41Beaverton, United States
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My self-summary
Ok, so I am seeing someone and I am not poly, so looking for friends only. And I don't get on OKCupid much...

I hate these things. So hard to describe one's self. First off, I'm not much poly, and I don't think My SWP(Spouse Without Papers) and I have it in us to be involved in an open poly relationship. I have no problem with the lifestyle, and can appreciate it, but I have very good reasons for not being poly myself. Although I might not have a problem with polyfidelity. Hell, it is hard to explain. Let's just leave it at I am over the casual thing. PLEASE do not message me if you are looking for some poly love, you won't get a resoponse. To show you have read and acknowledged this, please put "I am not a purple dinosaur" somewhere in whatever message you send. Thank you!

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, on with the profile. Hrm. Well, I'm a very eclectic Pagan.... I don't have a problem with other religions, but I'd like to be able to share my faith with the person I'm romantically involved with. I have no problem with making friends with people of other faiths - in fact, I enjoy learning about how others view their faiths, so long as I am given the same consideration that I offer- that either of us may be wrong. I am 420 friendly, mainly for medical reasons. Lessee..... I enjoy challenge, debate, spontaneity, adventuring, the SCA, general all-around fun. Psychology tests are nifty. I have Therianthrope tendencies which is kind of hard to explain. If you're curious, just ask or look it up on th webs. I love laughing about completely inappropriate topics and have the best fun with people who are the same. That being said, I can have a dry sense of humor (Sarcasm is God) that's sometimes hard to get and I often have to be careful what I say around new people. I love quantum physics and string theory although for some reason I can only completely understand it when I am drunk or otherwise... Shall we say of altered conciousness, which isn't often. I keep my mind open and believe that there is more to this world then what is quantified by science and generally accepted reality (And, if you consider the Double Slit experiment, true reality could be far, far different than what we "generally accept," anyway). I'm not shy about calling people on their crap and expect to be called on mine if needed. I accept that just about everyone has some sort of psychological baggage- part of the joy in meeting new people is helping them develop and grow out of their issues (That's the psychologist in me speaking.) I like nothing more then to crawl into someone's head and figure out what makes them tick. I can be contradictory, but I've never claimed I wasn't a wee bit hypocritical from time to time. I don't expect anyone to change for me, nor will I change for someone else. If there are fundamental differences, I just won't date them, though I try to keep people of various mindsets as friends. I try not to take life too seriously. I can't stand stereotypical women- or stereotypical men I suppose. Hell, I don't like most people although I deeply respect my friends and loved ones. I get along better with men then women, so most of my friends are guys. I am a proud red meat eater. Vegetables have faces, too, you just can't see them. If you don't want to kill something, then only eat fruit that's fallen off of the tree/plant... I have complex ideas on vegitarianisim, I suppose. Anyway, if you only eat plants, you qualify as prey. Eee- I'm not so closed minded, really. I'm more curious then a cat and just can't get close to people who aren't the same. Golly, I guess I could just go on forever... not so hard after all.

