38Winnipeg, Canada
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My self-summary
I like to enjoy life, I like to laugh. I don't take anything seriously at all....except a couple of things that I take very seriously. A good sense of humor is important to me.

I love science fiction, fantasy, geek rock (Barenaked Ladies, Moxy Fruvous, Weird Al, Great Big Sea), and role playing games especially Dungeons and Dragons and Final Fantasy.

I watch a lot of movies and I enjoy being out with friends, going out for dinner.

I like singing and often play Rock Band. I would probably try Karaoke out at a bar or something, but I don't know anyone who would go with me.

I'm a technology geek, I do technical support and have 3 computers in my house, an xbox, xbox 360, PS2, PS3, N64, and wii.

I am a discordian. For those who don't know, it is essentially a philosophy/religion that is about taking seriousness humorously and humor seriously.

Either that or I just made all of that up and it's a bunch of people who have no idea what they are talking about. I get that mixed up all the time.

Although I like to imagine interesting worlds beyond our own as a form of entertainment, I live solidly in THIS one.

I am inquisitive, friendly, and imaginitive
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working towards getting a job in Network Administration or other IT fields outside of tech support.

I currently have a stable job and like to hang out with my friends, enjoy life. I relax often at home with friends, playing video games, role playing games, and watching movies.

I spend my alone time reading things on the internet and learning more.
I’m really good at
Technical things, as well as using my imagination. I've also been told I'm pretty funny and am good at entertaining people. I have a good memory for useless facts. I am able to make exact quotes from movies I watched once years ago with very little error margin. However, I can't remember important things at all.

I'm good at coming up with bad puns.
The first things people usually notice about me
The red hair, normally. Yes, it's natural.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) I don't get to read too much, when I do it is mostly D&D novels, Star Wars novels, and similar

b) I like almost all movies. My favorite movies are Space Balls, Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Monty Python: Search for the Holy Grail.

c) I really like Barenaked Ladies, they are probably the only band that I like every song from. Other than that, Weird Al, Great Big Sea, Roxette, Crash Test Dummies, Moxy Fruvous, Brian Adams, Bon Jovi, and any number of other bands with similar music. Mainly, my criteria is: meaningful lyrics, fun, entertaining, understandable.

d) Italian, Ukrainian. I like Moxy's, Perkins, Applebee's. I eat a lot of fast food as well. Pretty much anything that's fast and easy is good for me, but I like to sit down and enjoy food now and then
Six things I could never do without
1) Movies: I mean, what would I do?

2) Computers and the internet: Once, I was forced to sit at a computer without accessing the internet for a couple of hours straight....I felt like I was missing part of my brain.

3) Food: I mean, I'd die without it goes without saying

4) Role playing: I really like using my imagination, having fun, getting together with friends, and senselessly killing enemies and taking their stuff. *grin* I can do all of that here.

5) Someone to care about: I need to spend time around people. I need to share my thoughts and learn from other people's. I know it sounds kinda corny, but I talk a lot.

6) Hmm, can't think of anything.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything, too much. I probably worry about small things too much, you'll find that my mind is always wondering about something someone said yesterday, worrying about who is going to show up or not show up to a game we have planned, and other things like that.

I wish I could turn it off.

As well, dungeons and dragons. I read multiple mailing lists each day on rules discussions and volunteer to help run a worldwide game.
On a typical Friday night I am
Role playing with my friends, going to a movie, playing Magic the Gathering (the card game), or watching Sci-Fi Fridays on the Sci-Fi channel.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The only thing I really believe in is love. I believe it can defeat any obstacle, and that if you care about someone enough you can get through anything.
You should message me if
Pretty much any reason at all. I like to hear for anyone at any time. Always glad to hear comments, questions, or just someone saying hi.
The two of us