.
For my masculinity is everlasting.
And my passion for you unequalled.

I will enter her heart with thanksgiving.
I shall enter her court with praise.
I boldly approach the throne of the Princess.
To only her do I pledge all devotion.

Acknowledge my Goddess my fiery passion.
The flames of zeal to caress you.
The everlasting blaze of my desire.
The combustion of our union.
The explosion of our compassion.
The burning of our affection.

Look upon me and give me opportunity.
See that I am original, unique, and special.
From the platform of my infatuation.
Gaze into the depths of my spirit,
And see the authenticity of me.

For there is none like you.
Nor will there ever be.
In you do I deposit all faith.
For I am incomplete without you
On a typical Friday night I am
The Whisper Serenade
A Duet Erotic Psalm and Romantic Poem of Seductive Ambiance

Christy, "Little Qt" Gallivan
Romatic Psalmist/Spiritual Poetess

John, "VikingGladiator" Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist

I am the Spiritual Poetess, the Goddess of Seductiveness, the Queen of Cuties, the Chosen One.
I am proclaiming that love conquers all. Love is why we live.
When you are not sure of why or how, always remember that there is hope.
I thank the Heavens above and the almighty Aphrodite Herself for the gift of my warrior.
I am liberated from the tyranny of the villain that continuously haunted me.
Thanks to the Goddess of Love and Romance for my warrior.
Yes indeed.... to my whisper serenade.

My tattooed princess that I adore:
Now release your sensual dreams to your tattooed bisexual queen,
As I meticulously French kiss your pretty soft tongue.
Feverishly.... we get eachother in palpitating wet heat,
Being little girls, being enticing goddesses, being beautiful women.
I carress your inner thighs with feminine expertise,
Methodically playing with your erect pink nipples,
Dripping sinuous nectar in unisom, giggling like lovely girls.
Submit to me my exquisite princess.
You need not hide anymore. No masks. No acting.
I know. I'm a woman. A female. A goddess.
I so crave to have your sanctum throbbingly pulsate on my soft finger.
Squirt in my experienced hand delicious lady.
Secrete your deepest inner passions in my hand,
As I whisper serenade you in your precious ear:
"Make love to your experienced bisexual queen girly girl,
And infuse in me your inner secretes as another woman.
For I shall carress your gorgeous soft breasts with my perfumed hair,
And my painted fingernails will tingle your attractive tattoos.
I shall skillyfully brush your hair my immaculate princess,
Whisper serenading my romantic poems in your ear.
I desire to show you the way.
I want your womanly soul in my spirit.
I will make you feel intense emotion that no other woman can bring forth.

Yes! I will stare into your eyes, and tell you I love you,
As my warrior will cum so very deep inside you.
Yes! You may love my gladiator,
As he sucks on your delicious anus for eternity.
Yes! I will French kiss you with ardent passion,
As he pounds you will unequalled brawn with his huge stiff cock!

For it is our female voices, our feminine voices;
That whisper sernade the mightiest knights of all.
It is our harmonious high voices,
That whipser sernade and captivate silky soft women.
One syllable...You're wet for me gorgeous sweetheart.
One word...You're embracing me as another hypnotic temptress.
One sentence...We breathe in eachother's mouths in ecstasy.
One whisper serenade...You're my angelic tattooed princess.

I am the Viking Gladiator, the warrior poet, the erotic psalmist,
The defender of women, the knight of romance, the soldier of love,
A nightclub bouncer of 23 years,
And this I truly declare with my entire heart:
A woman of dedication who is a female of loyalty,
Is more precious, cherished, alluring, and exquisite,
Than all the divine angels of the Heavens,
And all the gorgeous blossoms of the world.
Oh princess, hear my whisper sernade.

I stand mightily in the sands of the coliseum.
Hear me my opponents, and fear my strength!
For I am here for the Goddesses of Femininity.
For she is the Queen of Cuties, The Princess of Gentleness,
The Duchess of Beauty, the Empress of Seduction,
And the Governess of my heart. I worship them.

