29 Corpus Christi, United States
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My self-summary
"I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey..."

I'm not easy to figure out. Even the closest of friends learn more about me every day. I can be solitary, gregarious, enigmatic, frank. I try my best to be social, but in new settings in large crowds I'm much more reserved. I tend to make friends by introductions from current friends.

I tend to pack my schedule as I am very much a giver who wants to help everybody. I do my best to make one-on-one time with my dearest friends. I feel that the connections we make with our fellow cosmic travelers are what life is all about.

I consider myself fairly intelligent. Often times I will think of concepts I am unable to describe because I don't know the words to accurately describe what I'm thinking. I try my best, but I'm sure it's very much a labyrinth to get others to follow my train of thought.

If I'm not engaged by you, I get bored. I can maintain interest for the sake of propriety, though. I can be polite to a fault, but when I do speak out about something, it's sure to be that which I feel very strongly about.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm studying machine shorthand/court reporting/stenography at Del Mar College. If you've seen a TV commercial for that program, I'm the only guy writing on a machine. I'm only there for a second.
I've been taking dance classes on and off for a couple years. Started with ballet; now doing ballroom. If you've ever seen The Nutcracker these past several years, I'm the stereotypical Chinese man jumping around the stage.
At the beginning of this year I've really started becoming involved in a local community theatre. I've been in a few musicals and am in a show currently running and am also preparing for the next one! I've had very little theatre experience before this year, but I feel I'm really getting the hang of it and enjoy it immensely.
I don't go out all that much on my own. I'm more a stay at home type unless I'm going to be with friends. I've made a lot of friends over the years through dancing and now at the theatre, so I do hang out with them, sometimes at dance clubs or a movie night.
I’m really good at
Unintentionally entertaining people? It just happens!

People tell me they enjoy my playing the piano and singing. I am a cantor at my church and the old ladies really like it. One gave me a lot of Josh Groban CDs because she thinks I sound like him, but I don't hear it.

I really read a lot, and tend to remember a lot of seemingly useless stuff which is useful for when it comes up in conversation and can bore people with more info than they'd want to know.

I've noticed as well that people like to share their personal problems with me and I help them sort through their situation. I suppose I am a good listener, then. People trust me to be rational and help them out, which I do.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I appear to be vaguely ethnic, but can't pin it down to exactly what. Something Mediterranean, or even Jewish. People have a difficult time with this.

I have uncommonly long hair. I really try to take good care of it, and I hope it shows.

I like to experiment with different mustache styles.

People say I have a nice butt, which they express verbally and gropingly. I do concur, though.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I collect books. I have several hundreds, spanning the gamut of genres. I actually enjoy the physical appearnce of the book itself, so I'll gladly pay more for high quality, hardcover, or early editions.
The kinds I enjoy reading: sci-fi by Orson Scott Card, Douglas Adams, L. Ron Hubbard (gasp!)
Fantasy by Piers Anthony, Tolkein, J.K. Rowling, GRR Martin, Paolini.
Classics by A.C. Doyle, Lewis Carroll, Jules Verne.
I also enjoy European medieval and Renaissance literature, historical accounts and essays, and classic Eastern literature.

Movies: I enjoy those that really make you sit and think about what you just saw. I do enjoy complex plots and action and hijinks as well. One of my favorite plots is the small crew needing to sacrifice themselves on an impossible expedition to save humanity by stopping the asteroid/restarting the sun/fixing the earth.
Specifically: Sunshine, The Court Jester, Momento, Murder By Death, The Lord of the Rings trilogy

I can stand most styles and genres, although a lot of current music I find to be rubbish. Occasionally something will stand out truly unique and meaningful that I really enjoy, but that doesn't happen too often. Sometimes it depends on the mood and location as to what I'm feeling like listening to. What I enjoy best are classical music of the Late Classical to Romantic periods, choral music from the Renaissance period, novelty piano, Early Jazz/Dixieland/Big Band songs, and Power Metal. An odd menagerie, I know.
Specifically: Gottschalk, George Gershwin, Kamelot, Enigma.

I could eat pot-stickers until I'm fat.
Marie Callender's potpies will be the death of me.
I drink a gallon of milk over the course of several days.
My cheap-as-dirt coffee preparation in my hipster-approved French press.
I'm actually the most adventurous of my family in trying out and creating new recipes for various meats and dishes. They are in fact the guinea pigs for my creations, and I'm usually successful.

TV shows: If the show has a laugh track, I'm not laughing. I prefer police and legal procedurals, clever action comedies, and intense dramas. I'm in the process of watching the original Mission: Impossible series, a classy, clever, and suspenseful show.
"Reality" shows are vapid crap. I don't care about The Real Basketball Housewives of Detroitlanta Shore. People ugly on the inside are the worst.
Specifically: Dexter, Law & Order: SVU, Chuck, Mad Men, Eureka, House.
The six things I could never do without
Clubman's mustache wax
my car
my iDevice
White Lightning, my shorthand machine
My MacBook
Bonus: my piano
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I have the layout of my future dream house in my head, with all its fun features like a library, fireman poles, slides, secret bookshelf doors, and a tiny concert hall.
On a typical Friday night I am
Volunteering at a local community theatre, whether it being on stage, technical assisting, running show lights, or playing in the stage band.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Nessun Dorma nearly makes me cry every time I hear it.

I judge books by their covers.

I want someone to play Schubert piano duets with.
You should message me if
Just message me already. What's there to lose?