43Fayette City, United States
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My self-summary
I am eclectic and atypical.

I am recovering from esophageal cancer.

I am mystical and magical.

I am Polypantheistic, an Existentialist Occult Philosopher, and a far Left Libertarian Communist Cult Leader.

I'm not sure how to describe my sex-life except that it is very similar to the above statement.

I am not the most social butterfly in the net.


Oh, I juggle and dance with fire. Here's a video of me juggling fire. Sorry, they used my smart phone so there are no camera effects.

And check out myArte
What I’m doing with my life
I am called the daykeeper
The one who opens the way
They also say I'm a seer
Who keeps the demons at bay

They say I'm a daykeeper
One who will open the way
Akin to the Grim Reaper
But I'm just his attache
I’m really good at
Peculiar feelings spring forth
Towards the infinite bounds
Crossing the winds of the north
And upon the western mounds
Where long-dead kings lay resting.
So sayeth the snake of time.
As he leaps up to take wing,
The bell is struck, hear its chime;
Ringing, raging in its bliss,
Play the tune of foolishness.
The moon licks the crowned hiss
Of the last king who will not miss
One last glimpse of the flickering flame
The splintered spear thrown away!
The holy grail cast to shame!
The dogs of hell are held at bay!
Thunders strike the sacred grove!
The white bull goes off to war!
The child plays beneath the cove,
Where the witches invoke more!
Ah! in dazzling delight
She screams in ecstasy
An' is off on another plight
Dancing with the sacred fae
Beneath the gnarled oak
Satyrs & nymphs who happily play
Within intoxicating smoke
In the shadows of mans deceit
Where the shedded blood
Of honored knights do meet
Foraging the silent flood
The maiden awaits the kiss
The mother longs for her love
The crone's caress is bliss
The crow defeats the dove
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes and the fact that I'm hard to approach. I dare you!

I remember falling in love
innocence, passion and impatience
an eternity in her arms
the pain and intensity of her glance
confusion of wholeness
never let go, never alone, at one
everything i see, everything i feel
the timeless bond of infinite bounds
alive and free, nothing will stop us
but it was only a memory
of the distant past
and a different me
it was never real
a kind of lucidity
the kind that keeps the dream alive
while you waste away in sleep
but can't seem to wake
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music! I use to have a very long list but in retrospect it seemed a bit pretentious so I'll just say that I like music. When I'm done with my giant list of rare and obscure gothick music search and the rare and obscure industrial/neoFolk list I have yet to compile I shall consider listing Everything again.

I also like to DJ parties when I get the chance. I spin DarkPsy and old-school Goth Industrial.

I am an avid reader and bibliophile. I recently lost over $3000 worth of books and am down to a single shelf... I am very sad about this but attachment is bad for the soul and am dealing.

I enjoy watching movies, usually on my computer. I don't do TV but if I hear about a good series I will just get it after the last season.

I want to see Wagner's Parsifal and The Magic Flute before I die.

I'm a picky eater. I had a life-changing health experience that forces me to go on a forever diet. I've never had to diet before and it's neat reading the back of boxes. I love indian and greek food. I need to stay away from Italian and Mexican :( but I cheat and buy Amy's frozen foods ~_^ but I don't eat it every day.
Six things I could never do without
People who Grok
Self expression
Some semblance of a mind
A place to put my stuff
Somewhere to sleep
Music, Books and Art
Being able to break rules!

o thou who art the daughter of the mighty ones!
thee, thee i invoke
o thou who art the daughter of the Lords of truth, the ruler of the balance!
thee, thee i invoke
o thou who art the daughter of the flaming sword!
thee, thee i invoke
o thou who art the daughter of the reconcilers, the bringer forth of life!
thee, thee i invoke
o thou who art the daughter of the firmament, dweller between the waters!
thee, thee i invoke
ye who art the master of chronzon!
thee, thee i invoke
i invoke thee, i invoke thee
priestess of the silver star
thee, thee i invoke
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything until I get my Zen on then nothing.

