34Green Bay, United States
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My self-summary

I have a tendency to ramble on and on and swerve from one topic to the next probably in the longest run on sentence in world history if I'm feeling talkative, in school, so long ago, i was constantly picked on and I think that after I broke over my stigma from the horrors of that, I had all these repressed words that they work the way to the top and spew out...*breath*...
well I thought it was funny, fine I'll be serious, *under breath* for a little while.
I am very happily married to Lillith_Alcea. We have one child on the way. We have a few animals. The list currently is , 1 dogs (one golden retriever, shepherd mix), 2 very cute and trouble making ferrets, and a smattering of fish. My wife has a horse, but I don't much care for riding, that is her thing. She says horses are like big dogs but that doesn't mean I'm gunna go willingly.

I can be bluntly honest with you if you wish. If you want to know more, I'm no longer a mind-reader, please ask if you want to know something.

We are seeking new friends, ones whom would prefer to stay in and play video games or D&D rather than going to a bar or some overcrowded place filled with too many people. Watching movies or anime or sitting around a campfire telling stories or just talking are enjoyable. I find large groups of people as delightful as needles, especially in restaurants and such were a polite level of conversation is not yelling to the person next to you. Maybe my sensitive ears have something to do with that. We don't drink much and drugs are pointless - if that's your thing don't bother, I don't care what you do to yourself I just find sitting in a dark room listing to repetitive music boring as hell.

I tend to be a lousy speller and I'm too lazy to spell check so just real phone-net-ick-lee. It will save us both headaches.

I am laid-back, non-sencical, and dreamer
What I’m doing with my life
Besides working my 10+ hours per day job as a line supervisor at a pizza crust company, I never thought I would end up doing what I swore in high school I wouldn't do, working in a factory and being a leader. Dealing with the "zoo", and having fun with my wife, I'm trying to replace friends that we have lost.
I would love to restart a weekly or biweekly D&D game with people who are not complete free loaders. If your interested send me a message.

I'm hoping a redo of my profile will help people message me.
I’m really good at
I'd say I'm fair at running a D&D game. I'd say I'm good at lightening the mood but then again I'm good at crapping on the party.

I use'ta give out advice and I thought I was good at it but, I stopped that cuz no one took the advice, that and the "I told you so dance" got boring when they end up all "oh you were right I should have listened to you." Damn right you should have, moron. Yes, I'm bitter much.

I"m really good at alienating ppl and creating awkward situations. Also great at flailing around like and idiot, I also feel that it can be fun.

I'd like to say I'm a good cook but my wife is killing me on that front now maybe I should cook more. Hey, anyone like Salsa, no not dancing, stop thinking like that, I maybe nimble for my size but I spent all my points in far more useful attributes then dancing. Not good at that, no.

I have a wealth of arcane, occult and/or useless knowledge I'm happy to spread it with people who are interested.
The first things people usually notice about me
My Wild hair and my insane outlook on life. If not one of those two, probably that I'm chubby or husky, I'm not fat or fat+ (cus I can't spell) I'm just a bit larger then average.(like less then 17 lbs. over I think. (yes, I have poor self image, that is why I hate having my Picture taken. I'm dealing with it.) Hey I'm damned awesome in my own way! Or at least my false bravado helps me with that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: um mostly D&D books, and books on the occult.
The occult and crypto-zoology fascinate me a bit too much.
Movies: I like a lot of sci-fi horror comedy adventurey stuff.
TV: House, Bones, Numb3rs, Most of cartoon network.

Music: Korn is my fav band (Korn should worry Lacuna Coil is catching up fast) but i listen to a lil of everything. I listen to Razor 94.7 on my car radio habitually.

Fuud: I heart food i will try anything once. I love spicy food but lately I've been getting heartburn, depression. Our main food philosophy is throw it in the pot and lets see what happens, been so great ones and sum WTH is it days.
Six things I could never do without
1. My wife - she makes me feel accepeted most of the time and its that little solace that makes me survive this gods-forsaken plane.(I've been a little down lately.)
2.Interwebz - with out it the tasty tidbits of comedy or interaction with ppl, no matter how far away, makes life a little more fun, and you know all the free porn is good too.
3. Anime/manga/a good story - real life is hard enuf for people and a good story or comic makes up for the "sanity" the normal people force on others. I like anime much better then American cartoons, the fall off a cliff and become an accordion of the looney toons baffles me.
4.Um well i thought i had something in here. umm maybe it was umm tacos, yeah tacos
5. My beliefs - I normally keep then to myself because even people who claim to be open minded can be zealots of their beliefs and push them on others.
6. HUMOR - the world needs a leader willing to make light of bad things, its how humans cope. Its pointless to dwell in sorrow (I know what I say is semi-hypocritical coming from me), but politics is such a dicey topic. Probability best if avoided I figure.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my next story for d&d or my next move in life. or random stuff.... PIE and MASHED POTATOES. French TOAST, umm, stop looking at me like that its only food when I'm hungry. Yahoo, Waffles!
I like fluffy bunnies. Hey a shinny!!!!

Getting the point here, my brain is random, I can't help it. Must be my nature.
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing and seeking friends or just on the couch recovering from a long work week. I'm hoping to make Saturday night a regular anime, movies, D&D, Magic the Gathering, or other various fun geek like night. Any takers, it will be a geek haven.
No I'm not gunna feed you, bring a dish or feed yourself. I've been used in the past and maybe lashing out a little to strongly, normally I'm fairly generous.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll admit I'm a bit off my rocker, oh I suppose you figger'd dat out already, huh?
Ok, um I like to pretend I'm evil just to freak people out. But I'm really a good guy at heart. Sept with stupid ppl they deserve my wrath.
I get along better with girls then with guys for some reason but im ok with that cus it usally means there will be ribbon and i love ribbon cus its pure awesome, you car loving guys with your dirty hands can kiss my ass cus just cus i dont wann get durty.
You should message me if
If your looking for geeky friends that are into anime or D&D.

I suppose normal ppl can contact me too.
IF you think you'd be the slightest bit interested, maybe we could strike up a good conversation. You never know.

We are also looking to find a playmate. I leave details blank, ask.
Or if I send you a message, at least message me back and tell me your not interested, its only polite.
The two of us