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My self-summary
In all the world there is nobody like you.

Since the beginning of time, there has never been another person like you. Nobody has your smile. Nobody has your eyes, your nose, your hair, your hands, your voice.

Nobody can be found who has your handwriting.

Nobody anywhere has your tastes - for food or music or art.

No one sees things just as you do.

In all of time there has been no one who laughs like you, no one who cries like you. And what makes you laugh and cry will never provoke identical laughter and tears from anybody else, ever....

No one reacts to any situation just as you would react. You are special. You are the only one in all creation who has your set of abilities.

Oh, there will always be somebody who is better at one of the things you are good at, but no one in the universe can reach the quality of your combination of talents, ideas, abilities and feelings.

Like a room full of musical instruments, some may excel alone, but no one can match the symphony sound when all are played together.

You are special. You are rare.

And, in rarity, there is great value to us here on earth.

Because of your great rare value, you need not attempt to imitate others. You will accept - yes celebrate - your differences.

You are special. And you are beginning to realise it's no accident that you are special. You are beginning to see that God made you special for a very special purpose. He must have a job for you that no one else can do as well as you. Out of all the billions of applicants, only one is qualified, only one has the right combination of what it takes.

That one is you.


You are special!--P.SCOTT

What I’m doing with my life
Your smile awakens my soul, As the sun awakens the day. A kiss and my life is yours, It seems a fair price to pay. Your touch arouses my senses, As the moon arouses the night. Hold me and win me forever, In your arms all things are right. Your heart endures all emotion, As the sky endures all the stars. Love me and we'll have eternity, There is no greater love than ours.When you smile at me,I am walking on the seain breeze soft and free something you do to my heart beating for you from the start.
I'm foolish for you are you a fool for me too?Your essence washes over me,Flooding me with emotion.Your current grabs hold
And tosses me into a stormy sea.Mystery lies deep within,A vast body of life,Where your soul swims with mine,When we touch skin to skin.Your voice calls out to me,Seagulls singing in the ocean breeze,A sad melody of yearning,That longs for a special place to be.With each deep breath I take,Salty tears wrap around me,Longing to be with you,
When I am asleep and awake.Like diamond jewels of the night sky,And grains of sparkling glass in the sand,Your eyes draw me to a place of peace,Where my heart fills with joy and I want to cry.~~P.SCOTT
I’m really good at
LOVING BEAUSE I NEVER LEARNED TO HATE...Your beauty will be everlasting,
without worry of wrinkles or age,
if your loveliness is radiated from
within your heart. Dark clouds will not dull the shine
of a wonderous, beautiful day,
if your path is illuminated by the glow
within your heart.
Possessions will hold their value
and appreciate over time,
if you tally the treasures that lie
within your heart.

Faith will stand eternal
and hold your beliefs in place
if you drink from the well of trust
within your heart

Love will serve you kindly
and keep you ever secure
if you honor the living truth
within your heart...--P.SCOTT
The first things people usually notice about me
You brush past me with such elegance and grace,
As you walk through my garden of love.
The sweet roses in bloom brighten your smile,

And your essence captures all beauty around you.
Your silky hair flows through my fingers
And you seal all happiness by your kiss.
The look you give from your ocean blue eyes
Makes my heart beat stop; then subtly rise.

Indulging in the fragrance you give,
Your voice tingles over my ear lobes
your breath whispers my name
your eyes shine into my soul
as your heart pounds a rhythm in my brain.

Thought has flown away from me
your lips I start to devour
warm slow and gentle now
the way I so desire.

So urgent the need to touch
so longingly I've waited
my need for you so great
passions so long unsated.

Your fingers linger upon my chest
your lips trace a path of fire
music slides up my silky back
as you put my urgency to rest.

Soft howell's floating in the breeze
moans of lovers that we are
sighs of ecstasy we breathe
slightly to be heard afar.