Though spectators shout my name that ascends to Heaven.
Though they chant my title in awe… means nothing!
My nightclub trade calls me a bouncer. Society calls me a convict.
World history, present, and future say modern day gladiator.
The Blessed Ones calls me sweet…..that’s all that matters.
Yes. It is them and only them that I truly exalt.
My Angel. My Delicate Flower. Holy One of Sweetness.
I bow in your service. I give Thee reverence.

I am the Viking Gladiator. My devotion is incomparable.
For no soldier will win against this warrior poet.
I wield the Sword of Passion, the Helmet of Poetry,
The Shield of Strength, the Greaves of Masculinity.
Your luscious hair is the Crown of Glory.
Your slightest touch commands my obedience.
Your feminine voice calms the Sea of Wrath.
Your eyes that gaze into my soul grant life.
Your precious face is the epitome of softness.
Your majestic hips are so lovely sculpted.
Your lovely precious ears absorb my whisper serenade.
See me slay my opponents in the arena in the nightclub.
For my enemies fall before me.
They see my courage and flee.
They see my fortitude and run.
They see my bravery unequalled,
And my omnipotent zeal unconquered.
Though I may battle in the nightclub and Internet coliseum.

Your favor is upon me.
I axe the pride of my online competitors.
I scoff at their unromantic messages.
I ridicule and challenge them before the crowd.
I endlessly laugh at their profiles.
Release. Let it go. Just adore me and the queen!
Gyrate yourself upon me, and stare into my warrior eyes.
Grab my broad shoulders and tug my chest hair.
Caress my tattoos and colossal size frame.
Tell me how handsome and masculine I am!
Tease me with your girly persona!
I am your gladiator, protector, friend, and lover.
The defender of the heart of my lady,
With all my body, all my mind, and all my soul.
Inside me beats a warrior poets heart.
Though few will discover the real you,
As you wander misguided in the digital forest.
I know the baby doll that resides in your aura. whisper serenade.

Though many have tried to bleed me dry,
To damage my pride, to inflict sharp cuts,
I will not cease, but continue to profusely seek….
The supreme victory of love.
I will not despair. I valiantly fight my opponents,
For my lady deserves the best spectacle.
Beautiful, is the dragon, breathlessly, beautiful in flight.
So seems the soul of a gentleman warrior,
Seeking the end of this Internet love quest.

The myriads of women, the assembly of females;
All hail the true champion of combat,
But without your presence…it is worthless.
My beautiful maiden that can stir fire in my loins,
And fan the flames of passion in my mind.
I will stand and face the challenges I must,
Win the crowd, entertain the masses, kill my enemies.
It is my pleasure to do so, in the Internet coliseum.
For both in this electronic world and the real one….
I am a gladiator.

What do you know of the lovely Apple Blossom of Shenandoah?
It symbolizes union and togetherness as many worldwide,
Travel from near and far to attend its seasonal festivals,
Witnessing the marvelous fruit that springs forth,
And smelling the perfect fragrance it secretes.
However princess, there is something I must point out.
Nothing holds a family together more than the royal nostalgia
Of the matriarch that possesses unequalled love for her family:
For, “mother” is the name of God, spoken on the lips of children.

Perhaps you may have studied the poetic angel called Uziel.
His psalms and music encourages and uplifts God Himself,
And the myriads of other angels are mystified in glory to
Hear such melodious songs and harmonious notes of hope.
On the other hand princess, there is an issue that we must discuss.
Nothing brings more strength and charisma to a family and friends,
Than the blessed feminine words of wisdom from a honest queen and princess.

Could it be possible that you may have heard of the
The immaculate vanilla blossom of Western France?
Its shining white petals radiate authentic magnificence,
And its aroma is the most seductive of all;
For history has shown that emperors and kings
Have dispatched armies just to obtain any amount:
For its taste is unbelievably sweet.
Its flavor is amazingly perfect.
Its sight is downright beautiful,
And its feel so risqué and enchanting.
Nonetheless princess, here is something I must articulate:
Nothing is more genuine and captivating to a man,
Than the girly devotion of a sensual duchess.

