34Austin, United States
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My self-summary
Before reading further, please note my relationship status. I have a partner. We live together. He is kind and hilarious and cooks really well. We are happily planning a future together, but maintain a non-monogamous relationship for a myriad of reasons. If you want to hear more about that, I'm happy to share, but if you're looking for a moral debate, I'm not into it and if you aren't down with open relationships, I ain't your girl.

I am workaholic and a fun junkie---meticulous and impulsive in equal measure---a super type A plan-maker and go with the flow wave rider. I wake up every day just to watch the sun rise and I often fall asleep in all my clothes. I am a gregarious and energetic introvert---my ambition generally presents in the form of helping others realize their potential. I will look for any excuse to wear a costume or dance.

I'm a freelance branding and launch specialist, which means I marry creative vision and logistics to make things go. Usually those things are restaurants, sometimes creative start-ups.

What I really want to do is just grow heirloom tomatoes and get weird out in the country.

I have an Interdisciplinary degree in Art History, Anthropology and Religious Studies, with an emphasis in South Asia---a course of study that well prepared me to be a bartender for most of my twenties.

I dig words, smells, foods, flowers, candor, Greek and Spanish things, old houses, rock n roll, thunderstorms, surf movies, dance (any kind, any where, all the time), art deco design, making things with my hands, witty banter, serious debate, intense reflection and dick jokes. I really appreciate vulgarity, yet I am super proud of my polite, Southern upbringing. I do have a faint accent that is particularly noticeable after I get off of the phone with my mother or have a few glasses of rosé. If I'm drinking rosé with my mother---forget about it.

A friend once described me as someone with the tenacity to chew my way out of a bear trap, but the first thing you will probably notice about me is my rack.

People ask me about my ethnicity a lot. I don't know much about my heritage, but whoever my people are, they can really pop, lock and drop it.
What I’m doing with my life
Writing, feeding people, bringing ideas to life, being sweet to people, making things work better, raising Cain and the roof
I’m really good at
Making vegetables taste good
Being southern
Mining cities for hidden culinary gems
Making people laugh
Making things happen
Identifying efficiencies
Sharing my unsolicited opinion
Looking really serious
Coming up with a hilarious costume on the fly
Staying in touch
The first things people usually notice about me
Women notice my eyebrows or jewelry.

Men see beyond the external and instantly develop a deep respect for my personhood.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: anything Anthony Bourdain or Mark Kurlansky, David Foster Wallace, David Sedaris, Lorca, Lester Bangs, Mark Twain, MFK Fisher. Been into Poe and Baudelaire as of late. I like to hold books. I rarely finish them. I like short form and I'm not big on fiction, but Michael Chabon is a master. I read A LOT about food and culinary tradition.

TV: M*A*S*H, anything touched by the mighty Dick Wolf, food/travel shows.

Music: Paco de Lucia, Squeeze, The Who, Priest (Judas), Daughter, Serge Gainsbourg, Kanye, Radiohead, Sam Cooke, Spank Rock, The Kinks, Major Lazer, Boney M, The Jam, Joy Division, Phillip Glass, Yann Tiersen, Scorpions, Robyn, Van Morrison, Ibrahim Ferrer, ZZ Top, Songs:Ohia, Howlin' Wolf, Os Mutates, Death, Roky Erickson, AC/DC, The Stones..duh. The lists goes on for miles.

Movies: Errol Morris, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Almodovar, Wes Anderson, Michel Gondry, Fellini, John Cameron Mitchell. That said, I've seen Ace Ventura: Pet Detective more times than any other movie.

Food: Gluten.
Six things I could never do without
Love (of and for my peeps)
Def Leppard
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Alan Alda and John Baldessari
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm not a weekend warrior---I tend to go out weekside because I hate crowds and waiting. I leave my weekends for art, cooking, writing and adjusting my attitude with a little afternoon apertif. If the question is How do I party?....with tequila and people that make me laugh.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Tom Brokaw was an early childhood crush. Actually kindof remains so.
You should message me if
You have a thing for babes with short hair and mad dumps.

You know who you are, and like it.

You are funny. It's a non-negotiable.

You only wear flip-flops at the beach or in gym showers.

Believe (or are open to the notion) that Armageddon It is the most romantic song ever written.

**this is not a song performed by Aerosmith and immediate disqualification for telling me you "loved that song from Armageddon" No you didn't. And if you did, shame on you**

You can introduce me to something new. (and not say "my dick" in your head after reading that)

Your profile does not feature a picture of you fondling a guitar.
*will make an exception if you can play the theme to Night Court*

You are the life of the party, but equally content to just read in bed with me on a Friday night.

You can teach me how to fish.

You love bad bitches and don't see that as a fucking problem.

Also, you if just like meeting new fun people for giggles.
Some of my best new friends have come out this little toy.
The two of us