45Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I am a sane man in an insane world.
I've grown so in love with the journey that I no longer care about the destination.
Animals like me.
I'm the designated therapist among my friends.
I was raised by wolves. It shows.
I'm a biologist with minors in Anthropology, Sociology, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. I see the world though that lens.
I've worked in medicine for a very long time in various capacities, but recently I drove a truck... Yes. The kind with 18 wheels. Also yes. Everywhere. Now I'm back in town looking for local work.
What I’m doing with my life
WRITE (fiction/satire/parody novel ATM).
I like to grow things - leading to - canning, freezing, sharing (Awww... C'mon.... PLEASE take some more zucchini?!), wine making (from my own grapes!) and cooking/eating/hosting. But I had to give up some of the household hobbies when I gave up the house. It burned down. I wish I was kidding. I'm looking for another now.
Camping, swimming, mushroom picking, hiking, photography and wildlife spotting all merge when I'm in the woods. I will pick up snakes, frogs, rabbits, owls (ok... ONCE I found a pygmy owl that would let me handle it... ONCE!) just to get a better look at them. The biologist at play.
I’m really good at
Analysis - I'm the nerd who LIKES puzzles.
Cooking - Because I like eating.
Cleaning up a mess - When I watch Pulp Fiction I can't wait for "The Wolf"(Harvey Keitel) to make his appearance!
Seeing the other sides to everything - Over-thinking is an art.
I can even smile at people I want to choke - No choking! It's rude. Who knew?
Manners - I haz them.
The first things people usually notice about me
The fact that my actual nature is the antithesis of my frat-boy-sporto appearance. I blame the haircut.
I ask direct and awkward questions.
Eye contact.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Crab. Rare steak. Homegrown tomato salsa. Music with bass, AND rhythm, AND clever lyrics. Mark Twain, Vonnegut, P. Dick. Something to get my brain above third gear. I could list them all here and bore the shit out of you. But...
Not gonna do it.
Who wants to skim another dense paragraph full of obscure artist names listed by a source that's dubious at best? Not me. My eyes slide right past those mini-novellas of personal artistic taste.
Six things I could never do without
Bypassing obvious and boring choices.

Sarcasm. Useful tool. Gives satisfaction.

Whiskey. In all its forms. "Pour the man a bourbon and tell him it's from Kentucky would you?"

Cashflow. If he can't work to make it; he'll rob to take it.

Garlic. Stinking rose FTW.

Mortality. Death is your friend, really. How boring otherwise?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Stuff and things.
On a typical Friday night I am
In a basement, plotting the downfall of humanity...


Bored, I mean bored... Not plotting. That's crazy talk.

Ummm... Anyone have a lead on some lab space for rent..?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time.
You should message me if
You need good conversation like you need air.
Or hell... Maybe ya just wanna burn one down.
Practitioners of low humor, nerds and geeks, DIY, self-employed, available, muddy boots, stoners, philosophers, foodies, drinkers of spirits, nature-lovers, wild hairs, and anyone who still wants to hurl water balloons.

As crazy as this may sound I'm not really into sleeping with strangers, I had much of my 20's and 30's for that kind of adventure. I once had an internet date ask me this: "If you aren't sleeping with your friends, then WHO are you sleeping with?"
Axiomatic and obvious answers abound to that question.

I found these! Feel free to share!
About not taking first dates too seriously:

About dating "outside of your ballpark":
The two of us