27Boynton Beach, United States
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My self-summary
I am a open minded person.... just think about how many profiles you read with people that said that.... Ok now throw that out the window because when I say I'm open minded, I'm talking about I see no morality in my actions. The only thing I see is if its illegal or if its not healthy/beneficial for me. That being said, Let me give a few examples. Had a conversation about hair removal lotion in awkward places with my friends and I bought some and applied it to my sac... burned like hell(Worth), I've tried to give myself a blowjob merely out of curiosity(Only managed to lick the tip), I've went through the process of being baptize because people said it was a horrible thing to do if you aren't committed to Christ so i took the liberty of doing it anyway because fuck you, I got measured and bought Victoria Secret lingerie. I'd try just about anything once if I'm interested. I can't honestly say that guys would be exempt from this either since I'm a virgin lol. I'm very certain that I'm straight but I do appreciate a good looking body whether it be a woman or a man.
What I’m doing with my life
I want to be a social worker , Its my dream and my passion to help people. I'll be honest, A counselor is the reason I passed the 12 grade. My GPA was 1.4 and I had one more semester to go before it all ended. If it weren't for the counselors I would of been lost in all the procrastination that engulfs teens these days. I wasn't the smartest kid in the world but I'll be damn honest that anything can be done if you put your mind to it. Graduated with a 2.0 GPA and that was right on the acceptable line for my school.

I use to work as a sales associate at Macys And i quite liked it. It's certainly a different pace in comparison to the 5 years I've worked in a dementia hospital. Neither job is something i could make a living out of but I still need the money and the experience along with the classes I take to slowly reach my goal in the future. As my one of my favorite heroes would say: http://youtu.be/bXHZWA0jkx0?t=10m59s
I’m really good at

The first impression was your voice and I'm impressed beyond N.O,
My feelings are locked like a door but I opened up at hello,
I let you in so easily because I felt no discomfort in your words,
And when I got to know you, your actions spoke louder than your verbs.

No one quite like you, you're an individual,
your beauty much like graphics, I'm lost in the visuals,
Thoughts are always remainders in my head, you're indivisible,
Some say you are crazy but I think you're better than the usual’s.

You do the strangest things that would confuse a stranger,
You're wild beyond any species but also endangered,
Your mind is like a cheetah because no one will ever get you,
But I understand your difference thus I will never forget you.

Video games:


Perceiving, communication, accepting criticism and Procrastinating.
The first things people usually notice about me
I could be on the radio, I love flirting with any gender lol and i laugh alot. I love to tuck in my shirt and dress to impress. I sing songs that relate to occasions in that moment.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read too many books and its not because I hate them, its just that I like my stories to be a little more interactive. I have read and enjoyed most of the harry potter books, The cay, holes, and Wayfarer Redemption.

Movies, i absolutely love movies and I watch so many that I can't remember the titles. I go for any genre to be honest but recently I've watched the Korean movie titled "A moment to remember." I loved that movie so much that I spent 50$ to have the blue ray shipped to me from Korea, on amazon.

Video Games:

Recently played: Dota 2, Ark

Dota 2
Ark Survival Evolved
Killing Floor 2
Dying Light
Demon souls
Portal 2
Left 4 dead 2
resident evil 4-6
lost planet 2
Devil may cry
Battle field 4
Counter strike
Payday 2
Guild wars 2
Dark souls 2
Rainbow 6
Walking dead
Witcher 2
Mount and blade
Sonic all stars racing transformed

and the other 80 games I bought on steam that I haven't touched because too many lol

Shows, i feel the same way for shows but I watch most of them on my PC. For example, True blood, masters of sex, Clannad(anime), Guilty Crown(Anime), Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.

