49 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I have been hesitant to post this, and perhaps you too feel that you haven't gotten much benefit from reading these missives. Despite your romantic inclinations, you have succumbed to the fact that the tools of the internet-age enable you to cast the widest net. Even with a full life; filled with family, friends, a fulfilling career, and the incredible riches of a great city, beautiful moments always seem to be tempered when experienced without someone who truly understands you. So you peruse the listings, perhaps on your lunch hour, or on the commute home, and each time you hope that, maybe this once, an ad will truly resonate with you; that it will reveal the deeper and more soulful aspects of a life and character; something much more than one describing himself as "laid back" or "easy going", liking to try new restaurants, traveling to foreign countries, hanging out at the beach, or cheering on his favorite sports team. All nice things, certainly; but surely aren't there richer and more worthy facets to be exposed?

Ok, the soapbox is now dismantled. Onwards and inwards.

Contrary to the length of this profile, I am my least favorite topic. Here is a random and serpentine listing of some personal tidbits. Hopefully you can glean enough information to either move on or to dig a little deeper:

I can be shy at first meeting, but that usually dissolves quickly. I often wear my heart on my sleeve, though I know when to keep it safely tucked inside my back pocket. Though I consider myself to be a kind-hearted, charitable and thoughtful man, I am rife with fault, inconsistency and contradiction. My moral compass always seems to guide me down the right path. Though it's in the eye of the beholder, I've been called "handsome" by women other than my mother. My interests are myriad and diverse. My idealist and pragmatist often do battle. I value book-smarts and street-smarts equally. I adore a good verbal joust, but also enjoy a comfortable silence. I am fairly certain in my views, yet flexible enough to explore other perspectives (Republican ideology being the exception). According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, I am 92.7% gentleman, 5.5% rogue, 1.8% undecided, with a plus/minus 3% margin of error. I am a fervent supporter of women's rights, but I will always offer my hand when you exit a taxi, and relinquish my seat on a rush-hour subway car. When you call at 3AM with the flu, or when that spider in the bathroom is just too much to handle, I'll only be a moment away. You'll always find me on the side of you that makes me a buffer to the oncoming traffic. No matter how enjoyable it is to be together, I like having some time alone and with others. I can appear reserved, but have been known to do some outrageously stupid (funny?) things when properly coaxed, and/or lubricated by a few too-many shots of Mezcal. My work boots are as broken-in as my copy of Pride and Prejudice. I was the president of my elementary school safety patrol. I own nothing that could be categorized as 'bling'. I will never use the word 'bling'. I make the most delicious scrambled eggs. I can teach just about anyone to juggle within 15-20 minutes. I know my right from left and my right from wrong. I can sing every Beatles song. Somewhere in my apartment, a copy of Henny Youngman's Book Of One-Liners sits next to a copy of The Social Contract. My cynicism will never overpower my optimism. I can build you a flower box and fix your leaky faucet. I'll let you use the TV remote control. I'll be the best Trivial Pursuit partner you've ever had. I know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em. I read the back of the Cheerios box with as much enthusiasm as I do The New York Times. I have a Blimpie V.I.P. card that gets you 10% off any sandwich at participating retail outlets (void where prohibited). I held the high score on one of the pinball machines at CBGB's Gallery before it closed. Kindness is the basis of my political views. I've been to Graceland, twice! I've personally resolved the 'tastes great, less filling' dilemma. I took down my Farrah poster years ago. I play 78 RPM records. I prefer the scenic route. I am mystified as to why PBS shows Lawrence Welk re-runs. I'm a great flea market haggler. I'm a sucker for a good road trip and will happily drive to Utah for a pack of gum.