For in my deepest despair, your words enthralled me.
In my darkest hours, your spirit consoled me.
In the midst of my trials, your presence uplifted me,
And in my evil imprisonment of torture,
Your femininity directed me,
For you are a princess that liberates warriors from battles,
And you are a goddess that nurtures all her loved ones.

Have you ever heard of the mighty archangel Raphael?
From the beginning of time, he has been appointed the
Holy One of healing physical infirmities,
And raising the sad countenance of entire nations,
By the powers of love, joy, peace,
Patience, kindness, goodness,
Faithfulness, gentleness, and brilliance.
On the other hand princess, there is something I must proclaim:
God even bestowed more power to a woman.
For a gracious woman grants fortitude from her kisses,
And her exotic romance completes a knight,
With sweet affection during the day,
And mesmerizing caresses in the evening.

Did you ever listen to a sermon about the angel Remiel?
He is crowned, The Angel of Hope, and his duties
Are to inspire the Heavens and Earth with garrisons
Of angelic souls to comfort sons in their sleep,
And to protect daughters from nightmares in the dark.
For He is the protector assigned by the Almighty indeed.
However princess, here something I that must preach:
Nothing wards off bad dreams and ominous visions,
Like the femininity of a woman that hold dearly the ones she loves.

Have you ever caught wind of the cherry blossoms of California?
Its vivid red and pink colors adorn the coast with pure elegance,
And its beaches are showered in the delicate petals of splendor.
Nevertheless princess, there is something that I must tell:
A woman’s prettiness is what envelopes the very essence of a man,
And you Little Flower Princess have the ability to baptize one in femininity:

For your frame is a sacred temple in the storms of loneliness.
Your hair is an altar that mandates masculine worship.
Your hands are the monuments that command feminine praise,
And your face is an amethyst cathedral of adoration.

What do you think of the Valencia orange blossom of Spain?
Its rich structure represents incomparable sophistication,
As its citrus waves can easily arrest the hearts and minds of men,
For its juice and scent is avidly petitioned by everyone alive
On this planet who seek to experience the meaning of nirvana.
Nonetheless princess, there is something that I must say:
The passion of a woman is absolutely priceless,
For a feminine touch is the real source of life.

Have you ever heard the legendary music of Enya?
Her Gaelic language and soft voice will melt your heart,
And her New Age songs will soothe anyone’s soul.
On the other hand, I must indeed tell this:
My queen's feminine voice reigns supreme,
As I am instantly enchanted by her wise counsel and psalms,
Charmed by her flattery, and seduced with her sweet tone.
Hear...her whisper serenade:
One're my little baby doll
One're my enchanting seductress
One whisper serenade...Your princess soul is mine my love

I, the Queen, gently take you by the hand and lead you to the sanctuary that we will both know so well .
I begin to remove your lingerie princess piece by piece until you are completely exposed .
I gaze upon your femininity and see how truly womanly and radiant
you are.

You have fought hard and now it will be your turn to be done and be pleased.
My soft feminine hands will rub and caress every inch of your soft body.
I will massage you from head to toe.
As the hot vanilla oil oozes on your; scars you feel comfort and relief .
My silky-smooth hands rub it in and soothe your aches and pains,
For it is the touch of your female that reaches your soul indeed.
Your princess body is so mesmerizing and captures my eyes
And brings them to new heights .

Your female heart longs to be touched,
And your skin desires the most gentleness touch of them all .
My fingers gently and barely graze your skin,
And this sensation gives you chills from one head to the other.
I use the bareness of my skin as lotion and let my supple nipples run across you .
You seem to quiver and shake as I let my curves touch you, and your eyes say it all ,
You are pleased .
Yes! Yes! My whisper serenade!
The two of us