34 Washington, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a half-Martinican DC native who grew up in a diverse, silly, intellectual, and musical family surrounded by French Caribbean food and drink (this article provides a pretty good overview of what I grew up eating: http://traveltips.usatoday.com/typical-food-martinique-109626.html). I used to speak French fluently and even thought in French as a child. Now I have trouble holding a conversation but am making a conscious effort to practice it more often—along with sign language, which I started learning with my family). Peut-être tu peux m'aider avec les deux?

Music is the soundtrack to the movie that is my life. Even if I'm not listening to something, you can be sure that I have a playlist running in my mind. I love discovering new, weird, and obscure songs and bands (normal and popular ones too). I used to review albums of all genres for a semi-popular blog. The final hurrah occurred when I was invited to interview a band called For a Minor Reflection at the Ambassador of Iceland's house for a media-only event.

I'm also probably one of the silliest people you'll ever meet. I thrive on spontaneous, oddball humor that gets people laughing (or groaning).

I highly value logic, reasoning, science, and general knowledge about the world and people around me. Stubborn ignorance, lack of critical thinking, and "alternative facts" are some of my biggest pet peeves. But I also try to be as objective and open to other people's beliefs as possible, and I love having science-based philosophical arguments. Hot topic: Do you believe in free will?
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a psychology book editor, which means that I get to tell PhDs how to be better writers (it can be a bit of a power trip at times). I also write for two blogs professionally: one about academic writing style and another about topics covered in the books I edit. Topics I've covered range from the Dark Triad (yes, that's a thing; no, it's not a death metal band) to the proper use of the Oxford commas. I love my career because I'm constantly immersed in fascinating literature, and there's a lot of satisfaction that comes from holding a book in my hands, knowing that I helped shape its contents. I also get to write the description on the back cover, which was actually something I dreamed of doing as a kid. I had some odd aspirations back then… and I suppose I still do.

Despite the fact that I read books professionally, I still do a lot casual reading on the side for both pleasure and intellectual stimulation, which often go hand in hand. In general, I'm simultaneously reading one fiction and one nonfiction book. Some of my favorite web-based reading material can be found at Snopes, Smithsonian.com, Science-Based Medicine, We're History, Atlas Obscura, and The Comics Curmudgeon.

I enjoy being physically active and striving to be fit and healthy. During my lunch break, I'm either taking Pilates and resistance band classes or taking full advantage of my office's free fitness facility during my lunch break. I've also studied various styles of martial arts on and off for over 20 years and am currently practicing Muay Thai. And, yes, I do have a signature move. It's called "The Pickle Foot." The origins of that move are are a tad gross but hilarious nonetheless.
I’m really good at
Brightening up a work meeting or a casual gathering. Ever since I was so high (I'm holding my hand pretty low, just FYI), I've had a knack for entertaining a crowd and getting a bunch of people to laugh. My freshman-year forays into theater and improv have really helped me hone that skill. The "Yes and…" motto is a mantra I aspire to live by in nearly all aspects of my life.

Witty, intelligent banter is a particular strong suit of mine. I'm inquisitive, talkative, and always up for a mentally stimulating conversation seasoned with surreal silliness. I'm quick to crack wise and make funny observations, so I try to work my offbeat sense of humor into any conversation. An English professor once told me I could be a stand-up poetry analyst.

I'm also very good at improvising silly stories on the spot. Give me three random nouns, and I'll come up with something ridiculous and amusing. They often involve a Disney/Pixar-like adventure that's silly and sweet and filled with anthropomorphic animals.

I love karaoke and am known to randomly interject bits of song into conversation. I used to be an okay drummer (never actually played in a band), but I'm out of practice and trying to get back into it.

Voices are another strong suit of mine. In another life, I could have been a cartoon voice actor.
The first things people usually notice about me
People notice that I'm a psychologist, a lawyer, and a veteran of the Israeli military. Well, not really, but I've been mistaken for those things before. I'm told it's because I'm smart and have a "commanding personality." I've also been told that I'm a "health nut" and that I give wise advice. I appreciate the sentiment and am willing to accept most of those compliments (I think the "health nut" comment might be a bit of an exaggeration given my unabashed fondness for carbs), but I'll leave it up to you to determine whether or not those are accurate observations.

Some have also described me as being pathologically honest. I don't know if that's something to brag about, but I have no poker face whatsoever and strive to be very upfront with my thoughts and feelings—tactfully so.