Gently swelling aftermath
still glowing are our faces
doubt upon my face no more
you erased all the traces.~P.SCOTT
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Gentle serenity is what you are, and MY love WILL make YOU feel well above par ... calmimg YOUR pain time and again, serenading YOUR soul and making YOU whole. You are blessed with tranquility, an angelic star - I'LL bring joy and romance wherever you are.
Whenever YOUR feeling lonely Or maybe feeling blue,I''LL think of all the things,All the little things I CAN do. Whenever YOU feel lousy
And seem to have a frown remember all the funny times .And you just turn it upside down.
Whenever YOUR depressed ,And YOU need ME by my side ,YOU'LL remember all the sweet things I say ,To make the sadness go away. When YOU need a shoulder to cry on ,I'LL always BE there Taking away all YOUR fears and loneliness
when YOUR life's a mess. When YOU need a best friend and even someone to love I'LL BE there for YOU, like AN angel from above.SO If ever you need me, I'll be right here, To chase away the sadness, And wipe away a tear. If ever you need me,
I'll be two steps behind, To follow in your footsteps, And hear what's on your mind. If ever you need me, You'll never have to fear, That your presence isn't important, And your love isn't dear. If ever you need me, I'll always be around, To bring back the laughter, Where deep in your heart it's found. You'll never have to worry, For I'll always be here, To chase away the sadness,
And wipe away a tear. I am here for you! --P.SCOTT
The six things I could never do without
You are so amazing
When I look into your eyes
I feel nothing but cravings

You make me feel so ecstatic
Chills rush down my spine
My heart beats fast
I feel warmth throughout my body

All I hope for is just one kiss
Your sweet lips against mine
My arms around you
Holding you until the end of time
but i guess sometimes relationships are like glass.sometimes it's better to leave them broken then to try hurt yourself putting them back together Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.--P.Scott
I spend a lot of time thinking about
To capture her heart, I would have to free her from the spell of walking in the rain,I AM mused, considering the mythical possibilities of a short story around her desires. She was apparently bewitched, through turning her face upwards to watch the raindrops falling, all the while smiling and laughing, a wet equivalent of icarus, flying too close to the clouds. She was nevertheless scanning her surrounds and she had not sought shelter from the rain. And it was then that she saw his form and stopped her playful playing in the new puddles forming around her feet to smile a greeting, her mouth remaining half open in a precarious, ephemeral oval shape.

He looked up at that chirpy sound and gazing around idly, seemed to see in his mind's eye a flutter of movement. It almost seemed to him that she opened her arms and tilted her head back, as if trying to catch every drop. She might be swaying to some internal rhythm, undulating her hips and twining her arms above her head. He beckoned to her and she came a reluctant from her play. Eyes closed, he began to glide his hands down her body, smoothing the raindrops into her skin and dress, wondering if she expected mercy from him.

"Do have mercy,Sir," she murmured, pleadingly. He thought about it for a moment and slowly shook his head, closing his eyes again and remaining dreamily fascinated that his hands cupped her breasts and slid down over her thighs. She begged again and asked how to sway him from the more lurid twists and turns of his imagination as his continued reverie seemed to infuriate her. He smiled, knowing that she enjoyed his musings as much as he did himself as he tried to define her unseeing face and track a raindrop as it hit her bottom lip, then trickled over her chin, down her neck and slowly ran down her chest until it met the swell of her breast and disappeared into the dark shadow of her cleavage.

She whimpered for mercy: "My darling Sir..I will give you anything you want...if you will allow me just a few moments"

He leant forward to take her in more clearly and mused to himself as to whether to allow her the prerogative of dallying. Just then he took a quick look around, then in one quick movement grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head.

"Ohhh, I dead," she surrendered, moaning in pigeon English. He cleverly managed to get the hem all caught up in typical male fashion, thus giving her a little time to gather her thoughts and smiled

"Nice moan."

"I'm in trouble here......Aren't I?"

