49Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm just a nice guy looking for a nice girl.

First thing that's important to know is that I'm pretty much a geek. Now that doesn't mean that I'm only able to communicate with computers, but rather I have a need to understand how things work at a fairly deep level. It pretty much affects every aspect of how I view the world. Some people find this a bit of a turn on, others run away in horror - simply a matter of what you like.

To illustrate, I'll tell you a little story because I like to tell stories, and funny ones are the best. When I registered for this site, I had to go through all of the normal processes - fill in name, age, etc. PLUS answer a whole bunch of questions so that the system can match you up with the right people. No problem, I'm sitting and answering all sorts of questions - some funny, some pretty serious, others disturbingly personal. No problem, I happily answer away, and from the recommended matches I get, the system does a fairly good job.

A few days later I received something in my inbox - my personalized "Flowchart to your heart", a nice little graph with loads of boxes and arrows that's going to show me the questions that are supposedly important to me when looking for a match. Cool!!! I immediately understood what this was - a distillation of a whole stack of data designed to minimize the expected number of questions to ask a woman to determine whether or not she's gf-material. I take a look, and what's question number 1?? "How often do you masturbate?"

After about 5 minutes of laughing, I think "Really?. That's the first question I'm supposed to ask a prospective gf?". Now fortunately, I actually do understand a bit about how these flowcharts are created, and if you'll buy me a beer I can try to describe a little about Decision Theory and Data Entropy and possibly even convince you that your schedule for self-pleasuring is NOT the main item on my list of your qualities. Truth is - seeing that question up there is not really from any deep analysis, but simply comes out of the data. If I answer a few more questions, I'll probably even knock it off the graph. Buy me another beer and I can try to describe how I'd change the OKC algorithms so that stuff like this didn't happen.

If you've read this far without running away, we have possibilities.
What I’m doing with my life
Phase 1: Write computer software
Phase 2: ??????
Phase 3: Profit!!
I’m really good at
noticing and paying attention to details. I'm also very good at (for lack of a better term) pattern matching - finding very strong similarities between entities and concepts that on the surface look utterly different. Pull up a chair and I'll explain how American Southern Baptists share a great deal of their philosophy with The Ramones.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm kinda tall
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ok, this is a dating website so this is apparently my chance to show how hip and pretentious I am by listing a whole bunch of bands no one's heard of, and authors with multiple accented characters in their name. I think I'm going to choose to pass. The truth is, I think people put far too much emphasis on this stuff - the fact that you like The Clash probably has very little to do with being compatible.

For the record, I read a lot - not fiction, and not stuff that's going to impress you. I tend to prefer things on Discovery and History, and like a good comedy.
Six things I could never do without
Well-made pizza
South Park
Extra long t-shirts
Smart and adventurous women
Apache Tomcat
On a typical Friday night I am
doing the same thing I do every night—try to take over the world!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll answer pretty much any question you throw at me regardless of how private it is.

I actually do like to keep track of the most irreverent questions I've been asked - if you can top the current leader, you'll definitely get my attention.
You should message me if
How about another story?

A short time ago I started corresponding with this woman who seemed fairly nice. One day she sent me a picture - a nude one in fact (of her, but not recent). This woman was in Playboy back in the late 80's - not as a centerfold, but some tiny picture from some article about college girls. For some reason, it was important to her that I see it and know of its existence.

Okay, so my reaction, first the good: I liked that what she did was adventurous, edgy, very personal and a bit sexy. But then there's the bad: she seemed to have the entire validation for her life tied up in the fact that 25 years ago some magazine editor liked her boobs. And somehow this was supposed to be important to me now. What has she done since then that should be compelling to me - I'm not really sure ...

Oh, BTW, the point of the story is this: If you're the complete 180 degree opposite of this, THEN you should message me.
The two of us