25Abingdon, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Everyone has aspects that make them, well them.
I am a Social/Casual Gamer who plays to have fun, I am a Geek who enjoys several shows and owns some of the merchandise, but I haven't tried cosplay.

I'm a varied person; I can cover the spectrum from being quite blond (entitled by my hair) to very focused and no computer could predict which is about to happen, stick with the weather.

Personality wise, everyone says I'm very nice and a good friend to have, I enjoy a day out but I don't drink at all; I know it surprises everyone new I meet.
What I’m doing with my life
During the Week I work at a really nice company, using skills completely different to what I studied at University.

The Weekend is the time of plans like Cinema, the Firefly board game I enjoy or typically social gaming with Friends and perhaps some Netflix.
I’m really good at
...random facts and watching shows like QI, Planet Earth & How the Universe Works; does all that count?

Listening to peoples problems and trying to give my advice from my unique perspective in how I think.

Computers, have been since Secondary School.

I like to think im ok, at making (music) videos. I have a Youtube Channel Yin117; let me know what you think of my Videos.

Oh and being a little daft at times (see above)
The first things people usually notice about me
The Bright Blond hair that sits on my head and Glasses, often resulting in the timeless joke of Milkybar-kid.

Other than that, if personality counts perhaps how relaxed or chatty I can be?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Being a Geek, it was only natural that I read those related to said interest, particularly I read the Halo Novels.

The Geek/SciFi/Fantasy films you have heard of are likely in my list; some of them are the Tron films, Scot Pilgrim and Back to the Future; oh I could go on.

I have watched many shows, some "science-ey" like 'How the Universe Works', 'Forever' and some that are very different like 'New Gir' and 'Heart of Dixie' and more recently 'Firefly' and 'Attack on Titan'
I do enjoy my Comedies too, you will often hear me reference QI, if you hate QI you may as well leave now.

I don't do drugs, nor understand them of course, but to me Music is the ultimate Drug!
Those I like are that make you feel some emotion, or empowering lyrics; I have so much I like and alot comes from the games I play; when they are used in intense or emotional moments of their events.
A few songs I enjoy are 'Shinedown (Miracle)' various songs by 'Two Steps from Hell' and 'Spanish Sahara (Foals)' that last one is an emotional one for me thanks to the game 'Life is Strange'

As for games, I could just read off a list, but the ones that are close to my mind and heart:
Halo' was one of my first real games I played, and I've been with it for many years now.
More recently the game mentioned previously 'Life is Strange' left a lasting impression on me, the first Episodic game I have played; very emotional and an example of me trying something new and loving it.
'Mass Effect' was a favorite for a long time, I am still finding amazing Music Videos and I look forward to the new series coming.
'Chromehounds' a game ahead of it's time I wish we had back I will never forget.

I'm a fan of simple food desires, no fancy spices or presentation; food prevents us from dying. I enjoy food that is nice but I tend to keep it simple.
A good Burger is always a favorite and go-to meal, otherwise other meats like Meatballs, Tuna Pasta Bake are nice too. I do like some Noodles and Chicken Balls from a Chinese however.

There is many more to those above, but the list ends here.
Six things I could never do without
My Family (including my Doggie),
Some of my Favorite Meals,
Hot Chocolate and Biscuits,
Occasionally getting out and being less of an Introvert
Music is the only drug I need every day!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to best spend my time when I get home from work, and what to spend the weekend on.

How well am I doing at my job, how can I do better Tomorrow.
Has my dog been walked today.
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing after my week of work, typically on Xbox with whatever game I most want to play at the time.

That or catching up on TV or Movies ive been meaning to watch.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't really having anything "private" I want to share on here, but there's some stuff I will talk about.
I have a minor love of Yin & Yang,
& the song 'Spanish Sahara by Foals' can bring a tear to my eye.
You should message me if
Your a friendly person whose either looking for a friend or a relationship.

You are also willing to be patient, I am not experience in relationships & I am still figuring out what in who I am looking for;
I listed myself as "Straight, Sapiosexual, Questioning" as I am Straight for sure, but I value intelligence; at the same time I don't know what my sex drive is due to said inexperience. Maybe I shouldn't be putting this here, maybe many will run away now; but I'm honest and felt putting my mind on my wrist is easier than my heart.

When it comes to 'Online Dating messages' I suck at writing them as everyone's expectations are different, I always fear that I say the wrong thing and are met by silence because of it.

I'm looking for a relationship, but I don't mind making a new Friend.

I am mostly a Black and White person, I don't plan Holidays (like sunny beaches or travels) but I do enjoy other outings like Theme Parks, intellectually stimulating places like @Bristol, etc. Tell me what you enjoy and maybe we have a match
The two of us