He wondered whether to get out of trouble she could perhaps stretch her body, arching her back and clearly enjoying the feel of the rain on her skin. She reached up long arms and extended her body, allowing her breasts to perk as the dress rode up. His hands stroke over her body again but slower this time, and he was lingering more each time at her breasts. He could almost clearly see her nipples hardening and he began to tug and twist the hard nubs. Her hands moved down on his shoulders asking for a harder pinch, with those self same pleading eyed. Harder and harder he massaged her breasts and soon he could hear her gasping with each caress.

"Ah...Ohh.....yess....Oh..thank you..Sir.....," she groaned as she sank to her knees as if she could no longer stand, then he pushed her back to leave her sprawled on her back, writhing as he rolled her nipples between his fingers. She turned her full attention to him and away from the gathering clouds, felled by this passionate act.

"Forgive my distraction at the seasons,Sir, " she begged.

"Forgive the wench - never," he would not be brooked by any contradiction in this and turned her over brusquely. He beat a sound tattoo on her exposed rump and then allowed... (Ahhhhh!...Ohhhh...Sir... Ooowwweeee!) ..."you will suffer more anon for that distraction pet".

He allowed one hand to drift down over her stomach and slid between her legs as she spread them wide. At the thought of that haven he groaned involuntarily, her bottom cheeks stinging and warm. She lay blissfully in the languorous pleasure of his touch, letting it rather than the rain wash away the pain.

"Thank you, Sir," she exhaled softly as his fingers slid between her thighs to recommence stroking. Her full head of hair fell around her head and her dark eyes gazed up at him. The fever of her skin, radiated against him.

"You are good to me you are, Sir"


Please bring the summer shower again...," she pleaded, "and with it...your thunder...and your"

"Make you scream in the stream?"


"Squeak in the creek?"


"Is my torrent that abhorrent?"

"Shut up,Sir! Just carry me down with that wash. Take away my expedite your pleasure Sir."

Soon her gasps developed into moans as he rubbed her himself, his other hand still busy with her breasts. Obviously needing more she spread her legs wider and he slid a finger deep inside. He knew her heart and she heard his voice rise up in herald of pleasure's release. In no time at all (Ahhh....Ohh) her hips were bucking and pressing, her juices were flowing and her need was growing. He watched the fingers sliding in and out, observing calmly that she was wet with more than rain now.

She tossed her head in silent pleading, her face flushed and tense with orgasm teetering deep in her loins. He slid another finger in - then another - his thumb stroking between her bottom cleft, teasing her bud as she lay there balanced between heaven and hell. She waited for his word, the shrill cries growing high pitched as he played with her while she bucked her hips.

"Now you may stiffen, sweet slut," he allowed, letting her back arch up off the ground and envisage her tightness clenching around his fingers and the flood of moisture trickling down her thighs. She opened her legs wide, reigning her pleasurable release in, knowing better than to ride that wave of elation without permission. He watched her sprawled on the grass his permission in his words and she realising this allowed her breathing to become ragged, followed by a silence and a tight tense stop. In the pause he took another long look at that lovely body, watching her stare, followed by the slow closure of eyes as she entered sub space.

He lifted his hands to her shoulders to hold her trembling form, listening to her heart pounding in my chest, holding to him tightly, eyes glazed. His lips curve into a smile as he watches and waits for her release to fade away, watching the pert tongue licking dry lips, dried by hot breathing as arms relax and fall to the earth. Having accomplished that satisfaction she craved, her eyes are misty in the afterglow. She regards him lovingly as he feels the palpitations of her soft breast, allowing her mind to clear a little with the pumping of her life blood through that tender heart...

...And now, later, she sighs in his arms, recovered again as he holds her, such a light burden, such a delightful sweet soft form of unimaginable grace. She lies still, a fallen dove not wanting to disappoint. Her lips quiver a bit, her eyes are downcast. He sees in her a gentle trusting package with such wide eyes and such kissable lips and lays her down on a quilted bed, spreading her limbs to prepare her for future delights.

