34Sydney, Australia
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My self-summary
So I'm on here looking to meet some new people. I have decided a while back that I only want to hang around intelligent, interesting and eccentric people. Being optimistic helps. I have a lot of friends who fall into this category, and its always good to add more. The more obscure your interests are the more I'll probably like you.

I've always prided myself on modesty, but it's hard to sell yourself on a site like this without breaking that a bit. Its a lot of fun being in my brain. I am told by friends that I always seem happy and friendly. I love to make people laugh, and the quirkier your sense of humour is the easier I'll find it. I'm fairly quick, and I like mucking around. I am a big reader, obsessed with philosophy and am the secret weapon at trivia nights. My heart is in the right place and I tend to always smile. If you meet me you'll feel at ease pretty quickly. I have so many books I've been storing them in boxes for the last few years, and I can't stop buying them. I actually think I have a problem. I buy them faster than I can read them. I have been described by a friend as a spaced out academic type. All my friends are really fun, open, quirky and intelligent people, and I love them all. I get told by people that we can't go anywhere without bumping into some people I know. It's a combination of knowing quite a few people and good luck, so I appear far cooler than I actually am.
What I’m doing with my life
Im starting up at uni this year to study Psychology. I have an obsession with philosophy and try and read as much on that as I can. My daydream is to write my own philosophy book, but so far its remained just that. I've spent years reading up on religion, and I'm planning on starting my own one. I have really got into food in the last year or two, so I have been going out and trying as much different (and good) food as I can. I am obsessed with making pies, there is nothing that can't go into them. I'm addicted to chilli and it's affecting my relationships with my friends and family. Acknowledgement is the first step to recovery right? I do a fair bit of sport- indoor football, am making my glorious comeback to outdoor football, and have just taken up kickboxing with some friends, and have been trying to do some kayaking this summer. I am working multiple jobs at the moment, two of which I hate and the other is social work which I love (which goes back to why I am studying psych this year).
I’m really good at
Making people feel at ease
Risk (the board game)
general knowledge
Making my friends laugh
Cooking pies
The first things people usually notice about me
I look younger than i am
I'm always calm
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
- hint-See my profile name
- Dune
- The meme machine
- anything nietzsche related(by or about)
- anything WW2 related
- How mumbo Jumbo conquered the world
- The xeelee sequence

-Cat empire
-bag raiders
-booka shade
-the orb
-whatever audiobook i have to listen to at work
Six things I could never do without
Football(the one with the feet)

To be honest im struggling to come up with 6. I think I could probably do without most things, im not very fussy. Would it blow your mind if i made the sixth thing "Lists of six thing I can't do without"?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I just spend a lot of time in general thinking. I have the sort of mind that races a lot, and has to know everything. I joke that whenever I go down the coast to somewhere secluded I go into information withdrawl, but there is an element of truth to that. A friend of mine once told me I'm easiest to make plans with when I am hungover because my brain operates at normal person speed. I generally think a lot about philosophy and psychology, about whats happening in the world. Also what would go well in a pie.
On a typical Friday night I am
-at a restaurant eating good food
-at the football
-at a play
-at a movie
-at a friends place
-reading a book
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a really open person. If there is something you want to know, just ask.
You should message me if
....You want to?
The two of us