Music, I listen to all genres of music but mostly into orchestra and Death metal/Metal. One of my all time life changing bands have to be Atreyu. I'm even more hyped that they are finally making music again after 5 years of absence. As I became more seasoned in the metal scene, I've got a huge attraction towards the deatcore band "Chelsea Grin". I save a lot of symphonies on my google chrome browser because its extremely difficult to remember the names of the composition when I can't simply sing out the instrumental chorus on google search. Heres a few more bands/artists I listen to:

Current song of the Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-79b3VblUyw

Shadow Of Intent
Lil Dicky
Conquer Divide
Silent Hell
Veil of Maya
Fire From The Gods(post 2016)
The Browning
Omega virus(instrumental)
Angel vivaldi
la dispute
Famous last words
Internal Devour
Suicide Silence
Sam Hunt
Chelsea Grin
Falling in Reverse
Infant Annihilator
Childish Gambino
Authority Zero
Parkway Drive
Foo Fighters
All that Remains
Thy art is murder
Two steps from hell
Richard Cheese
Rise Against
The Cab
Bullet for my valentine
Fit For a King
Storm Inside(Russian band)
System of a down
A day to remember
Rage against the machine
Avenged seven fold
Three days grace
Slaughter To Prevail
Tenacious D
Nine inch Nails
Linkin Park
Micheal Buble
Taylor Swift

Food: anything that hits the taste buds just right. I'm not very picky with foods just as long as it doesn't clog my arteries or make me fat.
Six things I could never do without
Gym, Music, Education, People, Pc Games, Desire.

High emphasis on gaming. It is my hobby and my main source of entertainment. I play most genres in gaming but as of lately I'm really interested in Dota 2 and any game with good story or team work.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- Why I'm sexually attracted to woman that are:Asians, Germans, Russians, Anyone with light/pale skin.
-Why people automatically assume I'm racist because I'm not too fond of women of my skin color.
- If I could find a hardcore female gamer that's not already taken.
- Why some people feed and tower dive.
- Why women even bother responding or sending a message if they plan on just cutting communication in less than a week anyway. Like seriously that shit baffles me sometimes. Pride gets the best of me but sometimes I want to send a 2nd message later that week(Which I hate to do) asking what exactly went wrong.

Lately I've been thinking about how to describe the type of relationship I'd like to obtain. I'm not exactly traditional nor am I into Polyamory. I love to flirt and I genuinely enjoy discovering other peoples shared interest or a persons body(Male or female). However, I'm not willing to commit to anything like sex or a relationship. I Don't think there is an exact term for this type of relationship so here's an illustration of whats running through my head(The Lines in the the middle of each term is just a middle ground between the 2 terms):

Asexual(This is at the top because these people have it easy)
Open Relationship <- What I can manage at most.
| <- What xavian wants
Monogamy <- meh
Forever alone/Casanova

I like the idea of an open relationship as well but It's a bit more complex to manage unless both lovers fully understand and are ok with it and I'd always be the first to fully understand and be ok with it. Just damn near impossible to find a woman with the level of confidence and interest in it to do one.
On a typical Friday night I am
PC gaming (Ark survival evolved/ Dota 2/Overwatch) or on Skype (add me: xxxxryuxxxx1) with my friends, Writing my thoughts out loud in my significant others diary after work or school then jerking my chicken.... Well scratch out the Friday and its all fact =]
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My first lover was online; however, I have no shame in admitting that I actually prefer online over local. Trust and communication is key to me; In other words, physical contact in any means is not necessary in order to fall in love. The benefits of online dating is that it filters out the bad apples lol. Take for example, the sex hungry women have no patience for online seducing, and the gold diggers have no patience for setting up a pay pal. Don't get me wrong though, I do want physical contact eventually but I much rather find some one who puts love and quality time over sexual desire.

Another private thing about me is that I do carry a list in my head of the ideal woman. However, I am open to others out of this criteria so for people who really find it important can read it because I've been runner up by so many girls i don't give a shit any more lol

VIRGIN (Optional.. because I am one)
Blue/green eyes(Unless you're Asian)
Isn't Obese(If you are overweight, I'll constantly think of ways to motivate you or get you to work out with or without me)
not a jealous type
(I have a deep attraction for pale skin)
The ability to critically think
A gamer(If you aren't a gamer, I'll have this habit of constantly thinking about how I can make you into one)
The two of us