36Detroit Lakes, United States
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My self-summary
Ooofa-da; self summary. Hum... Heh...I made it as far as steepling my fingers and bringing them to my lips; does that say something in itself? I didn't think so, either (other than, hey, this guy's lost.)

By temperment, I suppose I could be viewed as a naturalist with some odd quirks. My sense of humor is a fluid thing that helps keep me alive, or at least passably sane, my communication skills...are different, to say the least, I have an inquisitive side, and occasionally flaunt definance ('bout all I have to flaunt; not real pleased about that, if there's room for a foot note.)

Now for the disclaimer stuff (the "dorky & damning", as one friend likes to label it.) Sometimes I'm forgetful. Ok, a lot of times (I think...?) I sleep-walk too much, or so the evidence suggests. Occasionally I like corny things, I used to watch He-Man as a kid, but obviously didn't watch it enough, as I'm about 1/5th his size. Animals don't usually scare me--and I try not to frighten them. Screws up my photographic efforts. I never learned to play any musical instruments (damn), and I have no super-special abilities (that's a tough one to accept, for sure..). Think that about covers it. Oh yeah; and I'm blonde (sometimes....but not now).
What I’m doing with my life
Living the dream, like every single other person in the world, of course.
I’m really good at
Daydreaming. Confusing myself. Winning over the hearts of distrusting, small dogs, apparently. Um...."really good at"; hum, I read that as in "champion of". Been a long time since I was "champion of" anything (probably closest occurrence being Champion of Kirkwall in Dragon Age II, honestly...and I played as a frickin' chick character, at that. Jesus Christ...) . I'd prefer to make sure everything's just right before unveiling any grandiose surprises.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know....that I should be living in Long Beach, not here? That I'm NOT tall & handsome? *palms up* I guess maybe I should do a survey to see.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books, movies, music, and food? Good God, I COULD write a book..

**Books, I'll read anything, from horticultural practices, to some of the Goofy Foot Press's finest work. These days I find myself reading a lot of non-fiction stuff, unlike in my younger years (they were filled with the likes of Goodkind, Roberts, Koontz, King, Sanford, Baldacci, Davis, Roberts...I can't even recall a small percentage of it--that's sad. What the hell was the point??) I can read about anything, and I spend a decent amount of time freshening up on light composition and landscape photography, to night photography, psychological oddities in human behavior, birds, to the finer points on woodworking. Pick something; if I don't have any books about it...well, damn--I guess I'll have to go shopping! :o)

** helps to have a worthwhile story. I enjoy documentaries, and educational-based programs. GOOD (and I say good, because any true sci-fi fan knows that's a real rarety due to cost, typically) sci-fi or fantasy film will find favor (think Avatar, if you're unsure), a good scary one hits the spot, too. A good thriller is also hot candy. Good comedy & feel-good stuff. I try to remain open; movies are just little peep-holes of imagination from someone else's fantasies, usually, so...if you don't give it a chance, you may miss out on something of value, and I do so enjoy a good story.

**Music?--um...that's fairly broad, getting more-so all the time, it seems. Where I live now makes it a little tough; a lot of my tastes aren't....LOL, real fashionable, shall we say, and I don't have a lot of friends that favor in my tastes, so...I tend to do a lot of solo searching for eardrum bliss. There's really no rhyme or reason, I'm more of a song-by-song snatcher rather than a group follower, so...perhaps it would be easier to just put a couple songs down that I could listen to at ANY time. Stumblin' In--Suzi Quatro, Charlotte--Air Traffic, In the End--Black Veil Brides, Banquet--Bloc Party, I'll Take the Fifth--Dallas Wayne, I Want the World to Stop--Belle & Sebastian, For Tonight You're Only Here To Know--The Distillers, Tunnel of Love--Dire Straights, Don't Be Funny--Dragonette, When it Rains--Eli Young band, Crash--Fit for Rivals, Bad Moon Rising--Fogerty, Hurts So Good--Mellencamp, Electric Eye--Judas Priest, Tracks you Left on Me--Ed Bruce, Halfway Gone--Lifehouse, Gimme Sympathy--Metric, Always Love--Nada Surf, 8:00 a.m. Departure--The Perishers, One Hundred Sleepless Nights--Pierce the Veil, She Loves You--The Beatles, But Tonight We Dance--Rise Against, Love Me or Leave Me--Rooney, Nothing--Saliva, etc x 10 to the 31st, or some crap. Obviously, this is one goofy conglomeration. If you can appreciate it...goddamn, that's gotta' mean *something* (feel free to enlighten me as to what, while I muncheth on some, tasty...)

