25Stanwood, United States
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My self-summary
I've lived in this area for about 3 years, but my hometown is about 2.5 hours south of here. I don't know many people in the area so I'd love to make some new friends! I'm a huge geek and I love computers, video games, anime, cartoons, and science. I also love spending time outside hiking, camping, and things like that.
What I’m doing with my life
I recently took my two and half year old niece in after my sister passed away. There's a VERY good chance I'll be adopting her in the next year-ish. I am NOT looking for someone to be her parent. In fact, if we started dating, you probably wouldn't meet her for a while. She's been through a LOT of trauma and needs stability in her life. I wouldn't introduce you to her unless we were in a committed relationship. If you aren't okay with the fact that I have a toddler, don't message me. I totally understand if it's a deal breaker for you; just don't tell me that it is after we've already gone out.

I own a graphic design business, but I've put it on hold indefinitely to focus on other areas of my life. I'm currently working as a security guard at Menards while going to school.

I'm double-majoring in Forensic Biology and Industrial Chemistry Technology at Ferris. My minor is Criminal Justice. I love learning about anything and I highly value knowledge and intelligence.

I spent two weeks in May 2013 on a study abroad trip in Germany and Austria. It was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to go back someday! I could write a book on everything I saw, experienced, and felt while I was there and I don't want to bore you all, so suffice it to say: IT WAS AWESOME.

Grades are very important to me and if you wouldn't be okay with me spending most of my time on school and work, then just click the little X at the top of this page. I've had relationships end in the past partly because they weren't happy that I couldn't see them everyday. I am NOT a clingy/needy person and I live my own life. My partner is an addition to my current life, NOT a replacement for it.
I’m really good at
I have a lot of interests and a lot of things I'm good at. One of my greatest talents is graphic design, which I why I chose that for my business. I'm also a pretty good writer, poet, and artist; I make jewelry, scrapbook, and do recycling crafts as well. I run a blog called The Kitschy Queen which documents my various projects and escapades. Another thing I'm pretty good at is computers; I fix them, organize them, and do just about anything that needs to be done. I'll be honest, I'm pretty good at being an all-around know-it-all, haha. Some of my friends find it funny to post "facts" on Facebook and tag me in them just to get me to correct them. I've been referred to as a "female Sheldon" on more than one occasion; you'll only get this reference if you watch The Big Bang Theory.

Also, I love to cook and bake. I'm always making elaborate meals, baking bread, and making delicious desserts. I love having someone to cook for and I usually give my creations to coworkers, friends, and family.
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically, people always tell me I have beautiful eyes.

People tend to notice how weird I get around friends and family, but also how mature and caring I am. My entire life I've had people tell me that they can't believe how mature I am for my age. My mom jokes that I was born middle aged, haha. That's not to say I don't like to have fun, but I'm responsible about it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have a really hard time choosing favorites. I don't really have a favorite anything! I read so much, I could never choose a favorite book; I like so many movies, but some of my favorites are Repo! The Genetic Opera, all the Batman movies, Interview with a Vampire, and ohmygosh there are too many! I get free cable where I live, but I don't use it. I prefer to use Netflix, buy the shows/movies I like to watch, or just watch them online. I don't like cable because I like to be in charge of what I'm watching. Some of my favorites are Doctor Who, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, True Blood, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Fringe, Dexter, Bones, Pokémon, and Naruto (see, I told you I can't really choose favorites!). I listen to literally all music; my favorite kinds of food are Asian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern.

Oh, and my favorite colors are teal and yellow.
Six things I could never do without
6. Something to write with/on.
5. Intellectual stimulation.
4. Puns.
3. Books.
2. My glasses.
1. My cats.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything! I'm literally always thinking. I think about weird, random things, mostly. Within a day, I may think about books, music, the meaning of things, religion, politics, and quantum physics. I tend to know a lot of random facts and I have a hard time not expressing them - hence the "female Sheldon" thing I mentioned earlier!
On a typical Friday night I am
It depends on the night. I may be working, reading, playing video games, watching tv, studying, or doing homework.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a lot of self-confidence issues, but I've been working on them and I'm in a much better place than I used to be.
You should message me if
I used to leave this pretty open-ended, inviting anyone who was interested to message me. Unfortunately, I now have some conditions that I'd prefer a person to meet. Most of these I think should be able to be left unsaid, but I was sadly surprised. So, you should message me if you meet at least most of these (and like my profile, of course):

-You have decent grammar and spelling abilities and choose to employ them on a regular basis.

-You like cats. Not just tolerate, but like, or even love, them. I am a crazy cat lady and if you don't like cats, we will not work out.

-You have your own transportation, a source of income, and a solid place to live (i.e. Not couch-hopping or crashing at a friend's place).

-You are willing to at least go dutch on dates. I was very surprised at how many people expect me to pay when we go out.

-You know what a pun is. If you think they are hilarious, you get bonus points. Cause puns are the best.

-You will at least listen to my terrible jokes and pretend to laugh.

-You aren't freaked out that my goal in life is to work for the FBI or some similar agency.


-You have terrible grammar. If I have to work to try to decipher your message, I definitely will not reply.

-You live more than an hour away and aren't willing to come to see me the majority of the time. Because I can't afford the gas to drive more than that regularly.

-You hate cats. Just thought I'd reiterate this.

-You are in a relationship and looking for a "third wheel". Being bisexual does NOT mean that I am looking for casual sex with you and/or your significant other. Because I'm not. I'm looking to find the person I can spend a very long time with. Like forever.

(I've had hate messages about that final condition, so I guess I should clarify: I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with polyamory! I actually fully support it between consenting individuals. I have, in fact, been in several polyamorous relationships in the past (twice as a teenager and once as an adult). It's just not what I'm looking for in life at this point. I want to find ONE person to, hopefully, spend the rest of my life with.)
The two of us