Now that the dream of raindrops that swept her into his arms is forgiven, she lets him take her down, and lie there, pressed in the coverlet soft. The mirrors are her eyes but the arrow of self retribution is still lodged in her heart. He traces the blemishes on her naked skin, finding no blood, just mere scratches from the gentle whipping her Master has just inflicted on her. The pain can be kissed away by his soft lips, as her eyes fall closed and a single silent tear, traces to the far ear, and hides in its bowl.

She blinks her eyes open, and on her face she pulls the still, quiet, soft surface, determined to shelve this now, and be as he wishes -perfection from this moment on. He sees a prickle or two from the rose switch he cut specially for his love and now he has other devices to make her squeal gently into his thrusting chest as he lays half upon her and slowly eases open the blue gown. She feels his weight upon her, and the secure strong place it denotes, where she can hide her soul. Quiet now are her arms, and legs as the bows of an elm, silent in a breezelessstill and morn.

He pulls back her silks to reveal those soft peaks of desire, those proud pink turrets of endless erotic prospect, those rounded hills to be traced and plowed by the furrow of his fingers. The light of his gaze, dawn upon her now, his warmth is as the rays of the sun on a still sea, for she does not move. He watches the rise and fall of that lustrous bosom, so eminently desirable, such an attainment to have achieved, on this breezeless immobile captive wench of his.

