55Marinette, United States
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My self-summary
Before you continue on things about me.
Let's first ask you some things before YOU go any further!

Do you find your self ALWAYS looking for that "Good Looking" guy, who in turns, (After finding him) treats you sweet, butter balls you up, and then X number of weeks/days/months down the road he finds another (Better Looking Sweety Then (YOU), and breaks your heart to throw it all away only to cheat on you, and leave you destroyed?

I have came across many profiles here that women refer to themselves as not being "Barbie Dolls". Well keep in mind one thing: There are many of US GUYS, who are NOT "Ken Dolls"...

So, Are you looking for a "Good Looking Guy" OR looking for a "Ken Doll"?
Are you looking for a man that cares more about "LOVE" inside, VS what you have become to be treated like many times before by the "type" above?
Type Above - AKA: JERKS...

Well, IF your looking for only the "Good Looking Guy" OR "Ken Doll". Well keep moving on down the road then, and get your heart broke AGAIN.
(Because you wont find either here.)

However: Are you looking for the guy who knows about honest open love IN-SIDE? AKA: The "Other Guy".

Like your self in many ways who always gets hurt. You know who you are, and then the "so so good looking guy" who comes along, takes my sweety away, and I get MY heart Broke....
Sounds familiar to you eh?

Are you just SICK OF being treated like last weeks old newspaper?
(Well then you came to the right profile.)

I AM NOT a JERK (Though can be, if/when needed to for self preservation), NOT A PERV, and I AM the age I list above. I AM NOT an OLD DIRTY MAN either.
I am a very open minded guy, who has LOTS to give in ways of understanding about feelings.
I AM the genuine real deal!


Could you fall in love with (care about) SHREK?

Disclaimer Here: I am in no-way affiliated with, or am associated with any of those who are licensed with the creators of the character named "SHREK", it was/is intended for reference purposes only. SHREK is a TM, registered name/film.
All rights reserved by other party's.

SO, Could you? IF YES: (Well then you came to the right profile.) If NO: Well then move on to find another.

Heard of beauty and the beast (same disclaimer as above, names different though), well I am looking for my beauty within another. (Well then you came to the right profile.)

Do you want to be loved/healed/inspired in side first (I am talking about the heart/mind/ and pain in side) above all else?
(Well then you came to the right profile.)

If your looking for money, free ride, (part time only) daddy for your kid/s, free place to lodge and run rampant.
Well then you came to the wrong place. Move On...

NOW, IF, I have your attention, read on for more.
(Thank You For Your Time)

Anyone hungry For Passion?

Are You Starving Without Romance?

Do You Crave Affection And More So Mental Stimulation?

I'm Betting You Need Your Senses Jump Started Eh?

Hmmmmmmmm, Just where to begin.

Well, I am not to thrilled over doing this. I am sort of on the shy side. I find that it would be more helpful IF one could be read in the inside for who they are VS look at outside and keep going.

I guess we have to put SOMETHING here to help know more about the INNER ME...

Well OK, hello, I am "Wanting Another"...

Dont we all want that? I DO NOT like typing much, well OK honestly, dont care about it one bit.

I PREFER TALKING rather then typing. Besides, when two "TALK" together, you can feel out your feelings between each other way better.

Rather then words placed in some sort of media placement Paper, Ad, Forums, Blogs, and such things called "Dating Sites". Wait! Ahhhh, Yah, OH _ OK, Yah, this is a DS... "Coughs", Anyway..., so here I am....

I could post. I like birds, fishing, swimming, and La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La and tons of other things - BORING...

Lets GET REAL HERE. More so and honest... The plain truth were ALL HERE, is our lives are SAD, Lonely, and pathetic. (I'm referencing to OUR LOVE LIVES! So don't get your undies in a bundle!...)
ALWAYS thinking about the What IF'S and the Why NoT'S, and the Why For's in life...

The other BIG one, is TRUST! Yah, "Me To", I ask what is that? Laughs Here... :-)

So, before I continue, (Reason I do not have a picture up), I am not very comfortable doing that.

SO MANY folks can be so cruel and mean, as well, is it NOT suppose to be - what is on the inside that counts? Right? Or is it about what one looks like?

Well OK, to those who have MEN/WOMEN plowing you down to get to you, because your a soooooo sexy lady OR a hot cutie guy. PLEASE give me a break...

I am not either, but I know about love way more then some of the best looking guys out there. I am sure women (as well guys reading this, least I hope its not guys, lol), can say they have seen some women, AND MEN for certain. Just how they treat there other important one like dog food. Just because they can get anyone they wish to.

BUT, here in the REAL WORLD, its about those who have been badly hurt, rejected, abused, treated like yesterdays garbage, among the TOP ONE having your heart broke, and trust destroyed... Yah I know, Boooo Hoooo, WAAAAAAAA, cry me a river, here's a napkin.

BUT, I want to be open here, and say whats on my mind. So, did you know? In life there are sad stories, and then there is being honest. Which do you want? Honesty, or a sad story? Well, many times, the truth IS a SAD story, rather then fuddy duddying around the facts.

A LOT of us are not getting any younger, what is it do WE really want in life? Well I KNOW what the TRUTH is WE ALL WANT..., TRUST, Love, to be wanted, and MORE SO to be needed. Loyalty, a partner, someone who UNDERSTANDS that life IS NOT FAIR, and about BILLS.., AKA: RESPONSIBILITIES!...

Yah, the Bills and responsibility part/s SUCK, BUT Grow UP IF you have not yet GOT IT.....

