34Lincoln, United States
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My self-summary
I aspire to be an infinite heat sink. One of my greatest pleasures is being covered in a pile of hot, clean laundry straight from the dryer. Someday, I hope that I will benefit humanity by being part of a fantastic super-computer. Maybe I'll have to settle for giving massages and helping people research their legal needs.

I grew up in New York and graduated from its suicide-fabled land grant institution. Most of my closest friends are physicists, although I spend most of my own time in the humanities. After college, I lived in Boston for a few years and tortured law students for a living. Don't take that too literally. Law students are tons of fun. Being the ABA's mercenary let me entertain folks on weekends and take up a six month gig at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

I gave into my wanderlust after two years and took odd jobs in interesting places. I eventually landed in California and picked up a master's degree in library science and a juris doctor. I'm also a certified massage therapist in California, although I rarely practice professionally these days.

I met Nerdy_Gentleman in California, and we both came out to Lincoln! He's here to be awesome and teach. I'm here to be awesome... and I also teach. I'm still figuring out my place here.


I am inquisitive, innovative, and impractical
What I’m doing with my life
::librarian, teacher, student, percussionist, ethnomusicologist, massage therapist, fire eater, writer, editor, tramp::

Last episode: "Kate gets paid to be herself." I aim to continue this foray into occupational bliss.

I do what I can, and that turns out to be pretty awesome. For instance, I once grabbed a temporary gig in Minnesota where I disassembled a 26 ton ultra high vacuum chamber. You don't have the clearance for additional information, citizen.

I once considered applying to ethnomusicology graduate programs, but I have yet to be convinced that the advancement of ethnomusicology will rely on the Ivory Tower in the next couple of decades. I'm content to be a layman these days, although you'll still see me at academic conferences on the topic.

Instead, I chose to pursue a dual MLIS/JD. I completed the former degree a few years ago and I just finished the latter. I'm a little bit of an information retrieval geek, and I like to tinker with HCI and design, but I've found that I enjoy reference work and education the most. I'm particularly interested in community education on legal issues. I currently spend a lot of my time as an instructional librarian for undergraduate and graduate programs.

I used to practice massage therapy in Massachusetts. I love massage, but it has not been my income source for some years.

I like to perform. My longest real music job was a six month gig at the Boston MFA with the Boston Village Gamelan. We were the centerpiece of the Sounds of the Silk Road exhibit, and performed on a gamelan that was forged around 1840. I've played in many gamelans since then. The last group I played with was the Balinese group, Gadung Kasturi. I'd love to play in Nebraska but Creighton's Javanese gamelan is on hiatus, and the closest active gamelan appears to be in Kansas City.

I hope to spend some semi-serious time in Indonesia. I have spent some not-so-serious time all over the US, around Eastern Canada, hiking through Germany, sightseeing throughout Vietnam, and looking at archeological digs in Tabasco and Chiapas, Mexico.
I’m really good at
thinking about academic topics that are irrelevant to almost any conversation at hand, overanalyzing entertainment, touch, patience, interpreting situations to fit my worldview, and getting stuck in those plastic six-pack rings. I unintentionally answer the telephone like The Producers' Ulla and receive praise rather than a pink slip. I enjoy coming up with unlikely schemes, if only to see 1 in 50 implemented. I love coming up with feasible solutions and actually see people benefit from them. I can rock out on the right instruments. I'm at home in library stacks. I argue over editing. I like to skank. I'm competent at duct taping cardboard ninjas to office ceilings.
The first things people usually notice about me
The duck on my head.

The awesome, wide, and knowing smile. -- HeirofHagsgate

Feel free to add items.
Taking out the request for wikiedits is not a suitable wikiedit, lightbulbjack1. ;)


Since I have now received over thirty messages regarding one of my pictures, I'll state something about it in this profile.

No, they are not tattoos. :)

For those who have seen the pictures of four girls together with physics equations on their back: those pictures are unedited from a poster shoot, and they weren't supposed to be used or sold outside a specific audience. The pictures were fodder for what was originally a limited edition poster engineered by aphysicist28. This was waaay back when all the folks involved were in school together. After the photographer decided to sell his raw photography on cafepress (as physchicks2), the original cafepress link became public. If you really enjoy the picture, you can pick up the poster at http://www.cafepress.com/[[PhysChicks">PhysChicks' target='_blank'>http://www.cafepress.com/[[PhysChicks and be happy. //That ends what I have to say.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A sample from each category: (a) The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester (b) Die Blechtrommel (The Tin Drum) (c) Big Mama Thornton (d) Gudeg Jogja

Mmm, and I guess I'm required to mention Eduardo Galeano's The Book of Embraces. I've lent it out so many times that I forget it's one of my favorites. I never see it around my house.

A sample of what I love to hate: (a) Faulkner's works (b) Requiem for a Dream (although I would like to see what Darren Aronofsky does with Lone Wolf and Cub) (c) Wagner. This often includes music/productions that can be considered Wagnerian (d) red meat (includes cow, sheep, and ox), along with any of my other alleged food allergies
Six things I could never do without
(1) my legs (I've done without. I had a hard time coping.) (2) books (3) really horrible books that I pass off to other people (4) havoc (5) the OED (I'll let this slide into Grove Music as well) (6) water (And I'm not saying that to be snarky. If you've spent time backpacking in a desert, you probably know what I mean. The Grand Canyon forces you to appreciate the stuff.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I prefer the old 'put your brain into someone else's body' question, and my answer to said old question is: Hunter Ripley Rawlings III. Then I'd be inhabiting his body, and that would lead to all sorts of awesome. Cornell, bow to his height and his presidential whacking mace!
On a typical Friday night I am
thinking of things to do. I enjoyed my lack of a typical Friday night in California, but that was due to varied company and lots of options. I can come up with options in Nebraska, but I don't know too many people here yet.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My favorite sandwich might be the North Baker, which is a hot pizza sub on toasted garlic bread that comes topped with mustard, sour cream & onion potato chips, and lettuce. I now want to try mustard on incongruent foods every so often.

I identify as polyamorous even though I am in a monogamous relationship. As I am in a monogamous relationship, I am not available for additional romantic relationships.
You should message me if
BOARD GAMES!!!! And tabletop RPGs.

You'd like a new friend. I am happy to be messaged about friendship and unromantic things! Please do so!

You may be disappointed if you message me for a date. I am in a monogamous relationship.

You may not want to message me if you'll be offended if I don't respond. I have long periods of inactivity on OKC interspersed with short periods of activity. I don't habitually check for messages when I log in. Sometimes I respond to messages some months after they've been sent.

You'll generally have a better chance of getting a response if it involves meeting up outside of OKC, especially if it's a group event. I always prefer hanging out in person than on the internet. I'm easily distracted from OKC, and it is much simpler for me to respond to a stranger on the internet regarding a concert next weekend than it is to argue Debussy vs. Wagner. Save the debate for in-person meetings. ^_^
The two of us