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My self-summary
Whaddya want me to say?

I'm an Engineer by nature. My father was a carpenter, an engineer, and a technician by trade; I follow closely after. I got a dog to help me settle down after college, he takes up lots of my free time which both gives me an excuse to skip chores I need to do and offers me opportunities for exercising, all three I don't want to give up anytime soon.
What I’m doing with my life
You are who you associate with, so I'm always trying to hang out with other friendly, intelligent, and happy people.

On any given night of the week I am doing:
1) walking the dog or taking him to the dog park
2) chopping firewood. it's macho and free heating during the winter.
3) cooking dinner/lunch for the week
4&5) vacuuming. my dog has so much fur. so much *shudder*
6) when not doing 1-5 I like to fix up my vegetable garden, do training with my dog, or practice guitar.
I’m really good at
Knowing a little bit about a lot. I've always tried to learn the concepts behind everything in life and besides how computers actually compute things I have most of the technical stuff down.

My twin brother is a mason turned mechanic; my dad is a carpenter/electrician; and my mom is a librarian (and effectively a middle school art teacher). My sister is the oddball web designer for cleveland Metroparks. I'm smack-dab in the middle of all these personalities, fitting for a middle child.

I'm not good at decorating or color coordination. "Lumberjack" or "spartan" comes to mind... sometimes a guy just wants to wear flannel, 'kay? Disclosure: casual fridays at work are flannel or Hawaiian. I will update if we start a 3rd yearly style**
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My radio amplifier is set as my computer audio, so I can broadcast anything from my computer across my house through two 5" speakers made in 1974... At least it makes household chores more enjoyable!

And if I am working out of visual cue I can play something well known and follow by audio cues alone (The Goonies, Back to the Future, Princess Bride are all good examples)

For music: I grew up on old cassettes, I do remember Ted Nugent. From 12-18 it was Weird Al, but after I hit college my tastes expanded exponentially! I now listen to classic rock, oldies, fantasia, big brass bands, progressive rock (pink floyd type stuff), progressive metal, melodic metal (seriously, this one vocalist is a trained opera singer for a metal band! Kamelot, look it up!!), etc etc. I don't actively listen to country because of the way it is marketed towards a specific group of media-consuming type folks. It's not bad, especially with a lady-friend singing some lyrics next to you sometimes, but in general it's not "diverse in lyrical content"

If any of these bands are in your library, we got something to talk about: ranging from Tenacious D to Killswitch Engage; from Modest Mouse to Captain Beyond. Beatles: Duh. Coheed & Cambria to Foreigner. Danko Jones to Serj Tankian. Styx, Cat Stevens, Rush, Floyd, AFI, Bayside, Cream, Death Cab for Cutie, Foo Fighters, Gorillaz, Iron and Wine, Ronald Jenkees, Savoy Brown, Skindred, Snow Patrol, Sparta, The Used, ... even Toto.

Newer bands I've found are on youtube: Haken, Birds of Tokyo, Soen, and Royal Blood* are some highlights there.

I'll eat anything but olives. If you like a type of food ask me out! I'll find one to show you! Li Wahs (Chinese), hofbrau (german), Sokolowski's (slovakian) and Fatheads (good ole a'murican brewery) are all top picks!!
My *will return* restaurants are Li Wah's (Chinese), Sokolowski's (Slovakian), and Fathead's (A 'Murican brewery).

Last book I read for fun: The Watchmen (the graphic novel).
Current book I am reading: Pretrial by Mauet (turns out I have some scumbag neighbors who would rather pay a lawyer $200/hr than pay me an owed medical bill of 600 dollars)
The six things I could never do without
1) I just swapped my phone for a new droid. It's nice.
2) I'm trying to give up caffeine but doing just "OK" at it. No coffee at work is about as far as I can go... goddamn soda pops!

3) I love a good sleep. I used to keep a dream journal but nowadays only if a dream is poignant enough and I have time I might type it in... If you ever analyzed dreams, heck: we might be a match!! I have had several lucid dreams, but only one conscious-choice dream! It's a cool topic but there is definitely not a reliance on it as a discussion point for the long term relationship.

I only named 3... the only things I've wanted more is:
4) stick my head under (my) car with my mechanic brother more often
5) finish work on my house so i could sell it and make a profit! (or turn it into the ultimate home)
6) listen to summer cicadas and realize how loud they are this year compared to the last 13. But i'll get old in good time, for now i bet there's a lot better things to try and catch! ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how engineering ruined special effects. also: how other people accept the ridiculous physics of special effects.
On a typical Friday night I am
same as any other weeknight usually. sometimes driving south to my folks' place so i can go flea market hunting!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to try and color coordinate based on sports team colors, OK!?!?
You should message me if
Probably can't wait to meet you,