I can't even think of a fraction of it (the music, not the grapes). It's much, MUCH easier to list what I...wouldn't find just groovy, genre-style: not big on rap, industrial, jazz and I can only stand a limited amount of country, as I generally prefer more....I don't know, things of a different tempo (I say this, and the last two nights have been a quest for good 50s & 60s vintage country...go figure!). Country has it's place with me, but it's more specific. Judas Priest (I guess the band, too; they rocked), I don't freakin' know..

**And food; ah, yes, who could forget food. to me is more an energy source and necessary time-out than it is a passion, but I DO love certain foods. Things you can't strike out on; salmon, shark, trout (ok, most fish, those just happen to be some faves), most rice dishes, birds of about any feather, numerous fruits, though strawberries, black berries, blue berries, raspberries....all will be accepted with extra glee, many wild game, veggies such as broccoli....I don't know. I like a lot of Spanish dishes, Italian, some Danish ones, some Asian. I have some shirts that mention things like beavers & clams, so chalk one up for *southern dishes*. Bottom line?..cook it up, and see. If I don't like it, we can always pitch my ass in the kitchen, and see if I start a fire (sometimes I....over do it on the carbonating..)
Six things I could never do without
Oxygen. Nitrogen. Hydrogen. Carbon. Calcium. Sodium. Hell, I don't know, I haven't studied chemistry in close to a decade!! On a more serious note, I can honestly say my children; my true Achilles Heel.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
A great many things. The world. People. The future. What...what I really should be doing, what the hell kind of person am I, etc... I'd like to start getting into things I've never gotten to try before--but I probably spend more time day-dreaming about falling in love (what a dipsh*t, I know... but it DID ask.) I thought commanding a Starship would be kinda' cool, too. It might not always be "peaceful" exploration (coming across a species like ours would make me think, "Sweet priest, oh a couple of centuries, the galaxy will be overrun with these exploitive, enslaving mongrels!!--we gotta' stop 'em NOW!"), but it'd be exploration, that's for sure.
On a typical Friday night I am
glad it's a Friday night, and not a Monday morning. And you?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit that I think deodorant adheres to shaven armpits better?? That in highschool I talked a mentally unstable kid into using Hornet & Wasp Killer on his junk to erradicate some six-legged invaders? Big confession, there. I think this one falls under the umbrella of "Why don't you message me, if you're truly curious?" It would probably help to maintain the aura of...what was it called?--ah, yes, private.

In another frame; obviously, I have children, and they're the loves of my life. I'd really *prefer* not to spend the rest of my days walking the Earth as a single dad, but it has been brought to my educational attention that being a single dad is not like winning the Wimbledon Cup--no one's going to cheer yer ass on, or salute you, maybe not even acknowledge you. So, I am aware of popular preference, I'm also aware it must be like staring into a pond literally brimming with bright silvery fish darting everywhere (not in the pond I'm looking into, though.. What happened to MY pond?? I reflection...and....and that's it? Just a frickkin' black pool of water?? *cynical laugh* Come ON... Awl, that's...that's just special. Truly. *rubs eyes* ..........glances to his left... "What the....?--what the @!#%...???" :-O "Oh my God!!!--Ah!!!!!!!" *tugging on his hair. "I spilled my @#!king hair dye solution in the pond!! Errrrrrr!!!" *bites down on a pencil--HARD. Son of A bitch....looks like it's time to find another pond....... :o/
You should message me if
....if.....Christo's liebe, I'm coming up squinting here. Lets see, if we give free reign to our cynical side, it says'a here: You should message me if you've got the nerve. If the voices inside your head suggest so. If you flip a coin, and Heads lands up or Tails lands down, if economy models, if anything you read here suggests to you a motive, or if you just plain find interest in some of the universe's workings--those dreamer-types are impossible for me to resist..

I guess one of the best and most obvious reasons; if you like an interesting reply. One-liners aren't really my thing--unless it's just THAT dropping your car keys down a storm drain on your first date. Then.....then I'm your man. *o)

PS Here's as good a place as any to mention the peckers. (Got yer attention now, eh?) Yeah...lots of 'um--an absolute schwank-a-thon. Close to two dozen of the feathery beasts. Some of the peckers are rather hefty, some somewhat diminutive, but they all need love. So if you've got pecker/s and love....that's one more good reason to stop by and say hi. No peckers?--no roblem. No love?--no peckers for you.
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