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My self-summary
I live in Italy and I feel kind of "trapped" here, since I used to live abroad for many years (UK, Ireland, Russia) and 10 years ago I had to come back to my homeland. So, I joined this website mainly to make friends all over the world.
I have a special love for Russia and Russian culture (literature, arts, films, and, more in general, what Russians call the "russkaya dusha". Russians will understand). Also, I do like to learn many languages.

Now, some comments on my OkCupid experience.
So far I have met very few people with whom I could really talk, with whom we could understand each other.
The most of times I get a "Hi there..." (which means they don't even read my profile - see below), or "what's your problem with dogs?", or again "Are you serious? 'Cause I am looking only for serious relationships!" (how can I possibly be serious before even knowing your name?? One gets serious AFTER seeing there is a connection).

Having said that, since this is an international website, I would like to express some comments on women with regard to their nationality. I know this is very little "politically correct" but it is also very sincere and it says a lot about what I think and prefer. Of course mine is a totally subjective opinion: it is "my" truth, not "the" truth.

I said Russians (Russian women) "above all". I am not talking about physical appearance. It's just that they are deeper, more open-minded, more soul-focused than anyone else.
I am sorry to say that Italians, my people, are very superficial. I hope not to be that way myself, but I see the most of them are. They have sun, beauty, food, good climate, and that is enough for them. The rest is a consequence, that is, a life set on its appearance. It's been like this especially for the last 30 years. Now the situation is desperate, everything is gone: you scratch on people's appearance and you won't find anything, or almost anything.
French people: they are just like Italians, but a little bit better in everything. I have hopes in French, but I fear they are going down in the abyss as well.
Germans. Oh, I love Germans. Not by chance, they invented modern philosophy. They are always so rational, so self-centered, i.e. centered in what they think is the best. As long as one thinks and uses her/his mind I am ok. But still, they miss "something", they use rationality to compensate for the absence of a sort of "sense of empathy" with the world (I could not find a better expression). So, I mostly agree with them but I am not fascinated by them.
British people. Well, this is complicated. They are potentially the best and the worst. The most creative and cunning (in a bad sense). They have an inner energy like no one else. But I am not sure they use it for the good. Someone (Alan Moore, Terry Gillian) has understood this very well. Honestly, it is very difficult to communicate with a British, maybe as difficult as with Chinese people. They are, British and Chinese, the most enigmatic people in the world. But it is a sort of enigma that is not as much fascinating, it is rather something you don't want to work out.
Spaniards. I have never met any Spaniard in my life and this must mean something. I have no idea of who they really are, aside for dancing, being happy, being extrovert. Ok, let's dance, let's be happy. Maybe I should leave all my thoughts aside and emigrate to Spain! But are they just "happy"? There must be also something else. But I did not find it yet.
Scandinavian people. I love them. They have a great potentiality, but also a great madness in them. They all seem to me like Strindberg. "He is the best", you think. Then, "no, no, my God, better going away". But I am fascinated.
All other Slavic people. Well, it's my people (maybe more than Italians), I am half-Slavic. But, I have to say: Russians are Slavic themselves with something more. And that "more" is Pushkin (from whom all the others follow). All other Slavic people did not have "a Pushkin", that's the difference.
Brazilians. I do love them. They are great. Much less superficial than one may think. They know "how" to live, how to handle life, better than any other in the world. They just have to develop are rationl part and they might possibly be the best.
Japanese. My God, they are my favourite (along with Russians). They have a different history and mind from western people, and in many ways theirs are better. I know they are in a big cultural crisis now, but they still have a tradition they could look at. It's not a little thing.
Australians. I am sorry, I don't like them. It seems to me they took the worst of British people. Maybe I am wrong. Tell me I am wrong and I will be happy.
US people. Well, this is a big one. They dominate the world, not because they have money and knowledge, but because they can narrate themselves better than any other. Even here, on OkCupid, the profiles of American people are definitely the best. They know how to introduce themselves, they know how to talk and tell things. They are the best. What's the problem, then? It's that they believe in matter rather than in soul. So, they don't waste time in what can't possibly be other than "practical", "efficient", "convenient", "guaranteed", "effective". All those attributes are referred to what is material. They themselves became an "object" - the most well-narrated object of human history. But an object is not alive. While ordering their "object" in the best possible way, they lost the "human". This something that only Russian, Japanese and oriental people can teach them by now. Unfortunately, Europeans have followed Americans on this insanity. Then they have the greatest democracy, I know. Very often, "democracy" is opposite to "humanity". And I am the first to choose the first. 'Cause I prefer to live in an inhuman world rather than to die in a world where humanity still exists. I know, this seems contradictory. But, you can bet, after I have chosen democracy I fight hard to get my soul back.
So, my solution? Russia, Japan and Brazil "in" the US.
What I’m doing with my life
My job is about editing and writing books, and I love it. I also love to study for myself. I am very good on developing theories about the meaning of things. I am afraid I am also "good" in getting things more complicated than due to please other people. Sorry for that: it's just the way I am - a reflective person, but also with a strong creative and playful nature.
Recently, I have finished to write a sci-fi novel and I hope to develop a graphic novel out of it.
I’m really good at
I asked a friend for this and she said (about me):
1) Listening to people's issues 2) Creating new games to be played together 3) Surprising people about what I know, when I seem I don't care 4) Telling stories that keep the attention of the audience 5) Making friendship at a very deep level 6) Achieving difficult goals in life
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably, that I have a bit of a stutter.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books and arts. All classic books (Russian novels, Shakespeare, Melville, Swift, Stevenson, etc.). Reading is my work, and also writing books - so, it's very difficult to answer this question. Oh, well, ok... I'll try. A couple of names about contemporary authors: Vassily Grossman as a novelist, Derek Walcott as a poet, Samuel Beckett as a playright, Kandinsky as a painter.

