38 San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
Here begins another display of shameless self-promotion:

I'm from Montreal (Yes. I speak French.). I moved to San Francisco 6 years ago to work in Silicon Valley. I love this city and I plan to stay here - I just bought a Condo in downtown SF.

I'm an avid Dancer and Swing dance several times a week. I'm also learning to Blues dance and have been known to Salsa. I love the art form; the music, the people, the culture... and I love to dip follows and watch them laugh hysterically at the fun they're having. (Seriously, Swing is a blast with a strong scene in SF and if you havn't tried you're missing-out).

I might LOOK like the sportsy type but I'm actually pretty bookish. (Ahem, "Bookish"= Euphemism for "Nerd").

I use proper English spelling. I'm Canadian. Get over it.

I was born and raised in Canada but my family is actually "African". Our roots on the tropical island of Mauritius go back as far back as the 1700's and our languages are French and Creole. We're everywhere now - I have family in France, Australia, Canada, the US, parts of Asia and Africa. I consider myself Canadian first. (Too complicated? Tough shit).

I take Acting at the American Conservatory Theater. While I'm never going to quit my day job and move to Hollywood it's a lot of fun. I love exploring characters, believing and finding Truth (yeah... we actually do talk like that).

My Myers-Briggs personality type is ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving). I never used to pay much attention to Myers-Briggs but I've come to realize that this actually describes me pretty well.

I'm two continents away from seeing all 6 that are not the Antarctic.

"Burn the land and boil the sea".
-Best show ever
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a chip-design engineer at Nvidia. I design circuits for GPUs (Graphics Processing Units: the high-end graphics processors in your computer). I've worked on chips that are in your PC, smartphone or Tablet. It's a really cool job and I get to help design high-profile stuff.
I’m really good at
... Foot-massage Artiste extraordinaire!!!

I'm a good listener.

Disarming someone and making them laugh. Especially on the Dance floor ;)

I cook some pretty decent Indian and creole.
The first things people usually notice about me
... I'm, like, REALLY attractive.
(Hey I TOLD you this was going to be shameless! You were warned!)

Yeah, I do the tongue-in-cheek thing a lot.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - The World According to Garp, Slaughterhouse Five, Trainspotting, Guns Germs and Steel, Vonnegut, Lord Of The Rings, High Fidelity, Dune, No Logo, Outliers, The Road, The Watchmen, Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Omnivore's Dilemma, Revolutionary Road, World War Z, The Great Gatsby, American Gods, American Psycho, The Fountainhead, Ender's Game. Lately I'm reading more Plays for Acting. I'm currently doing a Chekov scene.

Music - Godspeed you Black Emperor!, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, TV on the Radio, Cat Power, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Ben Harper, Feist, The Ramones, The Dead Kennedys, Muse. Also: Old Jazz that you can Sway or Swing to.

Movies - Star Wars, The Last of the Mohicans, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Royal Tenenbaums, Donnie Darko, Up, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3, The Big Lebowski, L'Auberge Espagnole, Alien(s), The Lord of the Rings, The Corporation, Evil Dead, Rocky Horror Picture show, X-men, Zoolander, Lost in Translation, Garden State.

TV - Daily Show, Arrested Development, Archer, Scrubs, Firefly (or anything Joss Whedon), X-Files, The Walking Dead, South Park, Battlestar Galatica, Caprica, A Game of Thrones, Star Trek: TNG, Robot Chicken, Outsourced, Discovery channel, History channel, IFC, Mythbusters, historical dramas/documentaries, TED Talks.

Foods - I love all kinds of food. Indian, French, Creole, Chinese - growing up, they were all represented at our table. I also have a thing for Sushi and Ramen noodles. And SPICEY! I love spicey.
The six things I could never do without
For the sake of being different I'll give seven: 1. Personal pursuits/Hobbies 2. Fiction 3. Originality in Film/Literature 4. Problem-solving/Innovation 5. Good cuisine 6. Good wine and beer 7. Connection.

Juste pour etre unique, voici sept: 1. Des poursuits personel 2. La lecture 3. L'originalite dans film et livres 4. L'innovation 5. La cuisine 6. Du bon vin et bierre 7. La connection.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Top-five, all-time "I spend a lot of time thinking about" things:
1. The state of the world today
2. Social differences between the US and Canada and their root causes
3. How to best spend my time
4. What to cook tonight
5. What to read tomorrow
6. Which country I want to visit next

(Okay, that was six. Sorry Nick Hornby...)
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with friends at a bar or club. On occasion, when I want to get REALLY crazy... I stay in with a book or movie (GASP!). Lately I've been wanting more to curl-up with a friend/significant other and spend quality time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes I feel I've got to run away, I've got to get away from the pain you drive into the heart of me. The love we share seems to go nowhere, and I've lost my life for I toss and turn I can't sleep at night. Once I ran to you. Now I run from you. This tainted love you've given, you've taken all a boy can give you. Take my tears and that's not really... OHHH!
You should message me if
We have things in common. You appreciate an earnest charm and dig a slightly dorky sense of humour. You want to learn to dance.

Go ahead, write me. Even if we don't 'click' you won't regret it ;)