40Kaarina, Finland
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My self-summary
A few years ago I was too certain about what I was. I thought I was too much of an introverted hermit to ever live communally. Now I do, and my view of myself is also much more multidimensional than it used to. But I still have many doors left to unlock, many comfort zones to step out of.

Some random interests: alternative lifestyles/societies, deep ecology, self-sufficiency, high and low technology, human mind, occult, mythology, philosophy, natural and artificial languages, speculative worlds/scenarios, art. Untapped potential and unexplored paths in just about anything inspire me.

I recently encountered the term "apocaloptimist". My view of the future of the modern civilization is rather gloomy, but I'm fascinated by all the possibilities of building something better to replace it.
What I’m doing with my life
I grew up at an organic farm and got sucked into computer programming at the age of seven. In my teens, I noticed that adults often regard sustainable lifestyle and computing as conflicting opposites. Since then, a major quest in my life has been to bring these worlds into harmony. Apocalyptic themes have also been important for me for a long time: I believe that a dramatic downfall of contemporary human civilization is unavoidable and that we should prepare for it by creating alternatives.

For several years, I have been avoiding "big money jobs". Instead, I have been opening doors into possibility spaces I find more relevant. When I founded a hacker magazine two years ago I realized my potential as a kind of visionary leader. I've been planning to reveal some new visions in the near future, hoping that they grow into meaningful projects. Currently working on a project related to neural networks because they seemed like a fascinating technology to get accustomed to.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I usually don't answer this question. Defining oneself by cultural preferences feels somewhat shallow and consumerist to me, and using them as search criteria for relationships even more so.

I mostly read non-fiction more or less related to my various interests.

My quantitative requirements for external entertainment are relatively low, and I'm more likely to relax from my own creative projects than from someone else's. I've been a prominent computer artist in a rather hardcore technical context for quite many years (see demoscene), and I'm much into computationally minimal esthetics in general.

I often need to consciously push myself to consume culture unless I'm with someone else. Even then I try to make the experience particularly meaningful for myself. Experimental, mind-boggling and obscure stuff is inspiring, but I try to be open towards mainstream material as well.
Six things I could never do without
I'm surprisingly adaptive to different material environments. I used to live over a year without running water, for example. My immaterial needs are more prominent: I need enough personal time for my thoughts and creative endeavors, for example.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Quite many things. I like to keep this short list of koans here as I think it tells quite a lot about my general mindset.

- What kind of online trolling is the most useful for saving the planet?

- What kind of fractals sound catchiest when interpreted as music, and how can I find them?

- Is there a universal method for convincing people that the real world is much wider and more diverse than any abstraction thereof?

- Why is it fun to imagine sci-fi settings when walking in the wilderness even though Nature surely is fascinating enough on its own?

- Is it possible to develop "superhuman" mental abilities with specifically tailored video games or constructed languages?

- How much is it possible to reduce the size of the overgrown material economy while increasing people's well-being at the same time?

- Is there anything that our Western civilization can learn from how squids and octopuses experience the world?

- If human beings are becoming increasingly dependent on artificial intelligence, are we going to need artificial wisdom as well?

- What is the most esthetically pleasing way of linking every imaginable thing to every imaginable thing?

- What is the exact mechanism that turns potentially interesting people into boring conformists when they age, and what can I do to disable it?
You should message me if
Human relationships are a chance-taking zone for me, so I really don't want to strictly define what I am supposed to be looking for. I concentrate my willpower on areas where willpower actually matters. So, if you feel like communicating with me, then please do.

I'm not too much into normative categories in relationships (or in anything else, actually). Every relationship defines itself in its own terms.

Still, If you're looking for someone to live in your experimental, self-sufficient, underwater, polyamorous community, then please contact me at once.
The two of us