Movies. All Hitchcock's movies. Favourite film directors: Bergman, Tarkovsky, Sokurov, Herzog, Buñuel, Kiarostami, Resnais, Altman, Scorsese, Ken Loach, Truffaut, Orson Welles.
All "indie" movies: I enjoyed a lot "Lars and the Real Girl", "The Wrestler", and "Little Miss Sunshine". Sci-fi's (I love Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek - TNG, Enterprise, Deep space 9; Firefly) and sci-fi from 50ies. Tv shows: Real Humans (a Swedish series), Dexter, The Sopranos, and Monk!

Music. Rock/blues from 70ies. James Taylor, Genesis, Suzanne Vega, Tom Waits, Jethro Tull, Neil Young. British pop music.

Food. Japanese food (sashimi). All kind of fish. I eat everything actually. I have a very good relationship with food, I just enjoy it when is good.
The six things I could never do without
Internet, freedom, my books, my guitar, true friends, reflecting on things
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Philosophy. Religion. And again philosophy.
On a typical Friday night I am
I have not a typical Friday night. Really, it doesn't matter. I am homely.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ach, this is going to be unpopular: I don't like dogs. I know this is a big turn-off for many. It seems all the world adores dogs: I just prefer other animals (snakes, lions...) and pets (parrots, hamsters, cats). Sorry again, I just haven't a good feeling with dogs. Cats come to me, dogs bark at me.

P.s. *Updated* After I wrote this, 90% of the emails I got were about this. "Why don't you love dogs?!"
Frankly, it is a bit discouraging to write a whole self-summary to be finally commented on this... How is it possible that you skip all the rest and focus only on this thing about dogs?
You should message me if
You were interested by my previous answers. You think we have something in common. You believe in friendship before everything else. You have something to tell me. Just read what I wrote, it's a lot: my tastes, my ideas. If you have something to tell me, just write it.

P.s. I wrote such a long profile on purpose: i.e. to discourage people who do not like to read. I also wrote something about national identity to see if someone is able to understand that such a description is everything but prejudice or stereotype. I could have said that such things do not exist, that generalizations do not exist - I would say the truth in that case. But that truth is boring and does not help us much to understand. There is another, deeper truth. And sometimes it must pass through an appearance of falsity.