I am weird, honorable, and curious
What I’m doing with my life
At this time, I am deeply in love with avikingonasled, one of the most amazing people I've ever met (hence the only looking for friends in the profile) - thank you, icebreaker! I received my Associates from PCC in 2006. I am currently taking a break from school before returning to Pacific University to finish my BA in Psychology (one more semester to go!), and hope to get into a graduate program after I get my Bachelors. I am working for my parents at their tavern (no, you cannot get free drinks or a job interview) and am working on building an inventory of hand-crafted items and a clothing line to sell on Etsy.
I’m really good at
writing, sewing, needlework, bead work, tsumami hana kanzashi (google images it), creating functional art, playing with my dog, role playing video games, driving safely, figuring out twists in movies and tv shows before anyone else, having a completely random and uncontrollable near-photographic memory, trouncing idiots with my superior intellect, getting what I want (though I am reasonable about it!), doing what needs to be done when no one else can or will, well. I'm no superhero. I have plenty of faults, too. Like being incredibly shy with people I have never met face-to-face and being a bit of an unreasonable b**** at times.
The first things people usually notice about me
I tend to overwhelm people. I can be loud, insistant, forceful, and argumentative (though I appreciate other people arguing right back.) I also work very hard at finding comprimise and making sure the people around me are happy and comfortable. I do not suffer fools. I sometimes laugh at completely inappropriate things. I'm pierced and tattooed, which looks somewhat incongruous with the way I usually dress. I have been told I am easy to talk to, and strangers often unburden themselves to me, which they claim is unusual for them. I've also been told I have nice eyes, but that was from friends, so who knows?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) it'd be faster to say which books I don't like.... Which mainly consists of formularey writers, such as Stephen Kings's stuff published after the late 80's, Dean Koontz, Mary Higgens Clark, freaky Mormons who think stalking is sexy (VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE!) and most of Anne Rice's stuff. She's a bit too descriptive for me. Currently I am very much into Holly Lisle, Jim Bucher, Charlaine Harris, Terry Pratchitt, Neil Gaiman, Douglass Adams, and wazziz name, the Song of Ice and Fire guy. Next book, please! I used to like Laurell K. Hamilton before her books turned into plotless porn. And bad porn at that. I read just about everything. I have bookcase after bookcase and no room for the new books. I have considered working at a bookstore just for the discount, and have been banned, and yes, I mean literally banned from several libraries due to my refusal to return several books after paying greater than their worth in late fines.
B) Again, movie lover. I like a lot, though my favorites would have to be the Henson movies from the 80's (Labyrinth, Dark Crystal) and their similar spawn- Neverending Story, Legend, Princess Bride. I love Ravenous and Zombie movies. Odd and non-cliche films like The Wicker Man, Stir of Echoes, Fallen, all sorts. I also love history movies- It is fun to point out all of the historical inaccuracies, (like the SCALE MAIL in Legend and the crushed pink velvet in Braveheart! I am such a geek!) and fantasy and sci fi and dramas and.... Um. I like movies. And Anime.
C) Alternative, world music, industrial, German Techno... oh hell, everything but most rap and country.
D) Meat and vegetables. Specifically, cow, sheep, deer, and elk, so long as it is bleeding and barely cooked. I like my meat to scream when I poke it (I'm not just saying that, I'd eat it raw if it wasn't dangerous). Best veggies are broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. I'm allergic to most fruit (except for berries and citrus), raw tomatoes, most nuts, legumes, mushrooms, coconuts, pineapples, anything that comes from water (yes, even seaweed), and a lot of the chemicals used in food, so I usually eat cave man food, and as organic as I can afford.
Six things I could never do without
My ability to do my art, my family (SWP, pets, extended family), my library of books, friends, my computer/iPhone, and my car. Yes, in that order.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The state of the world, how long it would take for civilization as we know it to collapse. What I will do when the zombies finally attack. Why there are so many stupid ungulates out there. If I should have a machete by the door for when the zombies attack. The feasibility of selling all of my belongings and moving to Alaska to raise sled dogs. What I will do if one of my pets needs an operation. If a gun or a blunt object is better for fighting zombies. How old I have to be before I can get a free hover round and take it to the Grand Canyon. When I'll stop making stupid mistakes. How perilous our hold on this technological world is. All the novels I want to write. How to do good in school. Where I should go if the zombies attack. My family. Why people have so many boundaries. Why I can't spell. If some schizophrenics are just natural psychics that ghosts are messing with. If cats are really super-intelligent beings here to take over the planet. How long it will be before we can reverse engineer a dinosaur. What I will do if the zombies can run faster than I can. If people will stop having sex once virtual reality programs can be connected to the brain. Why I remember with perfect clarity the time I was 12 and ran home from school to get a shovel to plant a tree but I can't remember what drugs are agonists to Acetocholine, which I learned last week. Why my dreams are always focused on rescuing people. Why I am so damn scared of zombies. Why so many females freak over their SO's owning porn and yet fail to see that romance novels are chick porn and while entertaining, just as unrealistic. Um. I think too much.
On a typical Friday night I am
Maybe studying, maybe playing pool, maybe camping, maybe watching movies or TV, maybe playing video games or playing board games. Then there is the whole trying to take over the world thing. Ah, things will be so much better when I rule... All depends on the mood. Woo-hoo, spontaneity! Usually, though, it is quiet and not around a lot of crowds.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a total and absolute geek and/or freak. My spelling is atrocious (I'll be damned I spelled it right on the first try!) and I occasionally will say "frakkin" in mixed company.
You should message me if
You've read what I've said and your curiosity is piqued. You are looking for friends and artists to collaborate or just hang with. You are 420 friendly or accepting, and don't mind that it is a major (and fully legal) part of my life. You, too, are a secret fan of Buffy (the series, not the blond bitka), Xena, Dr. Who, Grimm, Dexter, The Walking Dead, and/or Battlestar Galactica. You play in the SCA or are interested in giving it a shot. You are Pagan or religiously malleable. You just about s**t bricks when you found out they are making a Thundercats movie(damn them for sending it to development hell!). You are open-minded and won't think I'm crazy for revealing bizarre-ass theories to you. You can accept that while nothing can be proven 100%, science has shown that the majority of people are born with some degree of bisexuality - except for a small percentage of fully staight or gay individuals. I'm just tired of arguing that bisexuality isn't real, and science is so very on my side. I don't mind being friends with vegetarians or vegans, but I wouldn't want to eat with someone who glares every time I get a hankering for flesh. Ungulates need not apply unless they are non-judgmental. And yes, I get the irony of being judgmental against judgmental vegetarians. Bite me. Last of all, you may message me if you have read the full profile. I know it is long, but if you aren't the type of person to read the whole thing, you don't have the patience to deal with me and my ADHD. There is a message in this profile, easy to find, to show you read it. Last of all, if you comprehend the meaning behind this, believe it, or want to discuss, drop a line: "Ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt"
The two of us