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My self-summary
I've tried many time to describe myself with varying results. I never feel that I quite get myself right, so this time I'm not even going to try; I'll leave that to a few different voices. Just a quick explanation before they get going though. I'm an amateur writer (mostly fantasy), and I've been dreaming up stories and characters for years, and a few of those characters have decided to take up residence in my head. It'll be those three that write this profile, you could say they have a unique inside prospective. They'll introduce themselves as they go.

I guess I'll start this off since I have the dubious honour of being the oldest one in here. Name's Wings, and before you ask yes his screen name came from me. I've been kicking around since Adam was in grade school. If you're wondering about the name, it's for my defining feature (I'm not exactly human, and Adam isn't very creative with names).

Hey now, thats being a bit harsh. My name isn't that bad.

W: You're name is Gaia, thats not exactly an uncommon name in fantasy.

G: Maybe not, but I'm an Air spirit, so while it may not be original at least it's not a normal usage.

At least the two of you have names, I don't have a full name yet, just a nick name. So for now I guess the rest of you can call me Wolf. Oddly enough I'm the only human member of this trio, the nickname just comes from a mishap I had as a child. To avoid confusion I'll preface my comments with an O instead of a W.

W: Always the thoughtful one eh?

O: Yeah, but aren't we getting a little side tracked? We're supposed to be describing Adam.

G: We've got plenty of space to do that in the other sections. Besides, don't you think the readers want to know more about us?

W: If they want to they can ask Adam. Wolf is right, we should start doing what we're here to do. And we've gone on long enough in this section already so lets move on.
What I’m doing with my life
G: Besides being completely ineffective at putting our stories to paper you mean? He's working at a library and studying photography.

O: I'm not really sure if there's anything more we can say here to jazz this section up a bit.

W: How about where he's going?

O: You mean OCAD?

W: Yeah.

O: So that took an extra line, and didn't really jazz it up at all.

G: I can help there: He's also slowly going insane from the monotony of his current boring day-to-day existence! Someone snap him out of it before he actually snaps! Unless that would let us get out more often... On second thought, leave him be.

O: **Sigh** As if letting us write his profile doesn't make him seem crazy enough. On to the next section before any more harm can be done.
I’m really good at
W: Well the obvious thing for this section would be writing. There's a small problem with that tho-

G: He doesn't actually write anything!

W: Right. He has a hard time putting pen to paper, though that is his preferred method when he does sit down to do it. Typing it up comes later.

O: As such we can't really say he's good at writing. I guess saying he's good at creating worlds and characters could work. But theres no empirical evidence of that.

G: So if any of you message him, try asking for a short story or something. He needs a good kick in the ass every once in a while to get going.

O: Thats actually a good idea, well done Gaia.

G: Thanks. You guys can ask for recipes too, Adam likes to bake and he's got a few gems up his sleeves.
The first things people usually notice about me
O: I've been thinking about this section, I think we could each put what we would notice first about him.

G: Wouldn't that require the readers to know a bit more about us for them to take away anything useful from our commentary?

O: ... Didn't expect that from you, but yeah I suppose you're right.

W: Guess I'll go first, I haven't spoken for a while. The thing you should know about me for this is that I'm really relaxed and somewhat impulsive. Which, on first observation is the exact opposite of what Adam appears to be. When he meets new people he tends to get really nervous and uptight. Get to know him though and he calms down a lot.

O: I'll go next. I'm also kind of a go with the flow kind of guy, but I always have a goal of some sort in mind. I wouldn't survive the story Adam's got in mind for me if I wasn't this way, but thats something you've got to ask him about. I guess what I'd notice first is that he's a bit scattered. He has goals, and about a million different plans for how to get there. He's been getting better with this, but it still needs some work.

G: Why wouldn't you expect me to make that comment? I wanted to describe ourselves in the first section.

O: I wouldn't expect it from you because like Adam you can be a bit unfocused. Though if you get an idea in your head you set about it with bull-headed determination.

G: And thank you Wolf for saving me the trouble of describing myself ;)

O: I walked right into that one didn't I?

W: Yeah, she played you there.

G: And thank you Wings for pointing out my gender for anyone who didn't associate the name Gaia with being female.

W: That's stretching it a bit.

O: Just let it go.

G: Before we run out of space here I think the first thing I'd notice about Adam is probably that like me, he can get quite stubborn. Sure he'll have a million different ways to get to a goal, but he'll keep trying till eventually he's either exhausted his options or reached that goal. If he could focus his energy a little better the three of us could've been in best-sellers by now.

O: That may be taking things a little far. But it does wrap up this section.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
W: Lets try and keep this one a little shorter guys, we don't need to define everything.

G: Everything is all that exists. Every object and entity is a part of everything, including all physical bodies and in s-

O & W: Stop that.

G: You guys are no fun.

O: Anyway, Adam is an avid reader. He reads a lot of fantasy, hence his wish to write it. But he'll pick up any book if it seems interesting enough to him. Got a book you like, and want other people to read. Send the title and author, he might give it a shot.

W: His taste in music is pretty varied to. He'll listen to rock, some pop, though most of it drives him insane, jazz, chiptunes, remixed video game music and many others. Though there are a few genres that tend to burst his eardrums: any variety of metal will do it, as well as most rap. Though the same principal applies to music as to books, got a band you want to promote? Send a song his way, he'll give them a listen.

G: Guess that leaves me with food. The best way to describe him is being picky, without being picky. There are certain ingredients that he just can't stand, but steer clear of those and he's fairly adventurous. I'd try and count the number of different nationalities food's he's had and enjoyed, but I don't think he can remember them all.
Six things I could never do without
G: Can the three of us count for three different things? This profile is getting long. Nobody's going to read it all.

O: I think we count for only one. But we can keep this short and sweet. Wings I'll leave it to you. You've got five left. Go!

W: He wouldn't be able to survive without his friends. And Paradoxically he wouldn't last long without time to himself. He goes a bit batty if alone for too long, and gets absolutely drained if around people for too long. Three left... A good book, good food, and his crazy dreams. Seriously they're never normal, but always awesome.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
O & G & W: Us.

W: Or at least thinking to us. I'm not sure if he'd go insane without us, or if he is insane.

O: Little bit of both maybe?

G: That might have been me. Sorry.
On a typical Friday night I am
W: His Friday nights are pretty typical. He could be seeing friends, or just relaxing at home after a long week.

O: Oddly enough Wednesday nights are more interesting, as he's usually at a board game meetup.

G: As geeky/nerdy as this sounds he wants to get a D&D campaign going with a few friends, but is lacking anyone experienced enough to be a DM. If any of you know someone who would be willing to help with that (or are in a campaign willing to take on a newbie or two) give him a shout.

W: Should we have put that under the next heading?

O: It isn't really all that private though.

W: A good point.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
G: I think letting the three of us out here counts as being pretty private.

O: As much as that sounds like a cop out she's right. Beyond that though... as much as Adam is an introvert, he's pretty open once you get to know him.

W: I'm fine with that being this section's commentary. Moving on.
You should message me if
O: If you think you can deal with the guy we've described, as well as the three of us then by all means send a message his way.

W: We don't really surface too often though. So get him to write!

G: I've already given a couple of reasons to message him. I'm done. Hope you all enjoyed us rambling.

O: Yeah. And sorry it went on for so long.

Post-Script: Congrats on making it this far! Now you get to read the disclaimer saying I'm not actually crazy, just a bored creative type. Hope you enjoyed my little attempt to do something different.
The two of us