39Fairfax, United States
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My self-summary
Hi, I am going to start out with saying the next time someone writes to you, PLEASE remember it was because they knew when they wrote that YOU weren't a failure and decided to take an interest in getting to know the real you like many guys on here haven't. So ask yourself "How's SINGLE life working out for you ?" We both know - NOT TOO GOOD, OR ELSE YOU WOULDN'T BE ON HERE PERIOD!

So consider the next best alternative and write them back..NEVER KNOW WHERE SOMETHING GOOD someone writes to you has you wanting to TURN INTO GREAT!
Also - if you decide to "like" me on here - please send me at least a little sentence or two. Don't assume saying nothing will go too far. Since I can't see who likes me anyhow - so let me know something, please.
And only saying hello,hi or how are you isn't a good intro.
Plus - I'm NOT able to see who likes me.( If you decide to like me, please include some nice words with your like)
When you write, please don't be afraid to tell me about yourself some. Write me the way you feel you would want to be written to. From the heart. Not just what you think I would want to hear.

Anyhow,I'm smart, honest,educated, extroverted,athletic,have a sence of humor with confidence all the way,and I know what I want and NOT AFRAID TO GO FOR IT!! =)

Lastly, the percentage figure on here doesn't always appear to be correct on weather two persons on here are a good match or not, SO if I write you DON'T let it dictate YOUR CHOICE WITH writing me back and GETTING TO KNOW ME, cause if we're a good match we will know VIA our own correspondence,though sometimes it's VERY OBVIOUS we're just not going to be a good match.
What I’m doing with my life
In simple I'm moving forward and NOT looking back! Unless of course God opens a door that involves the past.
We can talk about this and other stuff as we correspond and get more familiar/ get to know one another..
Currently I am also working my medical side of things, but Lord willing soon to take an opening back in a prior background when shown.

Being there for someone is priceless !!! Life is priceless !!!
For now - I find the hours are more convenient than ever, so I have more time to spend doing things I like outside of work.
Example - with who ever I am blessed to meet off here, I would have time to actually see them in person, hang out, just making time to properly dedicate it towards the relationship of whatever kind of relationship is formed between us.
I love traveling all the way! So that will also open more time to do such, too.. Via mini road trips or air planes. I'm a great guy in all aspects, so meeting you could be the best thing that ever happens to you and me. I'd like to think of being the guy you meet who will have your better interest first over my own in a nice way. AKA Selfless.

I have dreams just like you and I WANT TO BE ABLE TO TRULY LIVE THESE DREAMS to the fulllest, and meet soemone who can show/tell me all about their dreams they want to live out.
Ultimately showing both of us to live in each others dreams.

Imagine being able to help ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. By exersising the gift of giving ONE MIGHT SAY ITS CALLED BEING AN "ULTIMATE GIVER"
To share His love galore for His glory... He is, has, and will continue to bless me.. Thank-you, JESUS !!!!! Is what I am able to do, AND ALL BECAUSE OF HIM!!

I'm always up for some fun and adventure. You won't ever go wrong having me around. I make great company all the way! Give things a chance and open yourself up to trying something you won't ever regret. If it's meant to be, then things will happen naturally without ever being forced. So I ask - do you really mean what you say in your profile ? I do.
Do you really want to meet someone? I do.
If so, okay, but if not, don't waste your time or mine.
And remember- Love is something you NEVER WANT TO FORCE and it CONQUERS ALL. =)
I’m really good at
Being a man and taking responsibility if it's my fault, not afraid to ask for directions if I'm lost or just taking care of care of the problem over all. As you get to know me you will see the answers to this, then you can make the call to this answer yourself, and NOT just base this off my answer alone.
Ladies - I can cook! No your're not dreaming. You have come across a guy who can cook that great! You won't regret it.
I promise! I mean,how many men do you know who will cook for their women ?
There might be a day where you come home from a long day and you don't feel like cooking.. RELAX.. Kick your feet up and let me serve/ do the cooking..... =) It won't be disappointing when you and I have started from scratch and making an ultimate connection that leads you to have met Your_MAIN_Man..
The first things people usually notice about me
My physical status as I'm tall, dark, handsome and secure all the way in all the right ways...As you get to know me you will see for yourself all the many, great qualities I have and have achieved so far in this game called life. You will also notice my since of humor, my sensitive side along with a great, over all personality that isn't easy to come across. ALL IN ALL - you won't regret ever giving me a shot. =) So I ask are you really looking for a LEADER and not another follower ? Look no further. Here I am..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love a great movie of mystery, but always down for great drama, suspense or biography or horror just the same.
Plus - Ias if you don't from prior reading, I can cook, ladies, so food is not an issue as I'm not just your "average" JOE who can't cook you a great meal and only eats microwave specials..
Music is MUCH and MANY types of preference.. As far as shows I like much of the NEW stuff out there as the older shows that went on and on are all coming to a close or have already stopped.
Six things I could never do without
Good health
Family and Friends
Those are THREE of the SIX things I could never do without. Will post the other 3 things when they come to mind.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
ALL those many important areas of life WE ALL spend time thinking about, however I don't over analyze life, one must continue to do all they can and move forward and NEVER look back.
On a typical Friday night I am
Typically out and about having fun with my friends or sometimes even staying in getting stuff done on the old computer, though a social and people person it's not likely I'll be in all the time unless of course the night calls for it or I'm doing dinner/ movie or something that calls for being in doors.
Doing drinks together,ECT.. Whatever the case - never,ever a dull moment and always fun in some way or another.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Okay, I will let some cat's out of the bag and admit I'm still a virgin. I chose at a young age to practice abstinence till marriage. I would really like to continue, Lord wiling my fortunate streak with the blessing of having opportunities in getting to know those of the "doctor" world as God has blessed me with these good opportunities, but I just haven't met the " right" doctor yet..
Very unique indeed, though just the way things have turned out without even knowing anything prior of the gal who interest me,so if it isn't broken, then I never try and fix it,however I am open to the idea of meeting other gals who aren't in this very loving career oriented medical community of doctors I've been shown thus far in life.
(That is if led from God Himself)
You should message me if
You're NOT only interested in getting to know me for my looks or MY MONEY, but want to get to know me for me and who I am from the inside out.
I surely don't, at all, have ANY interest in getting to know YOU for money, so I wouldn't expect ANYTHING different from you.
I decided to write you because I saw after reading your words something that was special in your profile, something that made you appeal to me that no words can describe. Something that's priceless!
You're like a gem that only shines more and more the more WE invest into each other.Otherwise if I didn't feel good about writing you, then I wouldn't bother you, waste your time or mine period..
That's how I get to know someone. From the inside out.
Love is too special to take for granted and it
doesn't come around enough to meet someone, use them only to spit them out luke warm whenever you feel like it.
Always be open to expecting the UNEXPECTED.
The two of us