42Springfield, United States
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My self-summary
**********DISCLAIMER*********** Sorry if i arrested/wrote your family/friend/neighbor or whatever. But if I did, they earned it!!!

Audaces fortuna iuvat! Oh boy I hate these "tell us about yourself" things. Basically I am an easy going and go easy type of person. That doesn't mean I'm a pushover either. I am strong willed and tenacious when needed. I am not a fan of drama in my personal life, I deal with enough of that work on a daily basis. I am not a bar hopper or clubber. I don't mind have a drink or something but I am not into going to bars and clubs all the time, sorry there is just too much drama going on there. I am better at point blank Q&A so if you have a question about me just ask, it is easier. I suppose I should go and spit some stuff out and clear the air before you read any further and it may sound like I am jaded or an ass but it needs to be said. Again I am not into the drama and games that some people like to play: if you are married and on here to mess around on your husband or boyfriend then please kindly pass over my profile and go to the next one in line. If you have an addiction to drugs of any kind, please go to the next profile because I am not "420 friendly". If you are an alcoholic and HAVE to drink until you are "tore up from the floor up" then please go to the next profile, I drag enough drunks out of bars while I am at work and don't want to do it in my free time as well. If you are into playing games with people, then please pass onto the next profile because if I wanted to play a game then I would hop onto my Playstation and play there. I will add more as I think about them.

OK, on to brighter things. I am constantly working and in my line of work, it's hard to meet quality and compatible people. But I am a hard worker and still pride in my job and profession. Yes I carry a gun and a badge everywhere I go. Yes I carry handcuffs and after using them all day, I will not come and use them on you LOL. I have two dogs: Korah (English Mastiff) and Klaus (Great Dane), they are big dogs but they are also big babies too.

I own my own home, car and a good career.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently I am a police officer and attend college working on my B.S. and considering my Masters after that. As the future has yet to be written, it's a page I will write daily.
I’m really good at
I try to be good at everything I do. If I run across something that I am interested in and can't do it, I tackle it until I can do it.

I am a pretty good problem solver, helps to be one. I am pretty good at speaking to people and get them to talk...I have a feeling that negotiator school will be in training regime soon.

I am pretty good at writing and putting things into print. I am try to use proper writing practices and I hate chopped texted messaging, though I will slip up and do it myself from time to time (no one is prefect).
The first things people usually notice about me
My quick wit, sometimes my wit is too quick and the filter between my brain and mouth doesn't have enough time to fully engage. I am firm believer in if you can't handle the answer, then don't ask the question. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then I am calling it a duck! Many would say that I am easy to talk to but they would also say that it sucks to argue with me, I argue logic and remove the emotion side of it. lol
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music- I'm eclectic and listen to all kinds of music so one day I may be listening to classical and the next AC/DC.

Books- I am an avid reader and will read just about anything. One of my favorite authors is W.E.B. Griffin. I try not to limit myself to one type of book style, like my music I am eclectic with books as well.

I will come back to this and add more.
Six things I could never do without
My iPhone, I use it more than my computer.
My Macbook

Yes I will try and remember to add my other 5 things. Sorry it's my list and a work in progress.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
After being on the site for a couple of weeks, my mind is thinking: holy hell! Is this a dating site or a hookup site? I am not here for a "casual thing". My last relationship lasted for 4 years and the one before that, almost 10 years.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either working or sitting at home, sorry I'm not a college style party animal so if that what someone is looking for then I will not be a match for them. I work 12 hour shifts with every other weekend off, so only two Friday nights a month do I get to do anything on a Friday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Does this question really matter?

I did thing of one: I am pretty diplomatic when dealing with people but when my buttons are pushed I have a mouth that will make a sailor AND a mechanic blush and I can argue with the best of them.
You should message me if
Ok, after pouring thru tons of profiles for the past few weeks and such...I'm tired of digging and trying. My info is there and you want to talk then send a message... If not then have a nice night and I wish you the best of luck.
The two of us