34 Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
I could write that I'm genuine, kind, down to earth, like long walks on the beach (all true, by the way), blah blah, blah, but I'll probably sound like every other guy on here. So, for the sake of standing out a bit, here's 79 reasons to take a chance on the foreign kid from the Midwest (or not, I suppose). If you get all the way to the bottom and still interested, drop me an e-mail. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.
• I have a college education.
• I'm good at fixing things.
• I love coffee ice-cream.
• I don’t play video games.
• I'm kinda scruffy most of the time.
• I take a shower every day.
• I have hair on my body.
• I smile at elderly people on the street.
• I have a dog. He completes me.
• I will eat whatever you cook for me.
• I would love to cook for you.
• I’ve never watched American Idol… or The Voice… or Dancing With the Stars… much like this one, the list goes on…
• I hate it when people mess up ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, and ‘there’ and ‘their’ and ‘they’re’.
• I don’t own a TV.
• I will kill that bug on your wall.
• I will go shopping with you... even though I will probably look for a couch as soon as we get there.
• I’m ok with you having male friends, even though I know you’ve slept with some of them and some of them want to sleep with you.
• I know how to drive stick.
• I don't chew tobacco.
• I put the toilet seat down (please contain your enthusiasm).
• I never do it with socks on.
• I like ethnic foods. And coffee ice-cream.
• I won’t swear around your family
• Sometimes I quote movie lines.
• Your mom will love me.
• I love photography and art.
• I'll make you laugh.
• I make a mean mac 'n cheese.
• I have never been on an episode of Cops.
• Are you seriously still reading this?
• I’m somewhat uncomfortable around little people… I just don’t really know how to behave myself.
• My mom thinks I’m a great catch.
• I'm not clingy.
• I don't really know designer labels, but I’ll smile and nod when you tell me about the latest ____________ Sample Sale you went to.
• I love Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.
• I don’t care about latest Hollywood gossip.
• I have sweet num-chuck skills… bow hunting skills… computer hacking skills… cause girls only want boyfriends who have great skills!
• When I did own a TV, Discovery Channel was my favorite (before they filled it with reality shows).
• I know Valentine’s Day is February 14th.
• I like dark chocolate. Almost as much as coffee ice cream.
• Jealousy is not my forte.
• I like to read.
• I love to travel.
• I have a job.
• I have an accent. It comes out more when I drink.
• I will rub your shoulders and back.
• Summer is my favorite season.
• I am available.
• Boxer briefs.
• I know CPR.
• I will have to watch every Packer game. I’ve lived in Wisconsin for many years. It's required.
• Your dad will like me.
• On our first date I’ll wear my special cologne. It's called Sex Panther by Odeon. It's illegal in nine countries... It's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good.
• Seriously? Still reading?
• This list is the first time I've used the words “Cray Cray” in any context.
• I’m good at keeping your secrets.
• I tend to be a bit reserved in large groups, but warm up to friendly people very quickly.
• I’ve never taken candy from a child.
• I don’t run with scissors.
• You'll sleep better when I'm next to you.
• I know when my mom’s birthday is.
• I eat my fruits and vegetables.
• On our first date we can get coffee. Or ice-cream. Or better yet, coffee ice-cream.
• I will attempt to mess you up when you are trying to keep count (I apologize in advance).
• I come with an extended warranty and limited baggage.
• I don’t have any crazy ex’s.
• I need my alone time.
• I do my own laundry.
• I’m a horrible singer, but if you have an urge to do karaoke, I’ll sing a duet with you and make a complete fool out of myself (can I have a few drinks beforehand, please)
• I probably have an expired food item in my fridge.
• I don’t have any piercings.
• I don’t have any illegitimate children… that I know of.
• I saw “Pretty Woman.”
• Picky eaters annoy me.
• I will still respect you in the morning.
• I have never tried to get out of speeding ticket by crying.
• I don't have a shirtless mirror picture in my profile (sorry to disappoint). But now I have a mirror picture... Whatever.
• I'm good at sneaking food into the movies.
• If you think I’m good at making lists, you are wrong.
• I probably could have done more than 79 reasons, but I got a craving for coffee ice cream and got distracted. By the way, there's a good chance that I made you want coffee flavored ice cream.

Oh right, I nearly forgot… I’m really 34 and I’m really 6 feet tall. I'm pretty friendly and get along with most people. Those are somewhat recent pictures (I have a ton of photos of places, things, other people, and my dog, but typically being behind the camera, I have very few photos of myself.) References available upon request.
What I’m doing with my life
Taking pictures. Figuring out a way to see the world doing that.
I’m really good at
• Capturing moments with my camera (I'm usually my own worst critic, but other people seem to like it, so I guess it's worth putting up here)
• Cooking (even though I don't do it as much any more)
• Noticing the little things
• Eating crazy amounts of dark chocolate and coffee ice cream
• Playing with my dog
• Listening
• Making kids and old ladies smile
• Having random strangers tell me their problems (I guess I have one of those trusting faces)
• Making silly bulleted lists
The first things people usually notice about me
I've never really asked, but I'll start, so stay tuned.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many to list here. And my fingers are already sore from typing the previous list. Just ask me over a beer.
The six things I could never do without
• My camera
• Empty(ish) memory card
• Summers
• My dog taking me on walks
• Dark chocolate... and coffee ice-cream
• Some good tunes in the background

And just for fun, six things I could do without...
• Adolescent girls with "Pink" or other writings on their butts (makes me feel like a pervert when I look)
• Guys wearing sunglasses in the gym
• People talking loudly on their cell phones
• PMS (I know it's not fun for you, but it goes double for us...)
• Guys I don't know calling me "bro", especially if they are over 30
• Drunk 21-24 year olds (I'm 34, but I feel 23... until I'm around drunk 23 year olds. Then I'm like, yeah, I'm 34)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If I’m going to see one more photo of a girl holding a little mustache to her face, I’m going to start posting shirtless photos of myself.

Also, where’s this tiger that every other woman on here had her picture taken with. I want one too!
On a typical Friday night I am
Perfecting another bourbon cocktail recipe with my neighbor. Editing. Checking out a local bar or a show. Playing hide and seek socks with my dog… Is there such a thing as a typical Friday night in New York?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I just purchased my first pair of slimmer fit pants. I'm not quite sure how I feel about them, but I know I need to do a better job of fitting in with the rest of New Yorkers.

**EDIT: most of my pants are slimmer fit or fitted now. I get teased a lot when I go back home to Wisconsin. Just can't win.
You should message me if
If you made it this far, you pretty much owe it to yourself to e-mail me… you are invested.

Also, it wouldn't hurt if you’re warm, passionate, kind, and able to laugh at yourself... and me. When you smile, you smile with your entire body. You’re up for some happy hour oysters but also don’t mind grabbing a taco from a truck, and you are capable of having a conversation that extends beyond the latest celebrity scandal or who you were having drinks with at some club in Manhattan. Oh, and definitely message me if you're Olivia Wilde.

One more thing (because clearly this has not been long enough.) I don’t expect to be everyone’s ideal match with regards to my looks, personality and beliefs. I am totally fine with that, but in the same respect you may or may not be mine. I know what type of personality and traits I’m attracted to and will recognize those when I read your profile (yes, I read your profiles). That being said, please don’t take offense if I don’t respond… it’s not you, it’s me.