His sunny desire throws a pink hue across the clouds that hide her cheeks, hide her chest and in the valley of each breast's rise. But the valley lays practically still, that he may take to his good pleasure. He lays his palm across that exposed bosom to shield her from sun's harsh rays and watches the brightness of her pleading eyes. Her heart wants only to give. Her need to provide has raised itself up and is known to him, oh yes he has certainly captured her heart...~~P.SCOTT
On a typical Friday night I am
On a summer's day long, long agoI fell in love and I'll never know Just what it was that made me feel So drawn to her, what the appeal,That set my pulses so to race
When e'er I gazed upon that face,Of one who was scarce but a child,Yet even then could drive me wild,I'll never know the how's and why's,I lost my heart to her brown Eyes
But when I got that long sought kiss,I knew I'd found my Perfect Miss
princess girl from down the lane,And I'll never let her go again,For how could I describe our love?
Romantic love, all hearts and flowers,No way to count the days and hours,Spent in self-indulgent wishes,And thoughts of long awaited kisses,Of sweet embraces, tender sighs
And gazing into love filled eyes,Oh yes, it is that kind of love,Or, is it yet the love of passion,The ecstasy that knows no ration,That shuddering nerve-tingling feeling
The climax with your senses reeling,The wondrous joy when you discover,That sweet surrender to your lover,Oh yes, it's that kind of love too.Or even yet a love that grows
One that cares and one that knows,That sees beyond the outer skin,Into the person deep within,That loves the spirit and the soul,The inner self that makes the whole,Built on trust and empathy,A love you know was meant to be,The love we share is all these things
A love that has no need of rings,A love you never need to doubt,A love I cannot live without,A love to last us all our days,A love I'll share with you always I've made a vow, to no one but you,I pledge my love to forever be true,I'll take care of you and treat you right
I'll lay beside you all through the night,I'll feed you and clothe you and keep you warm
I'll hug you and kiss you and give shelter in the storm,I'll help you and guide you and clear a path,I'll protect you and shield you from an angry man's wrath,I'll listen to your problems help you solve them too,I'll make you a rainbow and let the sun shine through
I'll take your side even if you're wrong,Just to prove our love is strong,I'll plant you flowers and make them grow,They'll be a symbol of love that only we'll know,I'll whisper your name when no one is near,So low that only you can hear,You'll feel my love even if we're apart
You'll know that we are one in heart.All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart,
And for us to be together, to never be apart.No one else in the world can even compare,
You're perfect and so is this love that we share.We have so much more than I ever thought we would,I love you more than I ever thought I could.
I promise to give you all I have to give,I'll do anything for you as long as I live.
In your eyes I see our present, our future and past,By the way you look at me I know we will last.I hope that one day you'll come to realize,
How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.--P.Scott
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My jaw almost dropped when I saw you get out of your car. you were wearing this nice pair of demin pants that highlighted your nice shape and showcased your also wore a tight fitting shirt that almost made my eyes pop out because definitely displayed your delicious breasts.
you came over just to hang out and watch a movie, but I did wonder what else would happen that night.
I hugged you as you came in and sat down. We talked a while and then started the movie. I was feeling a bit bold so I put my arm around you and you didn't back away,you leaned into me and made herself comfortable. Through the movie, I would look down at her and marvel how wonderful you look at and to be honest I was getting turned on. I don't think you noticed but if you did you were letting on. I would occasionally rub your side and pat your back but I never tried anything else.
After the movie,you didn't move and I wondered if you fell asleep. I looked at your face but you were awake. I pulled you closer to me and you didn't move away. I gazed into your eyes and before I know it the words came right out of my mouth, "I could kiss you right now."
you just smiled and said,"Why don't you?"
That was all I needed to hear. I leaned over and kissed you. I felt my body just melt as our lips met, our mouths parted and I slid my tongue into your waiting mouth. I probed deep into your mouth with my tongue and tingled with excitement when I felt your tongue tap and slide over mine. We kissed for a longtime. The kisses were long, passionate and so enticing. I moved from kissing your mouth to placing kisses all over you. I started by nibbling on one ear, kissing and licking down toward your neck, under your chin and up the other side to your other ear. I then whispered, "Want to continue this in the bedroom?"you didn't answer,you just got off the couch and started walking to the room. As you walked to the room, I followed you and looked at your great backside. What a shape!
We both climbed into bed,you laid back and I moved to kiss you. We kept on kissing but I let my hands start moving all over you. I touched your legs, rubbed your arms and kissed your sholders through your shirt. I couldn't stand it no more, I began to pull your shirt helped me pull it off and then you reached behind you and unhooked your bra and took it off. I gasped as I saw your incredible breasts revealed from behind the bra. As you laid back down, I started to kiss and suck your tits. So big and round, I kissed and licked your succulent tits all over. I let my mouth kiss every square inch of you that I could. My tongue searched for your nipples. I delicately flicked my tongue over your nipples and then I covered it with my mouth. I sucked a little harder and moved my tongue around as I did. I looked up to look at your face and I smiled when I saw your eyes closed and your mouth open. I could feel my self getting extremely hard and excited.
I moved back up as I placed light kissed on your shoulders and neck. I then asked you, "If I promise not to hurt you can I blindfold you ?"
