50 Little Rock, United States
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My self-summary
I. Love. To. Romance.... im. A. Real. Loving. Affectionate. Person" i. Work. Hard" yes. Im. Lugitimate... i. Really. Enjoy. A. Home. Life... im. Willing. To. Meet. Some. One. Half. Way" (i. Mean) financially!!! Im. Easy. To. Get. Along. With.... no!!!!! I. Aint. No. Control. Freak. Might" ad. Im. Not. Much. For. Being controled. Either" unless. Its. Logical... i. Deeply. Understand. A. Womens. Needs... regardless!!! Of. What. The. Needs. May. Be... hopefully" that. Could. Go. Both. Ways.. also' i. Love. Animals" you. No! Like. Puppys. & kittys... im. Very. Active. No"" im. Not. Lazy... not. Much. For. Being. Unemployed.... yes. I. Love. To. Romance. At. Home.... i. Want. A. Women. Who. I. Can. Trust. & count. On. Yes. My. Loyalty. Is. Outstanding!!! Its. Not. Always. The. Looks. That. Matter... its. There. True. Colors. That. Makes. Every. Diffrence...
What I’m doing with my life
Im. Working. Very. Hard... in hopes. I can. Find. Some. To. Share. S. Deep. Romantic. Love. Life. With.... & a. Social. Life. Ss. Well... some. One. I. Can trust. & count. On..
I’m really good at
Woking. Hard labor" even. At. My. Age. I. Still. Am. Very. Phisical.... and. Once. I get to no. A. Women" sex. Is. Something. Thats. Beyond. Noormal... im. Very. Dedicated. To. Theone. Im. With
The first things people usually notice about me
My. Mean. Looks" well. Thatsjust. The. Way. God. Made. Me... im. A. Very loving. & compassionate. Person... then. Theres. My. Wild. Eyes" many. Women. Have. Always. Said..... i have. Eyes. That go. Rite. Through. Them....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I. Love. Hard. Rock... im. Not. Talking. About. Insane. Hard. Metal.. stuff. Like. Creed' audioslave' red. Hot. Chilli. Peppers.... alot. Of. Classic. Rock.. i. Like. Some. Rapp' not. Gangster. Rapp. Some. Hip. Hop... also. Like. Classic. Country. ... mainly. All. Jhonny. Cash... moveis" action.. horror' sospence.. & walt. Disney" food. Bring. It. On" im. Constantly. Hungry... im. A. Laboror. I. Earn. My. Appitite...
The six things I could never do without
My. Cell. Phone" this. Cupids. Stuff" food" work' love. & affection' (although. At. The. Moment. Im. Doing. With. Out that) & hope" along. With. Are. Creater...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Every. Possitive" aint got no. Time. To. Think. Negative""" having. Awonderful. Home. Life. With. A beautiful. Women.. having. This. Ever. Lasttttting. Love. That. Just wont. Stop.
On a typical Friday night I am
I. Could. Stay. At home. With tbe. One i. Love" we. Can. Go. Out.... friday nites. Are. Not. Tipycal. To. Me.... (what. Evers. Clever...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Nothing!!!! Must get. To. No. Some one. Befor. I. Do. Any. Of. This...
You should message me if
If. You. Want. True. Love. & affection"" financially. Ill. Do. My. Part.... but. I wont. Go. Head. Over. Heals..... or if. If. Means. Just. Good. Friends. Suxh. As. Cuddleing"" well. Then' come. On. With. It!!!!! Or. Even. Just. Text. Talk... although""" i'd. Like. To. Get. Too. No. You....