In silent wishes
Whispers to the sea
And in all kisses
The great trinity
For who hath seen say
Merrily I thought
I over-heard the way
On and on I sought
On a typical Friday night I am
I stare off into the outer reaches of the infinitely vast areas deep within your lovely eyes and spy magnanimous understanding.
I walk up the highest mountain paths for a glimmer into the beatific dream quest or even the mere hint of true beauty.
I've searched the deepest seas for a shimmer of truth and found in the reflections your subtle smile and devious eyes.
Standing beneath the azure night sky bathed in lunar light I meditate upon the mysteries of an ancient tomb and contemplate only you.
I look at myself and see my life stretched way out from birth till death and wonder when you'll appear.
I see what I know to be mirror reflected soul to soul but I only know so much and wonder if it can be true.
Can it be true, eye to eye, mouth to mouth, thoughts intertwined forever dreaming of your embrace.
Forever dreaming of the time when the dream will come true but afraid to awaken, afraid that you won't exist.
Looks can be deceiving and so can thoughts, words are all plagiarized and can't describe the human heart, what are you?
Are you she who rescues me in my dream?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have next to no cartilage in my knees. They finally gave me an MRI of my knee so that maybe now they can fix it instead of telling me "Nothing's showing up on x-ray" for the past 5 freaking years and 3 x-rays.
The MRI only showed slight damage to soft tissue and I don't know what that means yet.

I have false teeth, mostly due to eating Runts on lsd in the early 90s. My false teeth either changed shape or my gums did but I don't wear teeth because it hurts like hell now. The dentist is far down on my list of things to do. I'm going to too many doctor appointments these days to add that to the growing list. Maybe spring.

My username is no longer tattooed on my arm, I have a lot of self-made tattoos of various occult symbols and band logos. Skinny Puppy is on my hand and the Psychick Cross is on my forearm but the rest are occult symbols. WYRD is on my upper fingers and various symbols are on my lower fingers and thumb but anarchy is on my middle-finger. My main profile picture is just above my wrist and so many other ones I won't list them all here.

I use the same username on fetlife.

I'm a practicing ψυχή ναύτης and have been a teacher for many years.

Once in a blue moon I might get the urge to shave my eyebrows... they grow back.

My workspace is organized clutter filled with books, art supplies, occult stuff, computers and audio equipment EVERYWHERE.

After being sort of cured of esophageal cancer my body started breaking down from top to bottom, in that order. Entire GI Tract is just fucked. I'm having many tests and getting many treatments. This has been my year as of last january 1st.

Somehow my brain broke along the way this year and for the first time I decided that I was fucked up enough to seek help and therefore now see a therapist twice a month and a psychiatrist as often as I can.

Let's see; I'm on Mirtazapine, Klonopin, Amitripline, Gabapentin, and I told the doctor that I will abuse Xanax so he took me off it (I don't need that addiction)... Some serious shit, I know. That list is subject to change at the doctors whim, it's fun playing trial & error with my bodily chemicals, right? Especially my serotonin! that just pisses me off...

DSL is LSD backwards.

I'm very much into Kink and have done many things. Being a Switch I go in for what my partner is into if he/she is -really- into it; otherwise it's like dry masturbation to an 80s sitcom. I'm mostly into women, though I have dated a guy before, and found a few men quite attractive. Let's just say that I'm 70% Dom and 30% Sub... 90% Master 10% Slave. That should say a lot.

And I don't drive. Growing up in Pittsburgh and moving to major cities and/or dating people with a car I never needed to get a license. Now, of course, I live in farm country and have NO way to get to Pittsburgh or anywhere else for that matter. If this disturbs you, bugger-off, you probably live too far away anyways.

I find the degradation
of the human equation
to be rather erotic.
Just a mass of quixotic
souls simply wandering by
imploring life till they die.

I find the segregation
of the racial stimulation
to be somewhat exotic.
Just bypass all the toxic
energy fields in the lie
until you learn how to fly.

I find the titillation
of her evaluation
to be out there and cosmic.
Just worship the dark gothic
goddess and gaze eye to eye
until you release and sigh.
You should message me if
Walk the path of the wicked
And discover who thou art
Even if thou art morbid
Love of thyself every part
For in thine own belonging
Thou shalt feel the sense of hurt
To thyself free everything
And to thine spirit assert
Thine true will upon the earth
Believe in thine own powers
By the Gods see thine own worth
And control the watch towers
Be the Sphinx & speak thy word
Rise as the Phoenix does
Tis time thine past wast interred
All is ever as it was

You've read this and still want to.
The two of us