34Aurora, United States
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My self-summary
Update: I have recently finished my masters degree and am in the process of looking for my new career and home. I will likely be moving somewhere out west, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, etc. But for now, I'm still enjoying life out here in Charlotte, NC.

I would best describe myself as a modern southern gentleman. I believe women should be treated with chivalry and kindness, but know they must be whole in themselves to appreciate it. I treat others with respect and expect such to be returned.

I am a self professed nerd and dork, a fool and a goof, and often the butt of my own jokes. I can quote the oddest movies and have a love of fantasy games, movies, and books. My sense of humor can be witty and sarcastic as often as goofy enough to make me face-palm myself. That sense of humor is also how I deal with stress and get to know people, so I hope you're not uncomfortable laughing at your date. I am a student of architecture and philosophy. I will talk for hours about the Lord of the Rings or debate the role of ethics until dawn with great enthusiasm. I'm as likely, though, to sit and wonder at the beauty of nature or the warmth of a friendly embrace in happy silence.

I'm generally a quiet and reserved person. My friends often call me the "nice guy" of the group. That is, however, often interspersed by surprisingly funny or thought provoking comments, or a random call for a road trip to Enchanted Rock because we can. I'm a planner who thinks about the long term constantly. I'm also someone who will change plans at the drop of a hat if the mood suits me. However, even when I'm spontaneous, I'm the one who's always prepared and able to get out of any jam. *tries to resist the boy-scout jokes*

In a relationship, I am part hopeless romantic, part suave gentleman, and part playful lover. I enjoy spending time with those I love, but need and appreciate the personal time we all need to be ourselves. A partnership, to me, is when two are comfortable enough together to spend all day in each other's arms, and secure enough to spend a week apart just to appreciate the other more.

I am looking for a young woman to have fun with, and, perhaps, get to know well enough to have a lasting relationship. I'd like to meet someone I can sit and talk with for hours and hours, until the cafe kicks us out and the sun sends us home. I'd like to meet someone I can sit and hold hands with in happy silence for a 6 hour drive because we can. I'd like to meet someone who is young enough at heart to enjoy the more playful side of life, but mature enough to know the beauty of a simple warm embrace.

There are a lot of other things I could say about myself and the person I'm looking for. But, to be so specific would ruin the hunt. To be so upfront would leave me with no stories to tell. In the end I'm just looking for someone to go camping with....... or the love of my life. ^-^
What I’m doing with my life
After finally completing my Masters degree in Urban Design, I've ended my 5+ year relationship with Charlotte, NC (Sorry, babe, but it just wasn't working out) and move out to the other Queen City, Aurora, Colorado. I'm giving the mountains a chance and looking for work in my field of study in the quickly growing Denver region, hoping to find a place to settle down in the next few years.
I’m really good at
Tooting my own horn is something I'll never be good at. (see what I did there?) But if I must, the things I consider myself competent at beyond the norm....

Home improvement Projects
Logical Discussions
Juggling Devil Sticks
Philosophical thinking
Baking cookies
Reading people's moods and personalities
Listening / consoling
Putting my foot in my mouth
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically? I get a lot of compliments about my eyes.

Otherwise? They first think of me as quiet and soft spoken, until I say something completely random that has us all laughing on the floor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
For books I'm a fan of fantasy and mild science fiction. I recently finished the Whee of Time series. I'm beginning to work on the list of classic books and short story compilations I've been building up over the years, though.

Movies... I've a very wide taste in them. I dislike the awkward comedies (American Pie series etc) and the pop-culture fluff movies (scary movie, twilight). But other than that, I enjoy anything from Monty Python and Shaun of the Dead to The Postman and Finding Neverland. My favorites are Wall-E and Pleasantville, though.

I've not had cable in many many years, so I'm not much on TV. But I did like How I Met Your Mother when I did have cable. And I watch The Daily Show rather religiously.

There is no genre of music which I can not find a song or artist which I do not enjoy. I lean more towards what is recenly being called "Americana" (Muse, Wallflowers, Mumford and Sons) and good heavy rock.

I'm a meat and grains kind of guy when it comes to food. I love pastas and the like. I'll try anything once. I'm getting better at cooking as I get older, too.
Six things I could never do without
Pocket Knife
Good Hiking Boots
Pen/Pencil and Paper
A Good Red Wine
The Ability to Laugh at Life's Misfortunes
Another New Horizon
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where I've been, where I am, where I expected to be, and where I will be in the future. I'm a planner. I'm always looking back to learn, and looking forward to anticipate.
On a typical Friday night I am
I love to have people over for movies / board games and a few drinks. Though I've honestly been taking more "me" time of late, just sitting, drawing, reading, and relaxing. I'm currently working near full time and also doing graduate school, so often Fridays will see me working on class stuff or passing out, however. I'm not much of a "go out" type of person, though I do love to hike when the weather is nice and I'm ALWAYS down for the standards of eating out, catching a play / movie, or similar such if the company is right.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The most terrifying thought in the world to me is that there might a God, and they are all powerful, but they are by no means the kind and good entity we imagine.
You should message me if
You have an infectious smile, a giving heart, and the capacity to love and be loved not in spite of a person's faults, but because of them.

PS. If you are "liking" or "rating" my profile, I can't see that. I'm on the free version of the site. Just shoot me a message, instead. I promise not to bite... hard. >.>
The two of us