50Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
A night owl, I get my best work and thinking done in the middle of the night (well, I come up with a lot of great ideas in the shower too). Breakfasts or dinners with friends are one of the things that makes me happiest—family gatherings with the extended family are not frequent enough—often we are talking about the next meal as we are finishing the one we are having! I am the kind of person that appreciates the journey more than the destination—I find it exciting to get lost.

I am filled with apparent oxymorons (but hopefully, avoid being a moron): I am both easy-going and particular; love meeting people, socializing, and having dinner parties, but need quiet time alone; love to travel and move around, but like to have a home to come back to; I don't consider myself an "outdoor" person but I like wall-climbing, biking, and nothing gives me as much pleasure as skiing (well, almost nothing); I get over-involved in my work, but love my time off to travel or get away from work. I can be critical but not judgmental, open-minded and interested others' ideas and opinions—some appreciate this for my honest opinion.

I am kind of traditional, but I live an un-traditional lifestyle: I am fortunate to be able to afford to escape the corporate world to explore travel, skiing (and teaching skiing), creating startups, and develop my skills in photography.

I love stimulating, intellectual conversation. I love trying new things. And I love traveling (especially visiting my international friends, but I should see more of our own country, too).

Perhaps, most importantly, my god-daughter says I'm a better bedtime story-reader than her parents or her grandmother! :-D

I've lived most of my life in California (aside from a stint in Germany) and I am currently in Seattle, because that's where the flow of life brought me. I don't have strong roots here, though... I'll see where I flow to next. :-)

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What I’m doing with my life
I have had the luxury to take time off from the corporate rat-race to travel, ski, and work on my own startup business. I just got back from a month of skiing in Lake Tahoe (22-days, on snow!). Now I'm back home and working on building a startup (I enjoy mixing with others with the entrepreneurial spirit). I am also trying to turn my photography hobby into a business (including teaching some photography courses… which should be fun).
I’m really good at
Skiing. Conversing. Eating, Finding good restaurants. Having a good time with whomever I am with. Making the best of a bad situation. Working with my hands.
The first things people usually notice about me
My laugh?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Media: NPR, TED.com, tech podcasts, This American Life, RadioLab, CNet podcasts, Planet Money

Book: Goedel, Escher, Bach (does anyone have a copy I can borrow)? I don't read enough, but I love to hear about others' opinions of books.

Food: All, esp Italian

Movies: Helvetica, Inception, Spinal Tap, Gattaca, Ronin, Memento, Alien, Blade Runner, Sixth Sense

TV: Modern Family, Friday Night Lights, Top Gear, Nova, Frontline, 60-minutes, Weeds, Parenthood, Entourage, Californication, Desperate Housewives, The Office, True Blood, Terms of Engagement, CSI(s), Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies

Music: almost anything live; most music, but especially World Music, Alternative, Progressive
Six things I could never do without
Good food! Travel. Gadgets. Friends. Family. My nieces and nephew (that might count for 4). intelligent discussion.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Other cultures, politics, photography, technology and gadgets, software development, language, where am I in life (shall I elaborate on my "wave theory" as it applies to the cycle of life in modern culture?)
On a typical Friday night I am
Looking for friends to go out to dinner with.
You should message me if
…you are looking for something to do, good company, good conversation, and looking for a strong, lasting relationship.
The two of us