31 Arcata, United States
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My self-summary
Haha, even if I could be summed up I shouldn't be the one to do it...but here's what I have so far...West coast (northern California) native, arts and sciences grad. World traveler, lover of fine arts and cuisine. Irish with a decent dose of Native American blood.
Pursuing grad studies in sustainability; not just a concept, I believe it is our actual sustain-"ability." We're just choosing profit over logic, and it really fucking blows.
I'm a very honest person, I hate hiding my (abundant) emotions. I can be shy and cautious at times, but also very determined and head-strong once the vibes are welcoming to me. I love animals and babies (kids too) and they usually love me. I consider myself a non-genderist and a human equality advocate, a bleeding heart lefty, and I plan a career in environmental-rights based speech writing and film/literary editing.

At the risk of becoming even more of an apparent pariah, but finally hitting the 100% for my profile, I thought I should clearly state some more of my personality. First of all, I'm a representation of man. I cannot avoid this. I cannot help the fact that I appear, on the surface, to be a symbol of everything evil and corrupt in this world. How do I convince someone that I am not a programmed machine, pleasure-driven, hypersexual, and completely at odds with the natural world? How can I convince someone that I am truly unique, and not simply spun into a deluded existence in which I have no control over? Will my words and beliefs ever be enough to convey the feelings I have inside?

As I've grown older, I've begun to see the patterns in which ordinary men have oppressed and "stabilized" their sheeple. With the possibilities of worship, riches, and superiority, men have said and done whatever it's taken to place themselves in a position of hierarchy. Religion, race and gender, all created by man, have been the cornerstones for aeons of oppression and servitude. Science has been the only force strong enough to produce genuine change among the minds of our species. Certain men would rather watch as the world crumbles in our wake, rather than admit to their own faith-based mistakes. Having everyone go down with the ship is more important than tarnishing their ever-holy, ever-correct ego. As a scientist proves the Earth revolves around the Sun, the powers of religion fight crusades and kill millions, distracting and denigrating, oppressing and instilling fear, and never actually admitting the word of god is the word of man, and that man is wrong about far more than just the layout of our solar system. Admitting that would mean revealing the age-old system of oppression. It would mean admitting that we've placed our lives and the health of our terrestrial home in the hands of self-obsessed frat-boys and pubescent young men with constant erections and the never-ending enjoyment of destruction and war.

As for me, I live my life to be an equal--a team member of our personhood of humans. I see our mistakes, and mine, and learn from them, and act better the next time. I laugh at what makes us human, not try and hide it. It's true, I may be hypersexual, but I am also hyper-romantic--both vital to enjoying the best of our human bodies and spirits. I am also awkward at times and have very little dating/relationship experience. I may be a hopeless romantic but I am not boring, or mean. I am seeking love above all else (mainly because it's impossible to not yearn for true love in any form) but I also really want good friends and colleagues.

I still get shy and nervous before the first kiss, but I fully enjoy the sparks and excitement that come along with such a beautiful experience, and I always will. Sex is not the goal for me, nor is it anything I would ever use as a tool in a relationship. Sex is supposed to be fun, energizing, therapeutic, romantic; a practice of corporeal pleasure shared by grounded mates absorbed by the power of the moment. I am ultimately seeking a connection with someone near to my wavelength, socially and intimately. I am tired of gender roles controlling the processes in which we find our mates. Snap out of the system of capitalist domestication, and go out there and find who you want! Stop being such fakes and stop thinking you are superior to anything. Stop falling back on your sex appeal and be proud of the person you are becoming. Speak your minds, help each other to find the right words.

We can do so much good in this world if we fight for our generation's right to live free from religion and oppression, free from greed and bigotry; an international home of friends and family in which travel and education are a birthright, and resources are shared equally amongst all humankind.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm back home in the glorious redwoods after nineteen months abroad traveling to my heart's content! I'm also polishing novels and poetry I want to self-publish, wwoofing/workawaying, and volunteering with various environmental/humanitarian and progressive organizations.
I’m really good at
Finding the beauty in all things.
Protecting my family.
Keeping an open mind.
Loving. (GGG)
Whispering 'that's what she said' jokes to myself.
The first things people usually notice about me
Please, do tell.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I currently enjoy reading collections of short stories and poetry, autobiographies, TNG fluff readers, earth/spirituality studies, ancient astronaut theory, whatever is suggested by a friend...

I love artsy and deep indie films (Me and You and Everyone We Know, for example), comedies and musicals before suspense/horror. Miyazaki is a giant favorite, all Jim Henson stuff, plus many classic eighties flicks...Chances Are...Neverending Story...

I can only stomach South Park, Parks and Rec, Modern Family...DVD'd TV shows (Showtime/hbo and netflix, Curb, Larry Sanders, Twin Peaks, Party Down, also British comedies) -all truly brilliant guilty pleasures.

The best music will always be Classic rock and Motown, and subsequent inspired acts--Dr. Dog, John Frusciante, Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, The Elected, Coheed/Prize Fighter, Sleeping at Last, Dredg, The Format, Daphne Loves Derby... And I love dance music too! Happy stuff though. Club/Rap music gets old really fast. Pretty much any live music takes hold of me. Rogue Wave is becoming a new favorite...also M83...and I'm really into classy stuff from the 30's, 40's and 50's lately too.

As far as favorite foods...Japanese, Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Cuban, Korean, and of course every fusion of Italian/Sicilian. Preferably organic, local, raw, paleo, vegan...
The six things I could never do without
Jon Stewart-esque satire/progressive movement + Ideology
Clean water
My family
Kevin Bacon--wait, what game is this?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My Irish luck; and since I'm Irish, a lot of dark stuff.
And women. Much ado about women.
+ story ideas/the world inside my novels.
+ the dreams I had the night before.
+ now myself a lot, thanks to this website.
+ the future of our world.
+ where I want to travel to next.
On a typical Friday night I am
Let's just call this an 'ideal' weekend-night...I'd be ending some project work, then studying more for life and enjoying the city/people watching, cooking/having a delicious meal, drinks, karaoke, dancing, poetry, live arts, improv/stand-up...would you like to join sometime soon??
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Um...see above??? Plus, there's a lot of really private-ish stuff going on with those questions... ;)
You should message me if
You are honest, unafraid of emotion, and you'd like to spend some time with a great person and give them a chance to surprise you. You believe everybody's life and spirit are inherently equal and beautiful.

...you'd like to try reading an up-and-coming author's first novel and tell them what you really thought :)

...you'd like to practice speaking new languages with me ;)

...you're a career-driven lady who is seriously searching for the perfect stay-at-home-partner :D