And you? As for physical prerequisites, I have none. I firmly believe that beauty comes in many forms, and that a good rapport will trump any preconceived notion of what constitutes an attraction. Ok...it sure would be swell if you: appreciate both high & low brow, have little or no tolerance for pretense, elitism, xenophobia, zealotry or velvet ropes, are a gracious winner and a good loser, are kind to wait staff and to others who make our lives a little more convenient, can curse like a sailor when the situation demands it, have a ratty pair of Chuck Taylor's next to your Sunday-best, know your favorite poem by heart, are crazy about kids, immerse yourself in words, ideas, sounds and images, play it by ear but are still willing to sign on the dotted line...and some days, let me play Superman even though you're perfectly capable of stopping the speeding locomotive on your own. Yes, it's a long and silly list, but when you distill it down to the essence, it's really quite simple: Be happy. Be hopeful. Be humble. Be helpful. Be passionate in your pursuits. Be a whip smart, smart-ass who knows her Manet from her Monet and loves both sides of a black & white cookie.
What I’m doing with my life
Mild-mannered shoeshine boy by day...
I’m really good at
Wondering if I am really good at anything.
The first things people usually notice about me
Ask the experts...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Tacos. Tolstoy. Nick Drake. Cupcakes. Beatles. Skittles. The Third Man. Marzipan. Miffy. Matthew Diffee. Zindel. Zinfandel. Christopher Hitchens. Adventurous kitchens. Green Eggs & Ham. Paul Weller & The Jam. Pot roast. Butter & toast. Astor Piazzolla. Pizzaiola. Pinot Noir. Hershey Bars. The Onion. Onions. Roald Dahl. Matzo balls. Crosby, Stills & Nash. Corned beef hash. Indie rock. Shiner Bock. Beet borscht. Horst P Horst. Hot Sauce. Harold Ross. Pee Wee Herman. Wee Wee Pee Boy. Jeff Tweedy. Tweetie Bird. Strong coffee. English toffee. Boogie Nights. Brooklyn Heights. Ken Loach. Hal Roach. Half-Nelson, Harry Nilsson. Patsy Cline. Clementines. BBQ. Room With A View. Primo Levi. Peanut butter and jelly. Louis C.K.. C.K. Dexter Haven. Groucho Marx. Picnics in parks. Veronica Lake. Chocolate cake. Eggs on rolls. Muscle Shoals. Apted's Up. A second cup. Pete & Pete. Whisky neat. Rice Krispie treats. Smokey meats. Drums. Beats. Big Star. Babar. Cheese & wine. Madeline. Goodnight Moon. Macaroons. Vegetable soup. Eames' Aluminum Group. Mods. Rockers. Mockers. Mike Leigh. Brenda Lee. Austen. Austin. Auster. Foster. Man Ray. Marvin Gaye. Tina Fey. Milky Way. Link Wray. Lenny Kaye. Norma Rae. Kavalier & Clay. Brian May. Frito Lay. Gabriel Faure. Brothers Quay. Mel Torme. Carlito's Way. I.M. Pei. Ricky Jay. Satyajit Ray, Curds & whey. Phang Nga Bay. Gabba Gabba Hey!
The six things I could never do without
Lists with more than six things. Family that are also friends. Friends that are also family. Turning leaves. The first snow. April showers. May flowers. Summer breezes. "Please". "Thank You". "I'm Sorry". "You Were Right". Freedoms. Apron strings. Far away places. Landing at JFK. Antiquity. Modernity. Community. Diversity. Discovery. Epiphany. Cacophony. Symphony. Documentary. Fantasy. Irreverence. Benevolence. Ebullience. Words. Ideas. Sounds. Images. Conflict. Agreement. Tension. Release. Busy playgrounds. Quiet hours. Non-sequiturs. The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo. Being understood. Being understanding. Improvisation. Having the right tool. Sneaky feelings. A knowing look. Motor trips. Urban silhouettes. Rural routes. Toast. Butter. Jam. Giving more. Taking less. Sharing. Caring. Hugging. Kissing. Loving.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The wonder of it all.
The fine line between clever and stupid.
Shit or Shinola?
What's for breakfast.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hopefully unraveling from the week, in any number of ways.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
All bad things come to those who wait....
You should message me if
• Your eyes roll whenever you see the following terms/phrases used in a dating profile: "soul mate", "down to earth", "laid back", "work hard, play harder", "easy going", "chill" "a partner in crime", "living life to the fullest", "taking advantage of everything the city has to offer". Really? Where DO you find the time?

• You sweat things, both large and small.

• You would never think to use the word 'party' as a verb.

• You use textual abbreviations only in cases of an emergency, as in: "I'm about 2 get run over by a charging rhino, talk to u later".

• You can see past all this snark, and know that the cynicism is directed at the means, not the end.