60Hightstown, United States
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My self-summary
I am a down to earth, kind and caring person. I believe in doing things that are fair for all. I am not a "tree hugger" but believe in conservation. I am very devoted to the right person as long as it is returned. Quiet surroundings are highly preferred. I am not a sports nut but will watch an occasional game.

I have a strong sense of doing what is right. I do not ask anything of anyone I would not ask of myself.

I have been told by women that I am witty and have a big heart. I am thoughtful and caring. I will make sure that things are taken care of, from surprising you with your favorite things to doing / fixing things around the house to make your life easier.
My words are sincere, I do not say things and hope you never take me up on it.
I am dependable, I am there when you need me.

I worked in information technology as a systems programmer analyst for over 27 years. The last IT job was at a NY bank for over 21 years. Going full tilt with the career and then losing my job to India showed me I should of made more of an effort at a better balance in life (not going to make that mistake again).

I am looking for someone who appreciates receiving acts of caring, kindness and respect. Someone that we can occasionally fall asleep on each other because we are very content with being together (who doesn't like a nice nap now and then). Spending time with each other for laughs and alone time is a plus. Time out in public is good also, if I have nothing going on, I'll even go on shopping trips with you and hold your hand bag while you are in the fitting room. The last item will cost you! When you are finished, I expect a kiss.

If you are only looking for a new friend, I am good with that.
What I’m doing with my life
Avoiding stress. I enjoy spending time in the barn with my horse. Besides, it's a healthier shit to shovel: it doesn't eat at you, it only makes you smelly.
I’m really good at
Fixing things
Taking things apart and putting them back together. Sometimes I will have extra parts - uh oh!
Teaching others how to fix things
Remembering dates - birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Teaching someone how to drive a manual transmission (a.k.a. stick)
Being a safety net for my friends
Remembering to put the toilet seat down when I am done (so how am I looking now?)
The first things people usually notice about me
I am quiet.
The saying goes: "It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Forrest Gump, Patch Adams, Arnold movies, Clint Eastwood movies (most of them), Chuck Norris movies, Abbott & Costello movies, Gran Torino, The Shawshank Redemption, Carbon Copy, Young Frankenstein, Airplane, Groundhog Day
Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, Anger Management, Criminal Minds
ELO, Quarterflash, Carpenters, Bond, America, Styx, Hall & Oates, Billy Joel, Jim Croce, Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald, Harry Chapin
Italian, Sushi, seafood, Mexican, just about anything spicy hot (eating it is the easy part, it's the next day that shows you what you are made of! :-o )
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- Why some people think that are playing Survivor while dating: Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast
- Why are telephone poles not straight?
- Why people who drive to the gym for exercise insist on waiting for a parking space next to the door?
- Are Red Bull and Monster drinks the equivalent of Geritol for the young?
- Has the person with that tattoo of an Asian character verified it is the meaning they wanted and not "stupid jackass"?
- Why I Can't get a clear signal on my expensive smart phone with today's technology but yet that cheap radio on Gilligan's Island made back in the sixties can pull in stations on a deserted island
On a typical Friday night I am
Visiting friends or chilling out
You should message me if
If I am what you are looking for.

If you are not sure. Go ahead, I don't bite, I only nibble around the edges. ;-)

If you are tired of the shenanigans of the tall, dark, and handsome. Try something different: short, bright, and well, you decide. I have been told I look better than my pictures.

If I am not what you are looking for.
Sometimes I make a different impression in person. What impression? You decide. You never know. Sometimes I am like Hellmann's, I bring out the best (in others).

If you want someone to hang out or do things with.
The two of us