31Calgary, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm fond of any activity that brings people closer or lets me embrace my creative side. You'll find me everywhere from board game or video game nights with friends to playing Laser Quest all night at a birthday party.

I tend to be fairly low key as a whole but I'll open up and shine when the mood and environment calls for it! Put me in a room with a small handful of my closest friends and I'm happy. I'll go out of my way to make opportunities to create something unique and interesting because the perfectionist in me won't accept "boring" as acceptable art!

Typically you'll find me close to home, on my own or in a small group. Invite me out for a casual game or sport and I'm almost certainly up for it! It's also not hard to get me to come out for a coffee or a beer with a few friends or a relaxing date.

I've even found ways over the years to blend my love for social games with my love for solo creative pursuits: Feel free to ask for details!
What I’m doing with my life
I recently joined a game development studio as a composer. For the first time, I'm applying what I love most about life to my career path. I've been working with music since I was old enough to sit at a keyboard but for too many years I ignored this potential option as a career path in favour of more conventional jobs. I've experimented with all sorts of career directions in my life, from customer service to oil/gas to software development.

I still enjoy programming and would be happy to do game development on the software side as well. For now, I'd like to focus on music production.
I’m really good at
If I were to sum up my strengths in one word, it would be Experimentation!

I love an opportunity to make something as interesting as possible within a given set of constraints. Music really lets me thrive on this concept by letting me play with blending genres in ways that have surprised listeners on more than one occasion! I love playing with ideas.

I've also toyed with building board and video games. I love the ongoing learning experiences combined with the great possibilities of what happens if you do it right.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Animation (new and classic) and action-comedies, followed closely by Fantasy, are my first picks for movies!

I have an autographed copy of the script to The Lion King and a copy of a piano score to If We Hold On Together (from The Land Before Time) . I learned to play this back in the day but it's been awhile; I'm pretty rusty on this one now! :P

The nerd factor continues past that point but I'll leave it there for now!

As for music, you'll find me listening to everything from symphonic metal to video game remixes!
Six things I could never do without
Direction and drive
Those who mean the most to me
A sense of humility and humbleness
A kickass stereo
A space where I can be pantsless in peace
The occasional evening to myself
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- The future of music and how music has evolved since I started composing. What makes great music great? What are other definitions of "great" that we can use?

- A few perplexing issues revolving around board game design that I keep bumping up against.

- Do I honestly like traveling? Depending on the day you ask me, I'll give a different answer. I think I just need more experience but it's low on the priority list.
On a typical Friday night I am
Depending on deadlines, staying up until 4am finishing up a track or out with my best friends playing board games! You'll often see us break out Settlers of Catan, Codenames, 7 Wonders... or Gloom for those more...atmospheric nights.

In time I'll be turning my board game group into Guinea Pigs when I bribe them with pizza and get them to try out the latest version of a board game I'm working on.

I'm also in the process of setting up the ultimate "nostalgia box" PC on my living room TV, capable of playing all game console games up to the PS2 / Gamecube / Wii eras. I'll be hosting a Goldeneye (N64) night on the machine in the near future.
You should message me if
- You clicked on any of the links above and saw something cool.

- You can tolerate at least moderate wholesomeness...Not often a word I'd use to describe myself but OKCupid seems to want to so I'll run with it!

- You can tolerate pantslessness with a kickass stereo (Seriously, it's too hot in here! It's got me writing about pantslessness)
The two of us