28Utrecht, Netherlands
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My self-summary
Hi! My name is Vincent, nice to meet you & welcome to my profile.

My previous profile featured a huge wall of text that probably was quite intimidating to come across, and although I'm not too worried about being mysterious or anything like that, I guess it probably is a good idea to leave some topics still open for discussion/discovery. Also, it probably took people way too long to figure out why they didn't want to hang around (or did, as the case might have been).

That's why I decided to rewrite this profile in a slightly different way. I kind of see myself as a rather 'different' person, in many ways, and I thought it would be interesting to spell out some of these ways, because those are probably the first things to turn people off, or, for some people, have the opposite effect. That way, if you find you got through these without growing to dislike me, you're probably in pretty good shape. Or I am. Either way. I'm making it into a list, although it's probably less stylistically attractive, because I think it's less daunting that way, and you can kind of scan through it more easily.

So here goes!

- I'm a nerd. I like geeky things such as programming, maths, gaming (quite a big gamer, although a bit more toward the casual side than that statement might make you think), and learning. I also like timelapses, which I devoted a YouTube channel to.

- I'm not fashionable. I don't like to think about fashion too much, and don't care too much about it in others either. It's both a matter of convenience/laziness and ideological (I don't think looks do or should matter too much).

- I can't sing, but still like to. I hope you answered “I'd find it cute and offer encouragement.”

- I'm a bit socially awkward. At some point, I thought I might be autistic. It turns out, I have some of the traits, but not enough to be diagnosed. I still identify with autism a little bit, sometimes, though.

- I'm fairly intelligent, although I think I used to think I was moreso than I now think I think I am. I'm still an intellectual, at least. I also appreciate intellectualism more than intellect in others, although I can appreciate both.

- I have some issues with being disciplined in my studies and work and such, and this and my various interests have caused me to have lost quite a number of years in my academic pursuits, which means I'm currently only in the first year of my masters even though I'm already 26 at the time of writing.

- I'm not too interested in sports, although I think table tennis is fun, and I'm usually up for that. Very occasionally, I will go for a run, but my stamina is such that I can't keep that up for very long at a time.

- I have a bit of an obsession with cats. Love them to pieces. Awww! If I stay alone, I might end up as a crazy cat lady. Currently I have two cats, Yottem and Hana (from Japanese 鼻, not 花).

- I tend to have negative physical reactions to certain overly stimulating situations, such as extended social interaction with various people, especially when combined with physical activity (the field weekends I go on with my fellow biology students, where long walks are taken, are a prime example of a challenging situation for me). I try to not let this stop me from doing things I otherwise want to do (I do continue to go on those field weekends, for example, because otherwise they're great).

- You might have guessed this from the other items in this list, but I'm not a very outgoing, spontaneous, or party-going type. My idea of a good time is sitting at home with friends, playing Super Smash Bros., or going out birding, or watching videos on Khan Academy or TED.

If you do still want to learn more about me, maybe my blog (which I post in very irregularly) will be of use. Also my Steam profile for games, my Last.fm profile for music, my MyAnimeList profile for anime, and my IMDb profile for movies and series.

Finally, here's a few topics that I'm always interested in discussing. But feel free to bring up other things as well; these are just suggestions.
- Determinism and the illusion of free will (depending on your definition)
- Religion/atheism
- Helen DeWitt, in particular her novel “The Last Samurai”
- Languages or linguistics
- Biology (especially theoretical and computational biology)
- Gaming
What I’m doing with my life
I'll keep these other sections really brief. Basically, I'm working on my master in theoretical biology at Utrecht University.
I’m really good at
Well, I don't know if I'd say I was "really good" at it, but I'm pretty good with languages. In spite of the aforementioned occasional social awkwardness, I'm pretty empathic. I'm usually rather patient and don't anger easily at all.
The first things people usually notice about me
My red hair? My pale skin? It'd probably be something physical like that, something that stands out about me. Although in certain contexts, it might be my reservedness, which might also cause them to not notice me that quickly to begin with. The truth is I'm not too sure about this.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I like Helen DeWitt and Philip Pullman.

Movies: I like coming of age movies, of which my all-time favorite Du Er Ikke Alene (Danish for "You Are Not Alone") is a good example. It also has a gay aspect, so all the better! For more details, see my IMDb vote history.

I also like anime -- see my MyAnimeList.

Music: As a rule, I like folk, indie and alternative music. Pop is okay too sometimes. I've also taken a liking to enka (Japanese style of music). A brief sample of favorite artists: Leonard Cohen, Sebastian (the Danish singer, not the French SebastiAn), Joanna Newsom, Andrew Bird, Loreena McKennitt. See my Last.FM profile for details.

Games: I like roguelikes, for starters, although I'm fairly new to the genre. I love Dwarf Fortress. I like games from Blizzard and Lionhead studios, among others, as well as games from the Forgotten Realms, The Elder Scrolls, Warlords, Heroes of Might and Magic and Might and Magic series. Magic: The Gathering is a fairly recent discovery of mine. I like games on the Nintendo consoles too, most notably Super Smash Bros., but also Mario Karts and Mario Party, for example. Feel free to look at my Steam profile for specifics.

Finally, I have a YouTube profile where I have uploaded many timelapses of (mostly) video game content.

Food: I don't seem to like food or eating or cooking as much as the average person, but there is some stuff that is always hard to resist. Besides chocolate, think along the lines of pancakes, cheese fondue, cold dishes (i.e. Russian salad) and my mother's famous vegetable pie.
Six things I could never do without
People, cats, music, knowledge, alone time and loved ones.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Myself: personality, self-improvement, whether I need to worry about me losing my optimism (both towards people and life in general) and otherwise whether I will be able to keep my good characteristics such as a certain degree of humility and a lot of compassion, what my future will be like.

The world: three-dimensionality, beauty, senses, biology/chemistry/physics/math, nature.

Moral stuff: politics, fairness, honesty, utilitarianism.

Psychology/philosophy: determinism, interaction, love, physical attraction, personality.

Also, language(s).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like most insects but the fluttering of moths used to freak me out - they just never understand you want them to get AWAY from you. I learned that there's a phobia like this called mottephobia. Makes sense, right? Anyway, I'm not as bothered by it anymore, I think more or less since I've started studying biology.

I'm a bit afraid of heights and getting water in my eyes. (Acrophobia, aquaphobia, and then there's also glossophobia. None of these are actual phobias in my case, though.)

As stated earlier in my profile, I love to sing, but I really can't. I don't like to dance unless I'm alone and it's late at night.

Spinning dice still amuses me (and spinning coins, beer coasters and water bottles as well). Whenever someone is throwing a frisbee around nearby, I can't help but stare in fascination.

Actually I suppose I'd be willing to admit more private things here, but this is what I came up with (so far anyway).
You should message me if
I generally like receiving messages that are well thought out and refer to something personal about me, or yourself, or something we have in common or exactly not. Messages that show that someone has actually looked at my profile. I'm also always interested in information about yourself. I don't mind long messages either (quite the opposite - I tend to send them myself, as well). Mind, however, that there are times that I don't look at this profile very much at all (so far, I've been back every time though, sooner or later), so it's possible a reply might be late at times.

Still, please don't worry or feel anxious about sending me a message :)
The two of us