24Warner Robins, United States
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My self-summary

To all who read my profile:
1) I'm not going to meet you in a less than public place (not an idiot)
2) I'm not going to have sex with you if I agree to meet with you (not a slut)
3) If I don't find you attractive I will still message you but I am no longer going to lie about whether or not I find someone attractive (currently truthful :P)
4) I'm not interested in getting married in the next 5 years, but also defer to #2 about the whole not here for sex thing
5) If you're still interested in getting to know me, read on :)

Life: Solid home life, lil bro=world, 21, active duty USAF for 3 years and counting
Looks: 5'10", long brown curly hair, blue eyes, moderate curvage, mid-range fit figure
Personality: Sensible, mature, imaginative, cautious, slightly OCD (>.> don't tell anyone lol) ((<- yes I know that this is the internet and everyone can see, its a joke people!!!)), girly, talkative, spontaneous, nerdy, adventurous, loyal, bitchy, hardcore, outgoing, softy, patriotic, All-American, tomboy, bookworm, shy, animal lover.
Likes: RPGs, manga, paintball, almost anything soft and plushy, folk stories, puzzles, questions and working out with friends
Loves: Music, dancing, singing, writing, conventions, making costumes, laughing, food, TV, camping, fiction books, sci-fi books, romance novels, poetry books, old books, new books, red books, blue books, and otters
Will Talk About: Books, religion, theory, controversial topics, love vs lust, myself, my family, anything really
Don't do drugs
Drink socially and barely that
Addictions: Video games and books, mostly books
Warning -> I'm a tomboy girly girl.
I love action-adventure movies//I adore romance novels.
I could go rock climbing and hang around outside all day//I can shop and hang with my friends for hours.
I can survive for a week in the middle of a forest with nothing but the clothes on my back, a knife and some flint//I can crochet, sew, knit, cross stitch, sing, dance, write, and cook.
I am not afraid of bugs of any sort//I am deathly afraid of zombies and horror movies.
I can talk about torture and brutal murder//I refuse to read anything without a happy ending.
I have been told I can be a bitch when I'm pissed off//I love anything cute and fluffy... like seriously love it, ... like neeeeeeed to hug it... O.O right now.
I curse (trying to stop) //I get extremely upset when someone is rude for no damn reason! Especially to waitresses, their job is bad enough as it is, why do people have to make their day even worse?! Sorry rant over, moving on.

I love life and like to celebrate it, safely. Interested in being friends? Open a chat.
What I’m doing with my life
I found a guy who makes me tick, and wouldn't you know it, we've been friends for almost 3 years! Other than that, STILL work out and trying to make my abs loose their ninja quality. Working on finishing my degree in information technology still as well and the vollunteer work added to regular work and Dragoncon coming up are going to drive me up the wall!
I’m really good at
Talking to children/babysitting: I like kids and they like me, its weird. I don't think I'll be ready for midgets of my own until I'm 29 though, maybe 28, idk, all depends on when I find the right guy for me

Finding the middle ground in an argument: People say I give good advice to, I don't know.

Character profiling. I don't know how (it might be because I've read so many novels) but if I listen to somebody's problems I can usually profile a person and find out what their thinking/feeling and why they are thinking/feeling that way, I then use this information to help them work through their issues and better themselves. I also seem to be able to use that profile to do a little matchmaking as well ;] 3 pairs married so far! :P I like to see my friends happy together, it makes me feel good.