Physically speaking, people tend to comment on my eyes, which can be rather big and expressive, and my "rainbow beard," as my little cousin calls it when I let my facial hair grow out a bit.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Trying to pin down my varied taste in music is like trying to pin down a gust of wind. Good luck. I discover a new artist, album, and/or song practically every day thanks to trifecta of Bandcamp, Spotify, and EveryNoise.com (definitely check out that site; it changed my life).

Here are a few random musicians I've discovered/rediscovered in the recent past: Chelsea Wolfe, Nancy Ajram, Groop Dogdrill, Beach House, P. M. Dawn, Banda Black Rio, The Sword, Laurel Halo, Googoosh, Autolux, I Am Robot and Proud, Jackie McLean, and Avi Avital.

And now the typical, boring lists of favorites…

Movies - Die Hard, 12 Angry Men, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, The Princess Bride, Groundhog Day, Mother, The Avengers, Spirited Away, The Searchers, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Alien(s), and most anything by Quentin Tarantino, Terry Gilliam, The Coen Brothers, Alfred Hitchcock, and Akira Kurosawa

Books - American Gods, The Immortal Iron Fist, Ender's Game, Slaughterhouse-Five, Dreams from My Father, Little Big Man, Mules & Men, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, A Song of Ice and Fire, Passions and Tempers: A History of the Humours, and French comics (Les Aventures de Tintin, Astérix, etc.)

TV - The Walking Dead, The Wire, Bob's Burgers, Day Break, The Venture Bros., Mystery Science Theater 3000, Arrested Development, Cowboy Bebop, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Band of Brothers, Seinfeld, and the original Dark Shadows

Podcasts - The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, Inquiring Minds, TBTL, Slate's Political Gabfest, and Doug Loves Movies

Food - Anything associated with brunch, salads, noodle-based dishes, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Caribbean, Peruvian, Italian, Chinese, and Thai
The six things I could never do without
In no particular order...

1) My life's soundtrack
2) A sense of humor about life's ridiculousness: I find that I'm better at just about everything when I can laugh about it.
3) A breezy, improvisational attitude
4) Intellectual curiosity
5) Self-motivation
6) All the other normal, mundane stuff everyone else lists: friends and family, my iPhone, some guy named "Chester" (seriously, he's popular), etc.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Human behavior and psychology; new exercises to try; awful (i.e., awesome) puns; the eternally present and ever-changing playlist in my mind; strange metaphors and analogies; tangents; the really weird hat that guy is wearing (if only you could see him!); and a huge variety of other random thoughts and observations. For example, if shirtless selfies are awful—I think we can all agree that they are—then would an x-ray selfie be even worse?
On a typical Friday night I am
Going to fight night at my Muay Thai studio, which consists of training, sparring, and maybe watching one or two non-competitive, just-for-fun sparring matches (one day I might get into the ring myself). Then, I sometimes grab dinner nearby and then go home to relax. Saturdays and Sundays are generally when I catch up with friends and family.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a pretty open person, so there are a lot of so-called "private things" I'd be willing to admit. Here's a couple random factoids about me:

- I grew up in a super nerdy family playing complex strategy games and role-playing games with my dad (I still play lots of board games); laughing at horrible B movies; and watching British TV, like Monty Python, Red Dwarf, and old school Doctor Who.

- I don't believe in so-called "guilty pleasures." If something makes you happy, enjoy the hell out of it and don't worry about what other people think (unless your guilty pleasure is puppy punting or something like that). Example: I think Nicki Minaj's music is horrible, but I unashamedly love "Beez in the Trap" and "Anaconda" and will randomly find myself singing bits of them in my head (maybe sometimes out loud?).
You should message me if
You're a smart, witty woman who highly values logic and reasoning, loves to learn, has a philosophical bent, and can be simultaneously funny and serious in conversation.

You are looking for a loving, long-term relationship with a mutually shared sense of secure emotional vulnerability (see this awesome TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability).

You'd like to go for long walks and explore some of DC's hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems. Maybe you'd also like to help me meet my goal of visiting one new city each year (I recently crossed Austin and Nashville off that list).

You love music and would like to share your life's soundtrack with me, and vice versa.

And if you think you can beat me in Scrabble or Bananagrams, I'd like to see you try, he said boastfully.