30 Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Dating intentions: It is not your job to make me happy, nor is it my job to make you happy. I'm seeking a relationship consisting of whole people sharing aspects of their life with each other. You are free to be the person you want to be. I'm wanting more out of life and striving for what is better on a path of and towards well being.

I just got a great job on a lavender farm that is challenging me while working within my field of expertise.

Jill stein is awesome.

I have found spirituality is something one can only do for themselves. Religion can be a great foundation or a school win which to learn. I'd love to talk about our spiritual experiences and understandings.

Older stuff:

I"m gluten free and like to eat meat.

I study Spirituality, physics, science, geo politics, conspiracy theories, Permaculture and organic farming.
I play soccer and love it.

I work at Oregon Country Fair on Recycling crew for 8 years now.
I'm an Aries/Pisces cusp with a Leo Moon and a Leo Rising. (Fire! Fire! Fire!)
What I’m doing with my life
Life is my adventure. Reality is so much crazier than any story ever written. I do get out and do stuff, but my adventure is to aid in planetary healing primarily with farming, spiritual and business practices. I constantly am figuring out how to help plants, animals, people and places with my various skills. I work 7 days a week to make my life better and Earth a better place to live for every being.

I'm developing several different entrepreneurial ventures right now that all interface with each other. I'm developing a permaculture farm, community, consultancy, and education center, but just starting on this land.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I always hold personal interaction as a higher priority than TV. I do really like the medium of TV. I really like Star Trek, Doctor Who, Stargate, Being Erica, Parks and Rec, Fringe, Warehouse 13, the 100, blacklist, Colbert, broad city, Amy schumer Comic book shows and many more pretty much any good Sci-fi or comedy, and some action/adventure.

I also watch spiritual/science videos which include Keylontic studies, permaculture, nutrition, and anything from which i can learn and become a better. I only read non-fiction for the most part. Reading is primarily a utilitarian effort for me.

I love food so much. Healing foods are the focus of my diet. Fruits and vegetables are huge in my diet. I do love my meat as well. I try not to spend any money on non-organic food. I really value healthy tasty organic foods.
The six things I could never do without
Personal/spiritual growth and learning
Passion for manifesting a world and better future
Delicious healing foods, herbs, and people
Participating in one of the many flows of consciousness like soccer, music, designing healing ecosystems, and other delightful cocreative interactions
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I want the world to be a better place. I want to plant trees and green the deserts, love away the pain, and grow food for all the humans and animals alike. There is plenty for all, management is limiting the access to resources thus further limiting the healing elements.
On a typical Friday night I am
If there is a typical, then I'm doing something wrong.
You should message me if
I"m looking to meet new friends, and network with awesome people and some casual dating. I want to go out for drinks or coffee/tea and talk in person. I don't want to spend a bunch of time chatting online. I want to have real interactions and real relationships. I like to use this find people to form connections with. I want to hang out in person, all communications is to interact in person.

I'm open to both polyamorous/non-monogamous and monogamous relationships. Not all relationships are the same. I want a meaningful connection and i will respect what develops.

I'm also looking for friendships with people who are changing world by changing themselves. I want to align with people who care about each other and the planet. Blessings