28Venice, United States
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My self-summary
Well I'm six foot one* and I'm tons** of fun and I dress to a tee***

Just got back on here. Will update my photos soon, but they're all pretty much exactly what I look like right now, so, we can leave 'em for the moment.
What I’m doing with my life
Grad school kicked my ass, so I am on a temporary break from it. I'm working M-F in South Bay as a sub (mm, not that kind ;) ) and driving rideshare to put down extra bills and beer money (are you? Odds are good, millennials! Let's kvetch about this).
I fucking love teaching and watching myself get better at it with every new bit of praxis comes my way. I'm applying to go back to grad school to get the degree that lets me teach full-time, shooting for Fall 2017.

So, realllly enjoying the thesis-free life :)
I’m really good at
Oh shit, my [tab] key JUST started working again??
Wordlessly fixing long-dead keys? I guess?
The first things people usually notice about me
Cool and, but also, excitable
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Little Dragon, MJ, Twin Sister, Schoolboy Q, 70s funk, dad-rock, R&B

Westworld, Steven Universe, Simpsons [S02-S10], Adventure Time

Since I moved out here*, I've been trying to read less white men. 100% of everything written either caters to or is written by white men**, so I figured it would be good for me.
So: hardcore into Annie Proulx rn, who a neighbor traded me after I found out she hadn't read "A River Runs Through It" (the dryest, most Scotch-Presbyterian macho fucking adventure book ever) which she introduces. Haven't read "Brokeback," but "Heart Songs" bangs, you guys. Food, sex, guns, the woods, music, cowardice, avarice, pride, prejudice, and she's jamming it into such a tight space. So, that.

Annie Dillard could write the act of putting granola into yogurt so dizzyingly and sensually you'll think she kissed you on the forehead.
Nell Irvin Painter's History of White People has been really funny and extremely interesting.

Ok also: Vonnegut, obvi, James Baldwin, HST, Tim O'Brien, EB White, Gabriel Garcia Marquez -- basically if you got a lot of hope for humanity and can write rl sexy, hmu authors lol

*Not a real stat
**3 damn years ago

idk man 2016 had some dogshit for movies, but Don't Breathe was wild, Moonlight kicked my butt, the Giant Squid-as-Koko the Gorilla movie was rad. Kubo was alright. Did anybody see Jungle Book? I have it on my HD but I still haven't watched it... Bill Murray's line reading in the trailer kinda broke my heart.
Six things I could never do without
1) self cAre
2) beeR
3) my bikE
4) some dAmn vegetables
5) Like a keyboard or a notepad or a guitar or a video game controller
6) being able to teAch

message me if: you can decode the hidden self-description above.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
NEW YORK, my 1st home. Geography lights up my brain, and thinking about it and moving across it stitch together memories, feelings. I think about how real, physical points of view write your emotional and political ones so often.
On a typical Friday night I am
Since I set up the media fort under the loft, I've been playing a lotta video games. Lately? DHARK SHOULS. Damn game's unlocked the medieval power fantasy "Lord of the Rings" only scratched and sniffed at, and I'm insufferable for it. Zelda for grown nerds, but oh, I love it. Or, on the wiiu, painting the town in Splatoon (get it?)
Very likely alternatives: drinking, seein a movie, on a date, or doing a Lyft session.
You should message me if
If yr a feminist QT
If you're looking for super cool platonic friends
If you are part of the resistance
The two of us