38 Eugene, United States
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My self-summary
Don't be deceived by the picture I'm actually a living human. Muah-ha-ha!

Perhaps my profile is longggg.....
I just moved back to Eugene Oregon as of October 11th l... I just spent that last 5 weeks living in New Orleans... before that I was living just outside Richmond Virginia for a couple years playing uncle to my nieces and being able to spend time with my twin sister, she and her family were the reason I moved out there... took the chance to take a break from home for a couple years and to see someplace new, met some great people out there and it was nice to see family. But I've spent most of my life in Portland Oregon. I make my dues as a Barista or as a Server. If say I were to list some interests that I have, I would start with a hobbie, such as I like to mess around with special FX/ horror make up and I like to dress up as a zombie or the like for barcrawls, zombie stuff that is centered in a mass social gathering.. Plus other Halloween type stuff... whenever is clever.
I am an Oregon native and I'm from Portland. Hmmm... What else to say? I'm sarcastic, crass yet very nice. I curse like a sailor when the need calls for it yet couth and respectful at the best of times.... I'm a complete nerd which is a quality the best of us share. I have an active sense of humor that gets its place from trying always to keep a positive disposition... Been through enough to know that the world is what you make of it and if what you want doesn't include negativity then be the catalyst and always do you best to avoid being the negative charge... But I gotta create some mystery... So for more on my personality see in person....

I'll be honest and say that I very much miss Portland... Some reasons being it's availability to see lots of good shows, and the familiar ppl and places... But if like to create that ere and in Richmond for sure... A quick side thought... yes my pics are purposely cheesy... Humor is important.
I'm looking to meet new friends and/or someone that I can really connect with, someone that shares great chemistry, in both I'm looking for someone to help me reconnect with Eugene
What I’m doing with my life
I like being mischievous and relish adequate times of solitude. But at the same time I am a very social person and I thrive on always working with people which is why I love my jobs. In the many years I've lived in Portland, I came to find that I haven't been anywhere else that give me such true and sincere friends. Getting myself prepared for a return to college some day soon, thankfully my job at a certain "corporate cafe" will pay for one bachelors degree... My employer/s take care of there employees! I spend Akita time outside of work being an Uncle or exploring Virginia as everything is still new here for me.... Yuppers, that's what I'm doing with my life.... As far as you know... Besides me brainwashing the meek....MUAH HA HA (my attempt at maniacal laughter through my cynical punk rock humor) ;-p
I’m really good at
I'm a people person... and I'm quick to figure things out... And as read my own words here I can't help but notice this comes across with ego...
...if you get to know me, despite my at times youthful but dry humor I'm good at keeping an adventurous personality which helps with being a social person. There are other things I'm good at but I'm done typing on this.... Plus I'm a lil tired. Lol
The first things people usually notice about me
I'd say its that when your looking at me....I'm right there.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've unashamedly read lots of Anne Rice, the Harry Potter series and lots of old classics. Especially those horror novels written beyond 70 years ago. Dracula, Frankenstein, Dorian Grey....
I read when I can, but I avoid certain types of books. Such as teen fiction example, twilight, hunger games...
Movies: I love me some Quentin Tarrentino, Robert Rodriguez, Martin Scorsese, JJ Abrams.
I'm a fan of anything that has actual acting and script, not just a flashy fx crew and a list actors reading crap scripts.
I'll state as well that I believe Daniel Day-Lewis and Gary Oldman to be the best actors today... Though this is just my opinion.

Shows: Walking Dead, Trueblood, Game of Thrones.
Lost, Lost, Lost, Deadwood, Heroes, Other than that I avoid tv like the plague.

Music: oh my... This could go on for days,.. I'll state my latest Spotify play lists, Koffin Kats, Gogol Bordello, Link Wray, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, NOFX, Jawbreaker, Misfits (Danzig), The Specials, Rancid, Faith No More, Crass, S.C.O.T.S., Carl Perkins, Hasil Atkins, Cramps, Charlie Feathers, Supersuckers, Ministry, KMFDM, Pixies, The Clash, Red Elvises, Laika & The Cosmonauts, Man Or Astroman, Servotron, Pre 80's Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Silver Shine, Dead Boys, Skatalites, The Meteors, Zombie Ghost Train, The Nitros, Zeke, Stray Cats, Massive Attack, Bob Marley, Orbital, Los Straightjackets, Guana Batz, Frantic Flintstones, Coffin Nails, Demon City Wreckers, Vibrators, Demented Are Go, Reagan Youth, Cock Sparrer, Bomboras, Rezurex, The Dwarves, Strokes, Ramones, Hank III, Turbonegro...... Pretty much I listen to alotta Psycobilly/Rockabilly, Punk (nothing played on the radio)....
The six things I could never do without
This question is odd

Food, mainly Healthy food but also I love Thai food and Sushi
My iPhone.
Style, everyone has one, I embrace mine.
Getting a proper balance through out my day of Time with People and Time to be with my thoughts
Music! Music!! MUSIC!!!
Being alive.!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Alot of things, you know... This and that and what have you's
On a typical Friday night I am
Working at a cafe servin up coffee to you all to keep your day/night going, And lovin it... Cuz you rock and give me money :)...
Update as I've only been here since July 21st 2016, moved and transferred my job here.. It's a decent job with a long time employer but not as a bartender... Yet... but a job is better than no job. I digress... Other than that I'd say that if not slinging coffee I'm at home relaxing and enjoying some good wine and great music..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once watched a twilight movie because I lost a bet. It was a painful 2 hours. Not much is private with me, I'll tell you if you ask.... If at that time I find it appropriate or necessary. Lol, can't give away ones right to have a lil mystery.
You should message me if
I'm not looking on here expecting suddenly to meet my true love... I'd like to meet someone who isn't intimidated by my Portland Oregon style... A friend or companion is greatly accepted and hey possibly we'll spark some great chemistry and take it further! Who knows? Though I'm not really down with barflies and over obsessive stoners... Sooo I am interested in meeting a like minded girl that knows old punk or psychobilly/Rockabilly or who doesn't listen to avenged sevenfold or ICP... Perhaps a women who likes to read, or cut loose without getting fuckin wasted on a regular basis... someone to hang with and who can show me where the good shows are and fun places to hang... But hey, muster up and say hello. A simple message is generally harmless.