Jack of all trades that happens to be a perfectionist when it comes to herself, so I make do with what I have ^_^
The first things people usually notice about me
Hair and personality, I have the biggest curly hair of any white girl I have met to this day and I have a distinctive personality, a bit high strung but friendly :P. After I get to know someone I usually simmer down. I'm either 900% or 15% with energy, but I can flip in a second. // people have started to take this to mean I'm bi-polar, I'm not. I just save up my energy until I feel like using it. Like charging a laser beam... Dr OctaMother@#$%inggonapus blaaargh @o@~~~<<br />if you get that reference you are officially awesome
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books= Too long to list but here goes... anything byyyy:
Tamora Pierce (My fav author), Mercedes Lackey (My current obsession), Anne McCafferey, Orson Scott Card, James Patterson, Jane Austen, Patricia C. Wrede, J.K. Rowling, Jim Butcher, Terry Goodkind, Larry Dixon, Mary Balough, Emily Dickinson, Hannah Howell //just to name a few//
-Genres: MANGA! Also sci-fi, fantasy, romance, NO UNHAPPY ENDINGS.
Movies= Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon, Easy A, Tangled, Phenomenon, Leathal Weapon 1,2,&3, Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Practical Magic, Shrek 1&2 only, Pride and Prejudice (both, the 6 tape one and the newer movie)
-Genres: I cant watch horror movies->overactive imagination. action/adventure/fantasy/romance/martial arts/scifi all of the above :P
Music= Jon Bon Jovi, Lafee, Talylor Swift, Train, Pat Benatar, The Veronicas, Evanescence, Hinder, Celtic Women, Kesha, Micheal Jackson, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Fall Out Boy, Halestorm, Disturbed, Adam Lambert, Evans Blue, Adele, Rhianna, Emily Browning, Beyonce, F.U.N., 3OH3, Journey, Kelly Clarkson and many many more. No bluegrass, polka, or derogatory rap.
Food= <3 sushi (especially tuna or salmon), ramen/soup, Chai tea, homemade cheeseburgers with real cheddar cheese, Dr. Otoker Vanilla Pudding, chocolate, fruit (pineapples, cantaloupe, mango and strawberries), cookies and cakes, cucumber salad, steak, deviled eggs, boiled golden potatoes loaded all the way, loose leaf tea, sweet tea, pickles, macaroni and cheese (Box Kraft mix and homemade), Funnions, warm milk with honey, and juice. Not all at the same time :) what can i say? I like food, not just that but I also like to make it myself ^_^ and I'm not a fat kid -_- i just like how this stuff tastes, a LOT
Six things I could never do without
Besides the necessities required for my survival?
Something to do or -> AN INTERNET CONNECTION (if I have one I don't need the other) lol
Affection (be it from fish, family, fowl, fanged-beasts or friend :D)
Yes I did go to all that trouble trying to find words beginning with an F... and on a small tangent is it an F or a F... so confusing =_=
//almost in that order//
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What will happen next.
Why rain falls from the sky.
What God is.
What book I should read next.
How lightning works.
What I want to do with my life.
What it would be like to speak Italian/Gaelic/Japanese.
Why the world spins counterclockwise instead of clockwise.
What J.K. Rowling/Anne McCafferey/Orson Scott Card/Tamora Pierce/Patricia C. Wrede/Mercedes Lackey will think up next.
Why God didnt make small children soft and fluffy too.

Currently though? My latest thoughts have been on how I want my life to be and what I need to do in order to get onto that path.
On a typical Friday night I am
Clubbing/dancing, hanging with friends, going to a convention (preferably manga or something with costumes >.<), watching a movie, playing xbox, volunteering at the common room, reading a book, online, or daydreaming
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well, currently its a bit of a tie between 3 different things:
1) I fantasize. A lot, most of them are aided by romance novels, I admit, which are by no means realistic. Most of them are tame! Like say... reeeally wanting to run your fingers through someone's hair, or lay your head on their big strong chest... Well I imagine doing that while laying on a beach somewhere watching the sunrise... *gazing off into space* ... and I get accused of being a perv because of it. So you know what, I've embraced it! Can't stop me now! bwahahahaha
2) I think Hermione Granger might be based off of me. I'm serious! Hair? Curly, bushy brown. Eyes? Blue. My favorite animal OF ALL TIME? otter. Her patronus animal? OTTER! I'm a push-over for a tall, lean guy in glasses, and god save me if he's also a redhead (Gingers can steal my soul any day ;) ). Hermione and Ron get together in the end of the books. What is Ron? A tall, lean, redhead! (true he doesn't have glasses in the books, but as he gets older he might need them... DON'T RUIN MY FANTASIES PEOPLE!! lol) and I seriously cried when I turned 11 and didn't get a Hogwarts letter. -_- I know, keep laughing, but it's true.
3) I embarrass myself a lot, but hide it by keeping a really straight face until I can run to a corner and blush till I burn.
You should message me if
You like to read, are totally random, think I'm cute, want to know what I'm thinking, want to chat, have a nice attitude, love life, don't mind debate, have time, or all of the above.
you just want sex, you want that go find someone with "casual sex" in their profile!
you do drugs <-- no other explanation needed
you have been in prison, I'm sorry but you were probably there for a reason and I'm not talking spent the night in jail over a speeding ticket
The two of us