I am looking for someone that is INDEPENDENT, who has an income of SOME KIND, well OK an legal kind of income. And has things like Rent, Bills, and so forth. I do not mind if your on some sort of SSI, or SS, or WHAT-EVER, As long as you understand about life.

Life is NOT a FREE RIDE... It takes lots to do that, but having a PARTNER in your life, well besides FUN, Laughter, and someone to CRY WITH, and makes life a bit easier, sure is appealing to me, is it to you?

I have my OWN home I live in, pay my own bills, and the thing that's missing is the "Other Partner"... Yah, I know some can say; partner? What you starting a business or what!?

Well, Life's a challenge enough BY IT SELF! BUT, having another (Wanting Another), DOES HELP... Besides, if ONE was paying for everything, how could they buy there "Sweety" little gifts/surprises from time to time. Hint to the girls here, I love doing such things, and a two way street at that. I love to receive as well. ;-)

Some may say here, well How are we to get to know you inside then? The best way, honestly? IS TALKING WITH ME IN DEPTH... Telephone, over coffee, alone if we get very close., SMILES. I do not (as mentioned) like typing, I find talking from the mind/heart works the best FOR ME...

So you might ask, then why such a long drawn out posting?

Well, I was on a role here. I said I could post a bunch of things about things that practically ALL HUMANS like to do, OR get right to the point, I prefered this time to just let go.

I will tell you, I DO NOT (NOT) like pets, I do like them, BUT, I no longer want pets, anyone who feels this way YOU GET IT, others PLEASE do not look down upon me, I am still a great person regardless of that.

HOWEVER - I MAY AND this is ONLY a MAY, consider a Cat down the road WE BOTH get together, and if we choose to take on that responsibility.
I do like birds however, and in the past I had a couple, but life took them, and so I just have not YET found it in me to get another one or two, etc...

As for the other things in life, well what do I like to do...

Well, I am an home body, I like spending time IF I HAVE ANOTHER IN MY LIFE, sitting by the backyard fireplace, playing video games, watching TV, playing cards, and having picnics, sharing lovey times...

I am also an old school romantic, and love it BOTH WAYS mind you! I am a strong believer in the "Whats good for the goose, HAS TO BE ALSO good for the gander".... I will add a few tidbits below in more detail, but plan to not get to fancy. TALKING WITH ME in person and on the phone is BEST way to know me. Be sure to read bottom section.
What I’m doing with my life
Well I can tell more about that if we get together to talk.
IF you need more, send me your number.

OR: You could check my Journal for more info.
Limited updates on there though.

Copy Paste this in a new window:


OR: You can click on my Journal at the top left of "Tests"

Something I can say been doing, is check out my questions.

It's listed under the "The Two Of Us" link just next to "About", plus you can click on "Personality"...

IF you do that, you can find out TONS of things that are on my thoughts.
How well we sort of match up, might disagree, get along. Even how much I or you are even very close as being a close match as a couple.

So if you answer more questions, or use the choices on the right, you can even narrow them down to various ones. Like ones already answered, or sections on our believes.
MORE-SO: You can even click on "I haven't answered" (Meaning YOU have not answered), and see every one I did.
You can pick and choose!

So get cracking! :-)
I’m really good at

The first things people usually notice about me
.----///-\\\----put this
---|||---|||---on your
---|||---|||---profile if
---|||---|||---you know
-----\\///-----who is living with
------///\-----or has passed away from
----///--\\\---Thank you
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Check my Journal for some other info.
Six things I could never do without
My: Computer/Net/,
Movies & TV/Music,
I spend a lot of time thinking about
God, The Universe, Loneliness, Life, World Problems,
Psychology, Love, Romance, Helping Others, World Hunger,
More I am sure, though this is good for now.
On a typical Friday night I am
It could be among many things depending on what I need
to do, or in the mood for.
As well having another in my life factors into this on various Fridays. Adding to this, the seasons, cold, hot, wet, dry etc etc...

Fire-pit, camping, swimming, movie, Net, lovey dovey, smiles.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I get turned on MUCH MORE pleasuring a woman and ALL the things that come with foreplay VS The actual act of having intercourse.
A quicky CAN BE FUN (At Various Times), but it in no way comes close to the thrill ride of pleasing my sweetie in many ways. :-)
You should message me if
If you liked my posting and MORE SO IF you get/got it. Then Send me a message, tell me what you thought about this posting, and if you want to send me your phone number, DONT WORRY, I WONT GIVE IT OUT. This is the best way to get to know me better.

And when I call, I will give you my number as well, IF I seem to feel good about the connection. I DON'T TRUST much anymore.

My trust needs to be earned, and I am a very loyal friend to have. IF you in anyway feel it to be not something you want. Tell me don't call you, and I wont. I will loose your number.
However don't contact me again then either.

I am also one who likes to just be there if one needs help to talk with. I am a good ear to have, and am very frank and can talk on just about any subject dealing with having to do with life.
Just about. Keep in mind: You can just as easily change a phone number IF or WHEN ever it was needed. With me you would not need to though (Read My profile Again)

(You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.)
(If one don't grab it (Get it), It is LOST for all time.)

However, we can not NEVER know unless one jumps and takes the leap of faith. Now Can We?

*So Take The Leap Of Faith*
*Least I Hope You Shall* :-)

*Wanting Another*

What am I looking for?
NO Nicotine/Smoker/Tobacco/Users.

A woman wanting to start over in a new location and a new adventure from your current life. Wanting to get away from city living too the country living.

A mature women/Lady between the ages 30 too 40ish + ? a bouts. I would consider younger, but you sure had better got your head screwed on right.
Laughs Here... ;-)
The two of us