41Yakima, United States
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My self-summary
Hi. Thanks for checking out my stuff. Everything is going pretty good for me; I'm really starting to love life and I'm looking for someone to share that with. I am not ordinary and I'm looking for someone that's a little strange and original.
I really try my best to think for myself without regards to prevailing popular opinion. I believe in putting EVERY idea in society to the question. The good ones will survive questioning! It is a real treat to have a conversation with someone who isn't afraid to share an idea that doesn't fit within "normal" limits. Even if I disagree I love to hear originality.
What I’m doing with my life
1) Maker Space movement. Teaching a build-your-own 3D printer class at the local maker space. Open Source is the best!!!
2) I really like to ski and snowboard (would really like to meet someone to share that with).
3) COMPUTERS!!! I love computers and tech stuff. Anything to do with computers including gaming.
4) Volunteer work - Give and it will always come back 10 fold.
5) I am fascinated by 3D Design and 3D printing. Starting to teach myself sketchup and I am loving it.
I’m really good at
I am awesome at tech and computer related things. If it has 0's and 1's I probably like it.
I'm pretty good at teaching mathematics. Here are a couple of instructional Youtube videos that I have made for my students;
Teachers let me know what you think!
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not certain, but I hope it is my personality.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Here is a brainstorm of some things I am into;

- Hayao Miyazaki animated films
- Game of Thrones
- Rome
- Weeds
- Walking Dead (ZOMBIES OMFG!!!)
- Curb Your Enthusiasm
- Joe Rogan Podcast
- =3 Ray William Johnson
- Star Trek (I really like TOS)
- Falling Skies
- Arrested Development (just discovered this one)

PC Games
- League of Legends (This is my favorite right now)
- Civilization V
- Team Fortress 2
- Borderlands 2
- Awesomenauts
- Lots of Indie Games (humblebundles)

- Song of Ice and Fire
- Rational Optimist (reading now)
- tons of articles on lots of different sites. Eclectic.
- Hunter S Thompson (the Gonzo Papers are legendary)

- underground hip/hop mashup, Cool Kids, Tribe, De la, Slum Village, Janes Addiction, Bob Marley, Valentina Lisitsa, Devin the Dude, Mos Def, DJ Chicken George Podcast, Sublime, Rockamovya, Groundation, J-Dilla, Pink Floyd, The Roots, Stephen Marley, The Foreign Exchange, DJ Solo, Tiesto, Mind In A Box, J-Live, just getting into Avant Garde Jazz!
As I update this I'm listening to; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb7ObvJeV-A

- I love mexican food
Six things I could never do without
+AM Coffee
+Computer w/ graphics card. LAN PARTY!!! I love a LAN PARTY. If you've been to one you should message me even if we are 99.9% enemies!
+My dogs; Walter and Bruce... such good dogs
+White Pass Ski Resort
+Outdoors; Love to backpack, camp, bicycle, and of course row around the pontoon boat.
+Just took up Mountain Biking... fun in the desert!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How good life has been to me. Lately I have learned to appreciate all of the awesome things I DO HAVE in life. In the past I might focus on things that I want or don't have. This shift in perspective has helped me realize how amazing the world is.
The world is awesome. The world sucks. I really believe both statements are true. Its only a matter of which we choose to focus on. Which do you focus on? :)
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably on Steam and some voip program, playing with friends. I don't enjoy the nightlife/bar scene too much. Movies and cooking together at home, that's more my style.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Once, way back when I was in middle school, I wore spandex shorts in public. I thought they were high tech and cool. I kind of thought that in the future everyone would be wearing them... I guess I had been watching too much Star Trek:TNG :(
You should message me if
If you like to snowboard, ski, mountain bike, or hike send me a message. It would be awesome to have a companion for adventures.
You don't have to be strange or weird, but that really does help! I like original people. I like to be shocked in a conversation because I've even never even heard of the crazy, cool stuff that you're into.
From my limited online dating experience, I have found myself to be a terrible judge of character based on text / e-mail conversations. So, I am certainly looking to meet people that would be willing to meet in person. You know, public and easy like a coffee shop or something like that. I really need to chat in person to get to know a person. Every time I've ever met a person for coffee like that, its always been pleasant, even if I wasn't romantically interested, it was fun to converse and meet someone new.
The two of us