"Of course you can," is all you said.
I pulled out a blindfold and had you put it on. I then asked you to lay back down. .
"I have to get something from another room," I told you.
"What?,"you asked.
"You'll find out soon enough. Don't worry I won't hurt you."
I came back with my surprise and placed it by the bed. I then started kissing you again. I started to move down your body with my kisses. I once again paused to kiss, touch and suck your tits. I went lower and kissed your stomach, leaving wet trails over your body. I started to unbutton and unzip your pants. Slowly I pulled them off and smiled as I looked and your beautiful body. I then pulled off your under-wear you were wearing.
Without saying anything, I was so turned on at this point, it took everything in me to keep from ripping off my clothes, getting on top of you and making mad passionate love to you. Instead I remained calm, took off my shirt and pants. I started kissing your stomach again and slowly I worked my way down. I kissed the area above your lovely bush. I took a big sniff of your scent. I love your womanly smell.
I didn't stop, I licked your thighs and kissed them. I moved closer to the wet spot between your legs. I couldn't hold back anymore. Gently with my fingers, I rubbed your wetness and then I lowered my head between your legs. Slowly and lightly I flicked my tongue over your pussy. I licked your wet lips and I opened you up with my fingers. I tasted the inside of you. It was a wet and slightly sweet taste but it was good. I kept on letting my tongue and mouth move all over your moistness. I could feel you breathing hard, which only turned me on more.
I moaned and groaned as I kept on eating you out. I could feel your breathing pick up and your body start to shake. I positioned my mouth over your clit and nibbled let out a cry of ecstasy as my tongue passed over your clit. I licked it faster and faster and I could feel you begin to let out cry after cry of passion. I could feel you getting wetter as you came. I closed my eyes and kept on at it. I was enjoying this as much as you were.
After you climaxed I said,"Now it is time for my surprise." you didn't say anything as I reached for the bottle sitting on the nightstand. I opened it and let the syrupy liquid drip on your naked body.
"What is that?" you asked.
"Honey'', honey," is all I answered.
I let the honey drip all over your body, over your tits and down to your stomach. I put the bottle back and then started cleaning up your body with my mouth and tongue. I licked up the honey from your neck, kissed it off your shoulders and took my time cleaning every drop off your breasts with my tongue. I nibbled and licked my way down to your stomach and got every drop from there. After I was sure I licked up every bit, I reached for the bottle again.
This time I poured it out just on your nipples and breasts. I rubbed it all over your mountainous boobs and the began lapping up everything I poured out.
At this point my mind was swimming. I couldn't contain myself anymore. I pulled off my shorts, positioned myself on top of you and put my rock hard cock into you.your wet lips felt good around me as I plunged as deep into you as I could. I let out a moan of pleasure as I started moving in and out slowly. As I thrusted in and out, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of your wetness on my hard cock.
I then looked down at you and your body move with each of my pumps. I then looked down to see myself moving in and out of you. Then I lowered my body to yours. I wanted to feel the fullness of your tits against my chest. I put my mouth to yours and we engaged a long wet kiss. I continued pumping my cock into you as we kissed. My tongue moved in and around your mouth trying to match the rhythm of my thrusting.
I couldn't take anymore, I felt the build up start. The tingling sensation started and I started to moan. "Oh babe,oh babe" I yelled out. I held back as long as I could but then with a burst I cried out and let everything that had built up out. I could feel my self cumming into your deep wetness. I pumped until nothing else came out and I lost my hardness. I leaned down again to kiss you some more.
Spent, sweaty and tired, but satisfied, I got off you and unblinded you. We snuggled up to each other and I asked you how she liked gave me an answer and I started thinking how you would like strawberries and whipped creame then i woke up it was a dream.--P.Scott
You should message me if
IF YOUR... Love is a feeling that will never died away between us but only became more
stronger then life itself.I canʼt honestly express the feeling I have
Iʼve tried looking for the right words but thereʼs nothing I could find.
So here I am, sitting and thinking of you.
The most wonderful thoughts come to mind for this is what you do.

Someday again you will get to see how you make me smile,
how you always bring me happiness and make me feel worthwhile.
I fell so deeply hard for you and have cherished every moment since.
All that I hope and wish for is that one-day you'll let me be your mate.

There is always a day just before night, with star filled skies that shine
so bright.
When you look up and theres no stars to see.
Know that they are always there for you just like I will always be there for

Someday soon where the rainbow lye's, there you will be right before my very
I will hold you close and whisper three little words.
Words you have been longing to hear yet have always heard.

I couldn't possibly think of anyone for me but you.
Look deep into my eyes and you'll see in my heart its true.

Just before sleep I lay and pray.
I pray that one day you'll walk my way.
Down the aisle in a beautiful white dress and then off to our have to imagine the rest.

I will wake every morning before you rise and watch you sleep.
Before I am off I will make you breakfast in bed and set a flower on the
I will give you all that I have, and then give you more.
I long for those moments you greet me at the door.

You need not worry how time flies fast.
For all the years to come our love will last.
I imagine your big sweet smile and your cute little nose.
How beautiful you are from the inside out from your head to your toes.
So my sweet love; remember my words and know that all I say is true.
Because when I think of heaven, all I can think of is you.'' with all my
love to you''.--P.Scott