64Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
"I am a woman of heart and mind" as Joni Mitchell phrased it.

I’m emotionally and physically healthy.

I walk with my energetic little dog twice a day in the hills where I live. I garden a lot.

I like humor and silliness, and can be whimsical -- when I'm not being logical and serious about it. I'm creative in several ways.

I play guitar and sing some of my own songs, I have become more active recently with music, putting some up online for fun.

I like to go to live music events. I enjoy meeting new people, socialize readily.

I'm not good at dressing up in a straight, Republican kind of way. I'm a LOT more Berkeley. There's some Hippie aspects to my way of interacting with the world -- like my long hair and how I dress.

I used to be in small, entrepreneurial businesses, and learned plenty of geeky techy things; I have a left brain as well as the right (music, art, images, emotion) one. I taught myself to do things like make web pages. I know how digital signal processing works, and can understand parts of what engineers talk about. In my last position that involved business cards, my title was "Communications." I like to think I'm pretty good at that, and that's an important relationship skill.

I've worked through my previous experiences to the point where I believe I can give wholehearted attention to a new relationship. (No "baggage.") I have flaws, but I'm not neurotic, don't play destructive games. I like good games. Games we both win!

I would like to collaborate on an affectionate, intensely positive relationship with plenty of sensual pleasure, sharing fun, work, food, humor, and ideas.
What I’m doing with my life
Right now what's missing is the part where I have a larger network of friends -- and that one special person who would be a lover to me.
I’m really good at
I’ve developed a lot of skills and talents including artistic ones, ranging from portraiture to graphic art for advertising and brochures. I illustrated a friend’s book.

I cook. I can sing harmonies. I can build websites (simple ones) if need be.

I’m empathic.

I’m good at figuring things out; doing research. I’m good at learning new things and tend to have beginners luck when I try out new skills.

I can bring my analytical skills together with strong empathy to be truly helpful to those I care about.
The first things people usually notice about me
My cute dog?

My waist-length hair.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books – too many to list, but categories would include anthropology, ethology, neuroscience, science fiction, fantasy, art.

Robert Anton Wilson's books helped foster my tendency to question my own perceptions (my "reality"). His books helped me deprogram myself from, for instance, the religious upbringing I escaped.

Movies – I love animation so I wind up watching “kids” movies. I’ll watch nearly anything Tim Burton does. What I liked so much about Avatar was the way it gave me the feeling of truly being in another world, a more exciting, fantastic one than we really live in. I like movies that do something like that for me.

Music – Lots of music from the Baroque and Renaissance periods, plus folk music from all over the world, particularly Celtic music. I’ll listen to bagpipes and tubas if they’re doing something interesting. Sometimes I’ll go for the nostalgia of rock & roll. I love vocal harmonies, be it the CSNY kind or the Bach kind.

Food – I like my own cooking, luckily. I also enjoy a lot of different cuisines, from India, Japan, Thailand, Greece, or Mexico (to name the first that come to mind). I do try to eat healthy, though, so I’m usually eating my own versions of spicy or savory foods. Oh, and I BBQ.

I like Renaissance Fairs, Dickens Fair, Maker Fair, The Great Handcar Regatta, Science Fiction conventions and other events where creativity, intelligence, and fantasy come together to have lots of fun.
Six things I could never do without
My dog (well OK I know he’ll be gone some day but while I have him he’s precious)

My library

My guitar

Other than that – what -- practical things like car, clothing, hairbrush and stuff for everyday living.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
It varies. For a long time a year or so ago it was painting and art. Before that it was business, all the time. (Not what I wanted, but I had to. When I was focused on business, that was the center of my thoughts.)

I concentrate on ideas, but serially.

I might focus intensely on anthropology and ethology, or neuroscience, or get terribly interested in a particular historical period. Or maybe re-read my books on chaos theory.

Unfortunately, I keep being drawn also to the heinous things that have been done to the economies of the world. Its like watching a bad accident in slow motion. Look away look away! -- Oh NOOOOOOO! So I sometimes read in great depth about the awfulness, so I can understand it; then I get real turned off and try to ignore it.

(I don't watch TV, so I have a somewhat non-standard reality, and more time to think.)
On a typical Friday night I am
Inside watching a movie or out at a concert.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I hope its not necessary to shave.... naah forget what I was going to say.
You should message me if
You are emotionally and physically healthy (or at least reasonably close) and have an interesting mind. I’m hoping for someone who can have long, interesting conversations, as well as someone to do things with.

You have a positive attitude toward women.

You can enjoy a woman who doesn’t pretend to be scatterbrained to make you feel superior.

You truly like to have fun and have not forgotten how to relax and have a good time.

You can express yourself emotionally.

You have some kind of creative streak.

You are (legitimately) proud of yourself, in some ways; you like ‘who you are.’

You enjoy both giving and receiving pleasure.

You are actually single.
The two of us