28Indianapolis, United States
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My self-summary
Hello! I am usually fairly shy, and am the person in the group that likes to watch people and get information before I jump in and talk. I may not have a lot to say verbally, but let me paint you or draw you, and you will see what and how I feel without words. I love lovely and kind people, but I also have a little... darker and fun side ;) (If you know what I mean). It takes me a while to open up to people, so many times I can come off as "cold" "heartless" "aloof" "bitchy" as described so lovingly by my family, but once you get to know me a little, you will see that I am a loving, caring, and giving person, almost to a fault. In my travels, I have seen things that most other people my age will never see. I have had so many life experiences that it make me years older than others around me, but... even still, I am a fun and loving person at heart, and if you become my friend, have earned my trust, treat me right and gently, you will have a loyal, loving friend for life ((I sound like a dog, woof woof :) ))
Some other things... I liven in Hell, AKA: Jr. High and High School, where I was severely Hazed and Bullied to the point I spent my last year alone in the art room or library because I couldn't go anywhere else without having something happen to me (Like; food thrown at me, my backpack dumped out, getting my head slammed into lockers, my swimsuit and things cut up and shoved down toilets, verbal and physical attacks, my books getting destroyed, my art pieces for class getting stolen, os on and so forth.)
Other things....I love art, archaeology (historic, mainly, but pre-historic works), doing intricate nail designs for the hell of it, meeting new and interesting people, doing mind-bendy-twisty puzzles and movies. I love Horror, zombie, apocalypse, thriller, and any combination of those in a game or movie!!
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I am focusing on finishing college, getting my application into the Peace Corps, working, studying, and not getting rolled-over by life.
I’m really good at
Art, Forensic Anthropology, medical illustrations, solving riddles/problems, and Archaeology... I'll think of more later :)
~Drawing technical and lifelike drawings with my right hand, and looser abstract drawings with my left hand.
~I am ambidextrous and use it to the fullest extent!
~Cooking made-from-scratch meals, desserts, appetizers and so on. Also creating flavorful new drinks! I love cooking for other people!
~I can speed read, type, and retain information.
~Massages. I studied the human body and massage therapy for two years, so I am good at knowing problem areas and making you feel a hell of a lot better than when you first came in! And no, no happy endings for you.
~Impromptu everything, such as; solving conflicts on the spot, relationship drama that suddenly crashes into me (because seriously, everyone I know, EVERYONE, has come to me at least once for advice, and it usually works)
~I'm good at being an analytical and rational thinker, coming up with an outsiders point of view that sees both problems and where they will lead based on answers given. -_- creepy, I know...
The first things people usually notice about me
Either my eyes, my boobs, my lips, or even my personality, but usually it is my boobs. *rolls eyes*
Six things I could never do without
Six things... Hmm...
1. Espresso
2. My laptop/internet
3. Books
4. Friends that truly care for me
5. Did I mention Espresso??
6. The ability to travel to new places across the world
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Graduating from with 2 Majors and 2 minors soon, (I mean, seriously. It's about time!), and then going into the peace Corps. Hopefully, the South Pacific Islands for Education and Medical work. After that, coming back for Grad School.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I grew up with a Bi-polar mother in a time where they didn't know what it was, exactly, and couldn't treat or diagnose it properly. She had rage swings, violent yelling and sometimes physical. Because she said things to me over and over, and since I was just a child, I grew up believing in her words. Because of this, I feel shameful for my body type, that I am not very intelligent, that I can't sing or dance, even though others have told me otherwise for all of these. I have a hard time taking a complement because I feel I don't deserve it.
That being said, I have taken back control of my life, and am working through these things, recognizing that I am intelligent, otherwise I wouldn't have a 3.4 GPA in college, that I can sing and dance (mostly belly dancing) but am shy about doing it in front of people. My body is another thing. I don't feel attractive at all, and it is a constant on my mind what she said to me.
So, there is a secret that a few people know about, and now you. Please don't feel frightened or discouraged by this in any way! I'm still a pretty awesome person, hehehe.
You should message me if
Although, really, I'm not really sexually active, but would love a friend or a cuddle-buddy, you know? But, I may be open to more... if you are really interesting and open...
The two of us